Covert War Survivors Call Log

This log is used by Covert War Survivors to verify their call actually did
reach StopCovertWar personnel. Calls from some survivors are not
logged as per their request.  Names are included only at the specific request
of the caller.  NOTE:  We have become more involved in local activism.
NOTE  Our answering machine does not work.  512-255-0993
Only persistent callers will be able to reach us.  KEEP TRYING!!!
Calls are only logged at the caller's request!

01-18-12   Edmund Igberaese  reports EH.  See
01-11-12   scared154 calls from pay phone for info.

11-16-11   Target reports targeting in California.

08-11-10  Kristy May reports local government targeting people in Boise, Idaho.

05-01-10  Andrew J. Suda says hello from Switzerland.  He is doing fine.

04-19-10  Florida victim mind controled to drink, then forced into medical facility
               then psych ward.

03-09-09  Elizabeth called when the new phone was being installed.
               Call back, Elizabeth!

12-22-08   Caller reports perps sell body parts to fund harassment.
12-20-08   Joe Robinson says harassment is done by the seherrif's dept.
                Truth or Consequences, NM

11-04-08  James B. McAllen states that if no one hears from him by
               December 04, 2008, the he will have been murdered.
               Pray for James.

08-21-08  East Texas survivor experienced Cointelpro style job loss attempt.

05-24-08  Caller from Brookline reports perps are training their children
                to harass victims, telling them to "just play the game".

03-07-08  More people are being added to the harassment list, causing
                the fight against these crimes to grow to such an extent that
                it is doubtful it will remain hidden much longer.  This growing
                awareness and activism could only  be dreamed of just
                ten years ago.  The volume of email is impossible to read
                completely, the number of web sites devoted to the fight is
                such that only a brief glance at each one can be done.

         Therefore, from this point on, calls will only be
              logged at the callers request!

         If you suspect your calls are being re-routed,  intercepted,
                 or manipulated in any way, say so and your call will be logged!

2-20-08  #1  Northwest Survivor reports perp atrocities.
             #2  Victim reports horrendous torture sanctioned by authorities.
2-19-08  Victim reports perp torment.

01-09-08   Survivor looking for answers.
01-08-08   #1  Survivor says thanks for the web site.
                #2  Target trying to make sense of it all.
01-03-08   Survivor reports perp activity on campus.  Phone call was cut off.

12-28-07   Target inquiring about activism.  Please call back.  I lost your
                 email address.
12-18-07   #1  Yankee still hanging in there.
                #2  Illinois target making first contact.
11-12-07   #1 Canadian discussed combining web sites to conserve resources.
                #2 Australian dissident looking to make contact with other targets.
                #3 Texan describes ongoing perp defamation of character campaign.
11-11-07   Target has activist ideas.
11-06-07   #1 Florida target describes perp torment.
                #2 The veil has been lifted for Boston target.
                #3 Survivor rants over perp antics.

10-26-07   Survivor reports perp activity.
10-25-07   Late night caller reports perp harassment.
10-20-07   #1 Victim reports interference in business phone calls.
                #2 Survivor says hello and God bless.
10-19-07   East coast victim describes perp theft and harassment.
10-10-07   Texan reports latest perp activity.
10-13-07   Canadian discusses perp tactics.
10-03-07   Local survivor gathering information.
10-01-07   Survivor speaks at length about perps, activism, etc.

09-28-07   Caller with quick question about perp stalking.
09-25-07   Texan looking for quick way to stop harassment.
09-24-07   Southern survivor says thanks for web site.
09-21-07   #1  East coast survivor relates harassment story.
                #2  Texan reports family member stalked by perps.
09-11-07   European discusses research related to gang stalking.
09-08-07   #1  UK survivor having email problems.
                #2  Florida target reports perp manipulation.
                #3  California target reports defamation of character.
09-07-07   #1  Southern belle looking for answers.
                #2  Yankee wants to meet fellow targets.
08-31-07   #1  Local target talking about perp activities.

                #2  Target looking for more info.
08-29-07   Activist complains of gang stalking.
08-22-07   #1  Florida target gives update on perp harassment.
                #2  Target inquiring about TV show.
08-21-07   California target calls to say hello.
08-17-07   Canadian looking for more local targets.
08-16-07   Target reports gang stalking.
08-14-07    Victim looking for answers.
08-09-07   Australian describes perp torment.
08-07-07   #1  West coast victim says thanks for the web site.
                #2  Midwestern victim found web site and says thanks.
08-03-07   #1  Texan reports perp activity.
                #2  Mid Western Survivor still in business.
                #3  Okie reports perp drug dealing.
08-02-07   #1  Texas survivor describes anti perp activities.
                #2  Target puzzled over dropped calls to other victims.
08-01-07   Canadian discussed activist strategy.
07-30-07   Northwest target describes horrific perp crimes.

07-29-07   Yankee say hello.
07-28-07   Target reports perp harassment.
07-26-07   #1  German target reports organized stalking in Germany.
                #2  Texan reports a change in perp activity.
07-18-07   #1  Mom calls after discovering website---son really is harassed.
                #2  Hawaiian looking for other targets.
                #3  Target says thanks for listening.
07-17-07    Texan reports perp harassment.
07-10-07   Target says thank you for web site and hotline.
---------------Calls not logged due to computer problems.-----------------

06-28-07   Canadian looking for Eleanor White.
                 Target looking for Mary Ann cut back!
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\computer problems\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
06-15-07   Texan describes perp harassment.
---------------Calls not logged due to computer problems.------------

---------------Calls not logged due to computer problems.------------

05-23-07   #1  Yankee says hello.
                #2  California target says thank you for the web site.
                #3  Texan disturbed over perp shenanigans.
05-22-07   #1  Floridian suspects target is perp controlled.
                #2  Houston target reports perp horrors.
                #3  Target inquires about DC tape.
                #4  East coast target reports unrelenting perp manipulation.
05-21-07   #1  Florida victim reports continual perp harassment.
                #2  Concerned friend of victim looking for help.
                #3  Target Robert David Arguelles, Corona, CA, 619-366-2503
                      intense e-harassment.
05-16-07   #1  Peruvian says thanks for the web site.
                #2  Yankee talks about conference calls.
05-11-07   Canadian target from Montreal reports gang stalking.
05-04-07   #1  California target reports electronic harassment.
                #2  Texan speculates on perp activity.
                #3  Yankee reaches out to targets in local area.
05-03-07   Okie describes perp harassment.
05-01-07   East coast survivor says thanks for the emails.

04-30-07  Texan reports perp harassment of children.
04-29-07   Peruvian target reports perp activities.
04-26-07   Target says thanks for the web site.
04-25-07   Victim looking for support group.
04-24-07   Activist has ideas for new public relations campaign.
04-21-04   Yankee still hanging in there.
04-20-07   North West Target reports perp harassment.
04-17-07   Caller reports Gang Stalking.
04-16-07   West Coast target reports prayer is the answer.
04-14-07   Yankee reports home and auto still secure.
04-11-07   Oklahoma target reports strange news.
04-10-07   Floridian tells of Perp instigated woes.
04-09-07   West Coast caller looking to network.
04-07-07   Caller from Connecticut.
04-04-07   Caller from Canada.

03-22-02   West coast caller asking about activism.
03-21-02   #1  New survivor has many questions.
                #2  Yankee reports home and car secure.
03-20-07   #1  Southwestern target reports perp harassment.
                #2  New Survivor tracking perp activity.
03-19-07   Swedish target labeled a mental case.
03-13-07   Survivor tells global perp story.
03-12-07   #1  Texan trying to upload interesting video.
                 #2  Survivor reports harassment by store security.
03-10-07   Yankee reports on perp activity.
03-08-07   Okie makes home secure.
03-07-07   A call from marsboy reveals awsome videos!  on
                search on  marsboy683  there are over 60 high quality video clips.
03-06-07   Texan says thank you for the web site.

02-28-07   #1 Florida victim describes family harassment.
                #2 Yankee caller has secured auto and home.
                #3 Ohio target discusses perp technology.
02-26-07   Local survivor looking for answers.
02-24-07   Long term Texas victim tells all.
02-22-07   Victim complains of long term perp defamation of character.
02-20-07   Houston victim describes perp torture of grand child.
02-19-07   #1  Nevada survivor reports perp stalking.
                #2  Oklahoma caller says web site did not come up one day
                      last week.
02-17-07  Texas survivor sets up meeting.
02-16-07  Floridian complains of  gang stalking.
02-13-07  Off shore caller wants listing on victimnet page.
02-12-07  #1  Arizona activist reporting in on perp harassment.
               #2  UK Target looking for others in area.
02-10-07  #1  North Carolina whistleblower reports perp harassment.
               The call was cut off.  Call back North Carolina.
               #2  Victim called looking for answers.  Call was cut off.
02-08-07  Activist looking for David Lawson contact info.
02-07-07  #1  Texan reports perp harassment.
               #2  Local asks about conference calls.
02-04-07  Hawaiian reports perp harassment.
02-03-07  Yankee starts activist/support group.
02-03-07  East coast survivor secures home and car.
02-02-07  Canadian activist discusses patriot internet radio difficulties.
02-01-07  Texan describes perp harassment of grandchild.

01-29-07  Houston victim tells of perp horrors.
01-27-07  Canadian discusses patriot radio.
01-26-07  Houstonian looking to replenish phone numbers.
01-25-07  Mid western survivor reports perp harassment.
01-24-07  Activist maps out interesting strategy.
01-23-07  West coast survivor describes perp horrors.
01-22-07  Arizona target preparing to defend.
01-20-07   Texan describes horrors of perp harassment.
01-19-07  #1  New Yorker starting activist group.
               #2  Connecticut survivor says hello.
01-15-07   Southwest survivor discusses conference calls.
01-14-07   #1  Southwest survivor describes events leading up to targeting.
               #2  East coast caller asks about support groups.
01-13-07   #1  New Yorker checking on email address.
                #2  Local describes involvement in activism.
                #3  Yankee describes email tampering.
01-11-07   #1  New Yorker starts new
                #2  Texan reports perp interference in family matters.
                #3  Southwest target describes gang stalking.
01-07-07   Arizona survivor describes perp harassment.
01-03-07   Yankee secures home and car.
01-02-07    New Yorker describes perp harassment.
01-01-07    West coast activist reports perp activity.

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