Notes from our Callers

The following notes are derived directly from conversations with Covert 
War Survivors. This is NOT intended as advice for Survivors.  We are 
merely sharing a consolidation of the information and ideas of Survivors who have 
contacted us.  Again, we do not advise, rather, we simply post information gleaned 
from Survivors which may or may not be helpful 
for Targeted Individuals.  Again, it is the sole responsibility of the 
individual to evaluate their particular situation and decide for 
themselves what action, if any to take.

The following information is arranged in three parts:

What the perps do to targeted individuals.
Coping with perp harassment.
Reports from the field.

Coping is easier if you understand the following:

The perps:

will mess with everything you do.
will mess up all your relationships.
will isolate you from everyone.
will mess with your communications.
will mess up your credit.
will mess with every job you get.
will mess with your business.
will sabotage your vehicle.
may try to cause you to have an auto accident.
will make you appear insane.
may even use drugs on you.
will discredit you.

The Perps will mess with everything you do.
It's their job.  That's why they get paid.  In order to justify their job 
and their pay, they have to mess you up.  Knowing this you should take 
nothing for granted.  For example, when you return to your workstation 
after break, you must assume it has been sabotaged and double check 
everything before starting up again.  When entering a fast food
establishment, you may see perps standing back away from the counter, 
as though their order has already been placed.  They are just waiting for 
you to step up to place your order so they can accuse you of breaking in 
line.  The list goes on. 

The Perps will mess up all your relationships.
This means family, friends, acquaintances, and coworkers---no one will 
help you, no one will be able to resist Perp treachery, no one will be 
loyal to you.  The Perps will lie, intimidate, and fabricate evidence until 
everyone co-operates with their evil scheme to trash your life.  Perps have 
been known to claim to be investigating Targets for drugs, terrorism, etc. 
Everyone you know will be forced to inform on you, and all information 
gathered will be used to harass you in every possible way. 

The Perps will isolate you from everyone.
This includes family, friends, and any new friends you meet.  Again, the 
Perps use lies, intimidation, and fake investigations to easily accomplish this. 
After questioning your friends and family endlessly, the Perps let 
them know that if they even mention the investigation, they can be jailed 
for interfering with an ongoing investigation, and/or for aiding and 
abetting a criminal.  Then the Perps strongly suggest that they "initiate 
no further contact with you until the investigation is finished."  Of 
course, family and friends are not told that the investigation will never
be finished.  Many Targeted Individuals have been  "investigated" for 
20 years or more, with no end in sight.

The Perps will mess with your communications.
All means of communication you use will be messed with.  Phone 
conversations are sometimes disconnected or rendered unintelligible. 
Time sensitive snail mail and e-mail often arrives after the date of the 
event, further contributing to isolation.  E-mail is especially filtered so 
that it arrives late or not at all.  Unless you have a phone number to call
to verify e-mail actually was delivered, don't count on it.  Perps can sit at 
a computer anywhere on the planet and delete it with a touch of a button. 
Often the e-mail will be held and read by the Perps before being sent on 
to it's destination.

The perps can dial a special code on their telephone key pad and hack in 
to the central office of any phone company.  Once this is done, it is easy 
to connect their phone to yours and listen in on your conversations. 
Thus, the perps know who your clients are and can turn this and other 
sensitive information over to your competitors.  Other codes allow the 
perps to block phone calls to and from certain numbers or re-route calls 
to or from other numbers.  This can cause your business to fail as your 
clients will not be able to contact you. 

The Perps will mess up your credit.
Even if you pay your bills on time, the Perps can mess up your credit 
through mail tampering and terrorist break-ins.   Perps know where you
keep everything, including any new mail you collect from day to day.  It 
has been reported that the Perps will steal a selected bill from the pile of 
mail on the kitchen table or wherever, so that the Target does not know 
the bill has arrived, until a late notice is received.  Many Targets report 
mail missing after a terrorist break in of their car.  Even when you mail 
your payments on time, the Perps can make sure the payment arrives 
late whenever they choose to do so.

The Perps will mess with every job you get.
This is why most Targeted Individuals are not working.  Even if you are 
able to find a job, the Perps will tell lies to your boss and co-workers so 
as to gain co-operation for on the job harassment.  Then your projects 
will be sabotaged, your co-workers will pick fights with you, your good 
work will go unrecognized, and eventually, you will be harassed right out 
of the job. If you are being considered for a job that pays well, the Perps 
will simply tell more lies to the boss so that you will not get that position. 

The Perps will mess with your business.
Most Targeted Individuals are self employed and usually work alone. This 
is because the Perps will mess with your employees so that they sabotage
the business or steal from you. Even if you should decide to do telephone 
solicitation from home, the Perps can call the same people and mess that 
up too.  Remember, your phone is bugged, so they hear every deal you 
try to make.  The Perp is paid to make sure you receive no income.

The Perps will sabotage your vehicle.
The Perps have lots of fun with your vehicle.  This can be done while you 
are sleeping, shopping, visiting friends, and even when your vehicle is in 
the repair shop.  The perps have at least two methods of making sure 
your vehicle will not start for as long as they want to keep you stranded. 
With a push of a button, your transportation is disabled, usually while 
they look on in veiled amusement.  The real reason for the problem will 
never be found by you or your mechanic.  Targets have also reported 
finding Jello in the transmission fluid, dirt in the oil, lights left on to 
drain the battery, coolant drained out, and finding locked doors left 
standing open.  Targets report a drop off in incidents after installing a 
camera over the driveway.  Perps can still do a lot when you shop, 
depending on where, when, and how long you shop.  Many things can be
done while you are in the mall.  Part of the Perp's job is to drain your 
resources through endless auto repairs made out to look like 
normal wear and tear.

The Perps may try to cause you to have an auto accident.
Some Survivors report the Perps deliberately caused a car wreck.  One 
particular Target was forced by  police to go to a hospital, even though 
her injuries were minor.  Surgery was done and thereafter, she was 
tormented 24 hours a day.  Another Target reports that after sustaining 
a serious injury in an auto accident, it took the doctor about two hours 
to get to the hospital. She assumes he was being coached to do the bare 
minimum, so that she was permanently impaired.  Another target reports 
24 hour harassment after having extensive dental work, after an injury. 
All three targets believe the doctors installed implants.

There have been increasing reports that traffic lights are being 
manipulated in such a way as to 
1) turn yellow just as the target  approaches the light or 
2) turn red and stay red longer so as to hold the target at the intersection. 
Some survivors report that the yellow light has been used to write 
citations.  The red lights are used to delay the victim's progress until the perps 
have time to set up vehicular street theater.  This is especially true 
of the traffic lights which govern the entrance to major highways.  Some reports 
indicate a perp vehicle, proceeding  ahead of the targeted vehicle, appears to have
a device to change the traffic light to red as the perp lead vehicle passes under the 
light, leaving the targeted vehicle stopped at the traffic light.  Perp theater is thus 
better organized further up the road or 
at the target's final destination.

The Perps will make you appear insane.
The Perps plan for you is deliberately designed to make you appear paranoid.
Perps will enter your home, leave something out of place, steal 
something, or leave something there which was not there before.  This 
is all part of the plan so that when you report this to the police, you look 
like you just forgot, or your mind isn't "quite right".  This is a terrorist break in
designed to make you look paranoid.  Usually, when strangers 
enter a home, Police expect to find valuables missing.  When you report 
the thieves stole a stick of butter and left the TV and VCR alone, the 
police will conclude that you are a mental case. 

The Perps may even use drugs on you.
The Perps delight in causing terror to the Targeted Individuals.  Drugs 
can be used from time to time to heap more misery on the Target.  This
is most often accomplished by adding the drug to the target's food. 
Some Targets have reported feeling very depressed or drowsy after eating 
a hamburger from a fast food restaurant.  Others reported the same symptoms 
after being given a sandwich or piece of pie by someone they thought trustworthy. 
Some Targets even report missing time.  Accept the fact the Perps can get to anyone 
and that anyone can be coerced, brainwashed, or bribed into co-operating with them.

The Perps will discredit you.
The Perps will lie and brainwash your family and friends to believe that 
you have a mental problem.  Telling your story becomes an exercise in futility, 
and in fact is frequently used as an excuse to end friendships and break off 
relationships.  Realize that once the Perps have started their campaign of lies,
there can be no free and open discussion of what is happening to you.  The Perps 
do not allow this because it might induce others to come to your aid. 
Realize that those near and dear to you have been programmed not to 
believe what is happening to you.  Many Targets report friends and 
relatives change personalities and fly into uncharacteristic rage at even
the slightest attempt to discuss the truth of what is happening.  Realize 
that their desperate need to feel safe requires that they disbelieve you 
and actually stop caring.
And Remember......
"There is no deed so vile, no act so heinous, 
no plan so evil  as to not be included 
in the Perps master plan 
for you!"---Fred Flag

Coping Methods

Disclaimer:  Listed below are some coping methods used by Survivors 
who have called in to talk to us.  Again, we do NOT advise anyone
Survivors often report things that seem to  help make their life a little 
easier.  We want to share that information with our constituents, hoping 
to ease their suffering as much as possible.

Your vehicle.
Secure your communications.
Answering machines can isolate you.
Staying drug free.
Moving does not help.
Coping with mind rape.
Become an activist.
Pray and meditate daily.
Guard your health.
Carry a video camera.
Report all breakins as thefts.
Make the Perps step over the line.
Do and Don't

Secure your vehicle.
You may safety assume that the Perps will try to mess up everything. 
Knowing that, there are some things you can do to minimize the damage. 
The Perps use through the wall radar to track you throughout your home. 
As far as they are concerned, you live in a glass house.  They know where you 
are and what you are doing at any moment. 
This is how they manage to mess with your vehicle while you are asleep.  A 
security camera over the drive way is helpful.  They can still get at your 
vehicle while you are shopping, so when you must shop, short trips to the 
grocery store are preferable to long mall journeys.

Be aware that the perps manipulate traffic lights in some cities.  Many 
intersections have cameras purported to help facilitate the flow of traffic, 
however; they can also be used to track you visually and cause you to run 
a red or yellow light.  This can be done even without cameras, with a perp 
vehicle traveling just ahead of you, controlling the traffic lights just before 
your vehicle reaches the intersection.  Victims report this is more likely to 
happen if they lag behind the majority of other vehicles so keeping up with 
the crowd can help foil this perp plan.  Taking different routes can also 

Secure your communications.
The Perps have unlimited resources and will know about all mail and
phone correspondence.  Unless you are prepared to give out a phone number, 
you may not hear from new clients or fellow targets, and old ones may fade away. 
Get a phone number for every mail correspondent so that if you do not get a reply 
on a time sensitive or important e-mail or snail mail, you can call to verify receipt. 
Make it clear to those you wish to remain in touch with that your mail has become 
unreliable, therefore; phone calls are sometimes necessary.  Renting a box at the
post office will eliminate the standard explanation of "just kids in the 
neighborhood" tampering with your mail. Check it often and complain in writing 
of any irregularities.  Do not leave your mail in the car while shopping.  Take it 
home, open it immediately, and pay all bills immediately.

When you suspect your phone is bugged, the phone company will send 
someone out to test your lines to find a bug.  It is unlikely a bug will be 
found.  The perps can bug a phone in such a way that it is undetectable 
by hacking into the computer at the central office of the phone 
You may pick up your phone and notice there is no dial tone, only a recorded 
message stating:  "You have entered the wrong code."  This is a good indication 
that someone else is sharing your phone line.  The computer keeps a record of 
all activity.  The phone company will refuse to hand over these records without 
a subpoena, which is issued in a lawsuit against the phone company for allowing 
unlawful access to your phone line.  By law, you can bug your own telephone and 
record what the perps are doing but this may or may not be admissible in court. 
Seek legal counsel. 

Answering machines can be used to isolate you!
Never forget that the perps are the supreme hackers of everything!
This includes telephones, computers, security systems, radio, etc. 
Your answering machine can be used to isolate you when the perps 
selectively erase your messages!  There is no answering machine they 
cannot hack, no call notes they cannot erase if they choose to do so. 
They usually do not erase all the messages, just the ones that are critical
to your support system.  They can also selectively erase messages you leave 
on other people's machines or in their call notes.  Think about the effect the
continual selective erasing of messages will have on your communication with 
others.  People leaving messages that are never received by you will eventually 
get tired of leaving messages you ignore and will assume you just do not want 
to talk to them.  Conversely, messages you leave on other folks answering 
machines may be erased so that you receive no answer to the messages, thus 
you will conclude the person just doesn't want to talk to you.  Get rid of your
answering machine and do not use call notes, call your phone company and
ask them to turn off your call notes or voice messages.  If this service cannot 
be turned off or discontinued, ask for a different plan without the messaging 
service.  And don't let the perps isolate you!  An isolated victim is an easier 
target for stalking and harassment.  Get involved in activities outside your 
home, let people know you.  You can meet folks at church, parties, marches, 
rallies, meetings, public events, etc.

Staying drug free.
If you feel you are being drugged, stop eating out and fix all your food at 
home.  When grocery shopping, avoid buying the last one of an item, 
including shampoo, soap, and lotion.  Change brands, if necessary.  Buy
the second or third item on the shelf, avoid the first one.  Shop at different 
stores when possible.  Avoid buying the same items at the same store 
continually.  Open your mind and become aware.  Many Targets report 
occasional increased electronic harassment after eating, leading to the 
conclusion that the food was laced with a substance that caused increased 
sensitivity to the effects of Directed Energy Weapons.  If you suspect the 
Perps are contaminating the food in your home, avoid leaving leftovers in 
the refrigerator.  Prepare food fresh as often as possible.

Moving does not help.
Most of our callers report that moving does not help.  The Perps just 
follow or new Perps are trained wherever you move.  Some do report, 
however; that the harassment does change for a while.  Just be aware
that moving costs money, thereby draining your resources.  Unless you 
have friends where you intend to move, you become more isolated and 
therefore more vulnerable.  A small number of callers who live in a large 
city, stay in a van and are mobile.  These callers move several times a 
night when Directed Energy Weapons are turned on them, and report 
they get more sleep using this method than if they stay in one place for 
the night.

Coping with mind rape.
Psychologist agree that when a person is attacked or traumatized it is not 
healthy to "hold it in," or deny what has happened.  No healing can occur 
by not discussing the crime, however; consider carefully who you tell about
what is happening to you.  The Perps will lie and brainwash everyone to 
believe you are a mental case.  Targets report that it is a waste of time to 
discuss the situation with anyone other than another Survivor.  It may be 
hard to find someone but these Survivors are on the internet and their 
numbers are growing.  Don't rely completely on e-mail as the Perps frequently
interfere.  Find a phone number and call someone who understands what you 
are going through.  Sometimes if you just sit and watch, you will see that you
are not the only person being targeted.   One Survivor reports that when they 
spot another Target, they give them a flyer stating:  "We may have something
in common."  The flyer describes Perp activity and includes the Survivor's 
phone number.  If the spotted Target is aware of being a target, they may call

Your psychological health:  "I strongly urge all victims to take advantage 
of lawyers' "free 30 minutes" to window shop for a lawyer who takes legal aid 
cases and who has a mental health defense sub specialty.   Ask if the lawyer can 
recommend an honest psychiatrist who will not assume that government 
harassment is impossible." --- Eleanor White
More info:

Become an activist.
Most Targets report that activism helps them to cope. 
Here are some quotes from our callers:

        "I find it therapeutic to pass out flyers at a rally.  It can be any rally
           This is a non-partisan issue, and I can reach a lot of people." 

         "Whenever I get angry over the situation, I add another page to my 
             web site."

         "At first the harassment increased, then it dropped off."

         "It helps me feel better.  At least I don't feel so helpless over 
             the situation."

Pray and meditate daily.
This will give you comfort and guidance.  Pray for God to show you who 
the  Perps are and to deliver you from their evil.  Realize that the Perps
serve Satan.  Draw nigh to God and don't worry or fear.  If you succumb 
to fear, it will cloud your judgment, impair your coping ability, and make 
you all the more miserable.  And it will not change what the Perps have 
planned for you.
 Remember that you are not alone.  God loves you.  Eventually, your 
tormentors will have to answer to God for what they are doing to you 
and thousands of others.

Stay healthy.
Stay away from illegal drugs.  Drugs will impair you and give the Perps a valid
excuse to get warrants to bug your phone, car, etc.  Don't go overboard on 
vitamins, herbs, minerals unless you are sure you have a deficiency.  Basic 
doses of vitamins are in order, not mega-doses.  Herbs should be avoided
unless you are ill.  It's best to see a doctor.   If you suspect the perps are 
tampering with your food, secure your food supply.  Directed Energy 
Weapons (DEW) may cause a variety of problems.  Victims report milk 
thistle gives some relief, especially in cases of lymphatic squeeze.  More 
remedies are discussed on the mailing list.  Be aware 
that some on these lists are infiltrators, charged with spreading disinformation.
However, there are a lot of sincere people on these lists as well.  It is best 
not to self medicate a serious problem.  Consult a physician.  A good strategy 
is to find a doctor before an emergency occurs.

Carry a video camera.
Some of our callers report a lessening of street theater when video cameras 
are used.  Other callers use the video camera as a sort of diary of where they 
have been.  Although expensive ($200-$500), cameras that insert a time/date 
stamp are preferred. A view screen on the back will eliminate the need to squint 
into a viewfinder.  Video cameras can also be used to record crimes, car wrecks, 
street theater, suspicious characters in the neighborhood, and "Americas 
Funniest Home Videos."

Report all breakins as thefts.
Terrorist breakins should be reported only if you have been robbed.  Check 
carefully for missing property, as the perps will occasionally steal an item. 
One of our callers intentionally leaves an expensive item in plain sight so that 
the theft of said item  will be recorded as a  grand theft.  Get a report number 
from the police.  Get a copy of the report from the police within ten days. 
If the police do not report the crime, or report it as an incident, file a 
document  at the county court house so there will be a record of the 
occurrence.  After several such incidents, a writ of mandamus may be 
filed with the court, requiring that the police report the crimes.

Make the Perps step over the line.
The Perps are masters of deceit.  They will pretend friendship to get 
information on you. This information is then used to hurt you in future 
scenarios.  A good rule of thumb is: 
Don't let the Perps have legal access to any information about you.  Make 
them work for every shred of information they get on you.  Make their job 
as difficult as possible.  Cut them off from legal access to you.  Make them 
trespass, fill out warrants, lie, break and enter, and otherwise leave a trail of 
evidence that you or someone else can follow.  Consider how to lead the perps 
into exposing themselves.  Cameras are good.

Our callers indicate the following precautions are helpful:
    Actions to Avoid
  Do not:
      Give anyone a key to your vehicle.
      Use a garage door opener.
      Give anyone a key to your residence, not even family 
       not even for 5 minutes.
      Invite Perps, or suspected Perps into your home not 
       even for a few minutes.
      Allow any work crews on your property unless you 
       are home.
      Dispose of mail in the trash.
      Rent an apartment if you can afford to buy a house.
      Go blithering to the authorities about implants, 
      aliens, or microwaves.
      Make accusations against the Perps without 
      substantiating evidence.
      Expect the average person to understand or believe 
      what is happening to you. 
      Expect family members to be supportive; they 
       probably are Perp controlled.
      Answer telephone surveys.  These are great Perp 
      information gathering tools.
      Discuss personal matters with anyone who does not 
      have a "need to know".
      Make threats or do anything illegal.
      Discuss your finances with anyone.  The Perps have 
       a vast criminal network and will use it to break you, 
       no matter how safe you  think your assets are.

           Helpful   Actions
      Install an alarm on your car.
      Install a double cylinder high security lock on all 
      doors of your residence.
      Install thumb screw locks on all windows.
      Install security cameras on your drive way and 
      around your residence.
      Install hidden cameras inside your house and keep 
      the VCR locked up.
      Make it clear to anyone you must hire to do work on your 
      property that you do NOT allow any access to your property 
      unless you are on the premises.  If you sign a contract with 
      them, put it in writing on the contract.  Let them know they 
      may call ahead to make sure you are there. In most states, 
      accessing your property without permission is criminal 
      Use a shredder or burn all credit applications, balance 
      transfer checks, stock reports, bank statements or other 
      information about yourself.
      Find at least one other individual who is smart enough to see 
      through the Perps and who cares enough about you to 
      spend the time reading up on what is being done to you. 
      Again, do not expect this to be family or friends as the Perps 
       will program them to put an angry, abrupt end to any 
       discussion of the crimes perpetrated against you.

Be aware that the perps can find ways around the above actions. 
What these measures actually do is point to the fact that you are 
not being targeted by the ordinary crook on the street. 
It will become obvious to any interested observers that your 
tormentors are actually a well connected bunch of crooks 
 devil worshipers with unlimited funds.

Reports From The Field

      Fighting Back!

YOU are a hero!
Protesting is good for your health!
Reports from our callers.
Shopping retail establishments.
Getting through those long lines.
Fighting isolation.
A warning to all...

YOU are a Hero!
Realize that you are a HERO!  Think about it!  You have been stripped 
of everything: Job, money, spouse, family and friends.  Perp lies and 
sabotage prevent any chance of finding a new job or new friends.  Most 
soldiers on a battlefield at least can count on their buddies or military 
supplies to help them through.  But YOU......have NOTHING! As if that
were not bad enough, the perps have you so far out gunned with classified 
technology that only the federal government agencies could find out who
or what methods are being used against you.  But they are steadfastly 
indifferent to your plight and will not help.  Know that you are fighting
against overwhelming forces with little or no resources.  Failure against
overwhelming odds is nothing to be ashamed of...rather be proud that 
you fought valiantly and heroically.  Therefore, even when you loose a 
battle there is no reason for you to hang your head in shame.
No one else in your situation could have done any better than you have. 
Put anyone else in your place and they will fare no better!  You are still 
alive and able to think!  Do not give up!  Hang in there!  Do not despair! 
There are some really dedicated people working on exposing these 
atrocities.  Get involved!

Protesting May Be Good for Your Health

LONDON (Reuters Health) - Taking part in protests and demonstrations 
can be good for your physical and mental health, a new British study 

Psychologists at the University of Sussex found that people who get 
involved in campaigns, strikes and political demonstrations experience 
an improvement in psychological well-being that can help them overcome 
stress, pain, anxiety and depression.  The full story:

Protests, rallies, and marches provide an opportunity for mild exercise in 
the fresh air which is beneficial to physical health.  Participation in these 
events also provides the opportunity to network and possibly meet other 
targeted individuals.  Go for it!  Stop isolating yourself!

        "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain temporary 
                     safety deserve neither liberty or safety." 
                            -Benjamin Franklin, 1776


The following anecdotes have been
reported by some of our correspondents:

      01. "When I get angry, I walk the streets, putting flyers on car windshields 
              advertising my web site or promoting the cause."

      02.   "When the perps make me angry, put on the tee shirt, grab some flyers,
               and head out to a march, activist meeting, or protest.  This provides an
               opportunity to meet new people, perhaps even targeted people.

      03.   "When the perp's are particularly bad (have the parking lot staked out 
                so bad I can't move my vehicle without nearly colliding with them), 
                I stake out the  parking lot.  I just sit in my vehicle and observe, 
                taking note of others who appear to be targeted.  Then 
              I leave one of my flyers on their windshield or say to them:  "We may 
              have something in common." and then I hand them a flyer or a card 
              with the web site printed on it.

      04.   I psych 'em out when they are doing street theater.  I jus' whip out my 
              cell phone and say in a loud voice:  "Yeah, some people will do 
              anything for money."  or  "Naw man, they just too stupid to get a real 

      05.   They followed me into a store and I took out my cell phone and 
              pretended to dial.  Then I said:  "Hi, how ya' doin' today."  (pause)  "I 
              got somthin' to tell ya.  I heard they make so much money following me 
              around that I thought I would call their boss and tell him that they just 
              screwed up!"  (Two perps then left the store.)

      06.   "They used to follow me around and sit in their car, leering at me with a 
                stupid grin on their face.  That all stopped when I started carrying a 
                digital camera. 
                After I pointed the camera at them a few times, they scattered like the 
                bullies they are.  It seems I have created a small measure of peace in 
                my life."

       07.  "The perps are all over me in the retail stores.  I finally started taking 
                 things out of my basket and putting them back on the the 
                 wrong place!  Things settled down after that."

Shopping the retail establishment:

The grocery store is the favorite perp playground and all grocery stores 
participate in perp street theater.  Blind intercepts, space intrusion, and 
check out delays are the order of the day.  Store cameras aid in the 

The check out line is an especially useful harassment tool.  Most victims 
never get checked out in a timely manner.  Customers "pack the line" ahead 
of the target, each presenting a different problem to hold up the line with the
goal of wasting as much of the target's time as possible.   Credit cards don't 
swipe, some items do not scan, while price checks are required for other items. 
The cash register may malfunction, requiring a everyone to waste time waiting
for the supervisor to fix the problem or sign off on a refund.  The checker may
stop to open a roll of quarters, or put new tape in the register.  Occasionally, 
in a blatant display of perpdom, the cashier may notice a bit of dirt under 
his/her nails and stop to engage in nail grooming until other customers 
(witnesses) begin to stack up in line behind the victim.  Then checkout will 
resume as usual.  At this time, while waiting in the cashier line, the victim's 
vehicle will be most vulnerable to a terrorist break in or vandalism. 
Most store windows overlooking the parking lot are obstructed in some way 
perhaps to purposely accomplish that end.

Space intrusion of the worst kind is done in the checkout line.  With the 
victim's attention momentarily diverted, the perp will squeeze in behind 
the victim, pretending to retrieve an item from the front of the store, shoving
the victim in the process.  The perp is hoping to cause a public outburst from 
the target.   This is done on a daily basis with the goal of making the victim 
appear mentally disturbed, hostile or an "enemy combatant."

Survivors report a good deterrent is to stand in front of the grocery basket, 
keeping it at an angle in the check out line, completely blocking access from
the aisle behind.  Another survivor (female) reports this activity stopped when 
she slapped the male perp and called him a masher, loudly pointing out that
he deliberately ignored easy access elsewhere and instead, deliberately chose 
a path which necessitated contact with her. 

Checkout lines also offer the perps an opportunity to remove items from a 
target's basket so that they do not get home with all the items on their 
shopping list.  This is done when the targets attention is diverted away from 
the basket.  Usually, the perp's child manages to worm their way behind the 
basket when the target is standing in front of the basket.  Long checkout lines 
practically guarantee the child or an adult will pull an item out of the child seat 
part of the basket. 

Survivors report a good deterrent is to use the child seat for large items, thus 
keeping the smaller items in the front of the basket, out of the way of perp 
mischief.  Reports indicate the perps will watch the targeted individual intently, waiting for a chance to snatch an item out of the basket.

Another checkout line routine is a damaged item will be found by the checker. 
This usually indicates the checker damaged the item.  A stocker is called 
immediately to retrieve another item as the checker continues to check the target's groceries.  The target pays for the groceries and is left standing at the checkout counter waiting, and waiting, and waiting. 

Survivors report the best rule of thumb in this situation is to have the checker deduct the item from the bill if it is not retrieved by the time the bill is totaled.

Getting through those long lines:

When shopping anywhere, many perps will enter the establishment, gather 
up one or two items quickly, and get in the checkout lines ahead of the target. 
Then as the perps check out, they cause endless delays, each perp having a 
different problem.  (price check needed, credit cards don't work, register 
malfunction, not enough change in register, cashier engaged in conversation 
with customer, etc.)

Whatever the reason for the delay, watch how fast the line moves when you 
strike up a conversation with another customer or an employee and the topic 
moves to the corrupt government, the patriot act, the fact that none of the 
new oppressive measures have turned up any terrorists, the coming 
depression, big conglomerates and their genetically modified organisms they 
have patented so they can sue farmers in order to drive them off their land, 
the fact that these new, patented foods are not tested and proven safe, the 
NAFTA fiasco and how it is ruining the nation while mercilessly exploiting 
the poor globally, the NWO, the war against the middle class, and any other 
shameful, corrupt, dirty secret of the elite.  Be sure to speak in a voice that 
can be heard and mention websites such as,, and  This method works well in the post office, where lines 
are extra long.  Wearing the Tee Shirt will speed things along and increase
the chances you will meet up with another targeted individual.  One activist
reports that having a few flyers in a pocket can be handy for informing the
ASK FOR ONE.  This could be classified as soliciting in some states; however,
if someone sees your tee shirt and asks questions, there probably can be no 
harm in exercising your free speech by handing a flyer to them.  The same can be said for putting a few flyers in a shirt pocket, so that part of the message
is visible to the public. 

Fighting Isolation:

Stay in touch with family and friends by phone or by visiting periodically. 
NOTE:  The perps can re-route phone calls so be persistent! 
Make contact with other victims at conferences, by phone, or by computer. 
The internet is a major source of information on harassment.  Newspapers 
refuse to write about it, television and radio coverage is sparse.  Access TV 
and short-wave radio occasionally air an interview on the subject but the 
internet is by far the main source of information.  If you do not have internet 
access, go to the library, get on line, make contact with others, read the web 
sites covering harassment.  You are not alone.  Educate yourself, it will help 
you to understand and keep a positive attitude.  It is only a matter of time
before the perps are exposed.

            "To me belongeth vengeance, and recompense; 
                         their foot shall slide in due time; 
                   for the day of their calamity is at hand, 
         and the things that shall come upon them make haste." 
                                 --Deuteronomy 32:35


  Warning to all targeted individuals:

            Beware The Big Bags!

One of the frequently asked question has been "how can they read my mind?" 
It has recently been reported by two different individuals that the perps started reading their thoughts after being exposed to a large piece of luggage
The details are below:

Case #1:  The target agreed to meet a new friend at a restaurant at a certain 
time.  The target arrived a little early to find the friend already seated in a 
booth with a large duffel bag nestled on the seat beside her.  The target slid 
into the booth so as to not sit directly across from the duffel bag.  The new 
friend excused the large bag, saying "I carry all my books, etc in here."
During the meal the victim was surprised as the "friend" twice left the table 
suddenly to go to the lady's room.  Each time the new friend returned to the 
booth, she fumbled and rearranged the bag on the seat.  Having remembered 
another "new friend" attempting to find an excuse to bring a large bag into 
the target's dwelling, the target moved slightly in the booth.  The end result 
was the perps were able to get enough brain readings to began reading the 
victim's mind within about a two months.

Case #2:  The target had corresponded with another victim over the internet 
for a few months and agreed to host the victim in her home.  The victim arrived with a ton of luggage.  Three days later, the victim retrieved another piece of luggage from the bus station, saying that it had gotten lost.  It was a huge duffel bag, almost big enough to transport a person.  Nonetheless, the target was not suspicious and was just glad to have someone around to converse with who understood life as a targeted individual.  Her visitor would go for a walk each day and return with a small sack of groceries to contribute to their meals. 
Many evenings, a game of dominoes was in order.  After about a week of playing dominoes, the game began to take on an interesting pattern.  The hostess would win one game and then the victim would win the next game.  Still, this aroused no suspicion in the target.

After a three week stay, the victim had to leave to attend a convention on the 
west coast.  The hostess was sad to see her go.  About a month later, the target was at an old friend's house, playing dominoes with her friend's forgetful 80 year old mother.  This usually involved gently reminding her of the rules and coaching her with statements like "if you have the 6/5, you can make 15 points."  This time was no different.  The first game was like that.  The second game, however; was different in that the little old lady started to play as though she could see the targeted individual's dominos.  Curious, the target made a point of dropping by more often and the results were the same.  Then the target noticed the same Lincoln Town Car would appear parked on the curb in front of the dwelling at each visit.  This would explain why only the second domino game appeared to be "rigged" not by the little old lady, she had no clue as to what was really going on.  The perps were just trying out their equipment.  As months passed, the target noticed the perps reading her mind more often.

The above information corroborates the reports that the perps not only read 
minds, but are also able to inject thoughts without being detected by those 
who are unaware of the sophisticated level of technology involved.


Targets only need to remember two basic rules:

1.  Do NOT give the perps what they want!

The perps feed off your fear and despair.  Terrorizing
innocent people is recreation for them.  They want
you to continue to stay isolated.  That makes their
job easier.  There are no witnesses so their risk of
exposure is zero.

The perp harassment program is specifically designed
to make you look like a mental case.  They have taken
time and effort to figure out which people will believe
what kind of lie.  Many businesses, reputations, and 
careers, have been destroyed by carefully orchestrated
lie campaigns.

The most popular lie is that you are under investigation
for prostitution, pedophilia, or drug dealing.  They will
pretend to be running an investigation on you to find out 
everything they can use to hurt you later.

2.  DO give the perps heaping helpings of 
     what they don't want. 

There are ways to fight back that do not make you
look like a mental case.  It helps to get a higher profile.
Become an activist or run for office.  You will meet a
lot of folks and this will increase your visibility. 
One target being stalked is a nut, two or more are
a political action group and can claim cointelpro is
stalking and harassing them. and chances are good 
that perp activity around you  will be noticed 
(witnessed) by the public.

Keep a video camera with you at all times.  Become 
a public access producer if there is a station in your 
community.  Put hidden cameras in your residence.

If you decide to become an activists, go to as 
many marches and rallies and pass out flyers.  
(free to download on this site.)

If you are running for mayor or whatever, 
talk to as many people as possible.  Get their
opinion of what they want from their elected
official, then build your campaign around 
that.  Remember, it does not matter if you
win or loose, all you want is a higher profile,
a reason to talk to groups of people, thus
ending your isolation and animinity.

Join the ACLU and attend all meetings.  This
will put you in a good position when this crime
becomes public.  It will also increase the chances
that you will meet another target at the meetings.
(the perps are thus terrorized)

The ACLU will not take these cases at this time.
They are interested in cases where the evidence
is clear and monetary damages can be recovered.
Be patient.

You will need a cover story to avoid being labeled
as a nut case.  Explained below:

A target with a lot of physical symptoms head ringing,
electric shocks, insomnia due to noises in the attic.

Obviously, the target cannot reveal the real reason for
the symptoms EXCEPT to another trusted target.

So the safest way to stay off the psych radar is to think
of a cover story for each symptom.  

The two examples below were reported by phone:

 1.   "When the perps vibrate or hit my head, causing
       unbearable pain, I use the story below:"

     "I get these terrible migraines that come on suddenly!
      It will not get too bad if I immediately apply an ice pac 
      to my head."

 2. "When the perps shock my feet by remote control,
        causing me to jump:"

     "I get these muscle spasms if I stand in one place
     for too long.  I just need to walk a little bit."

Use your imagination!  You can think of an excuse for any
of your symptoms so as to pass under the radar and stay
out of the psychic ward.
To be continued...... 

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