Call Log Archives

12-28-06    #1  West coast caller reporting on perp harassment.
                 #2  Texan checking in for latest update.
12-27-06    East coast activist tells of latest perp harassment.
12-26-06   Okie says hello.
12-23-06   Texan complains of perp activity.
12-22-06   #1  Local victim checking in.
                #2  New Yorker gives update on perp harassment.
12-20-06   #1  Midwestern caller reports perp activity.
                #2  Canadian says hello.
                #3  East coast victim reports latest perp harassment.
12-19-06   #1  New Yorker asking questions about web site.
                #2  Yankee looks for other victims, leaves phone number.
                #3  Local activist contacting talking about latest break through.
12-18-06   #1  Yankee discovers the reality of organized stalking.
                #2  You said you would call back and you did not.  CALL BACK!!!
12-16-06   Canadian discusses activism.
12-15-06   Victim discovers web site, says thank you.
12-13-06   Yankee found a padlock to secure home.
12-12-06   #1  West coast survivor looking for more info.
                #2  Caller looking for TI's in area.
12-07-06   #1 Local describes background and perp harassment.
                #2 Caller says thanks for the web site.
12-05-06   #1 Local wanting to know who, how, why.
                #2 California survivors reaching out.
12-02-06   East coast newbie looking for answers.
12-01-06   Survivor says thanks.

11-30-06   Yankee says thanks for the website.
11-29-06   Canadian discussed
11-27-06   Newbie signs up for multistalk yahoo group.
11-27-06   Tennessee survivor reports perp activity in church.
11-25-06   #1  Texan inquires about progress.
                #2  California survivor with info about web site.
                #3  West coast target reports workplace mobbing.
11-24-06   #1  Canadian says hello.
                #2  Victim quit job due to workplace mobbing.
11-22-06   #1  Yankee says thanks for the website.
                #2  Texan inquiring about meeting.
11-16-06   Survivor reporst perp harassment.
11-14-06   #1 Oakie reports interesting coded on road signs.
                #2 Ohio activist reports perp activity.
11-13-06   Houston activist planning meeting.
11-09-06   Pacific Northwest survivor looking to relocate.
11-07-06   Texan reporting progress against perp behavior.
11-06-06   Florida survivor reports prep harassment.
11-05-06   Discussed Texas conventions with Canadian activists.
11-01-06   #1 Yankee secures home and car.
                #2  Seattle victim reports perp activity.

10-31-06   East coast activist writing report on Gang Stalking for College credit.
10-30-06   Texas activist planning newspaper addvertisement.
10-26-06   Survivor shares coping methods.
10-25-06   Okie tells of latest perp tricks.
10-22-06   Texan reports gang stalking.
10-20-06  Yankee relaying message.
10-18-06  Heartland victim reports stupid perp activity.
10-17-06  #1  Oakie discusses computer fix.
               #2  Floridain describes neighborhood gangs of perps.
10-16-06   Western survivor looking for information.
10-15-06   West coast survivor describes perp harassment.
10-14-06   #1  Local tries to make contact.
                #2  Oakie describes interesting perp activities.
10-08-06   #1  Ex-military describes perp targeting.
               #2  Canadian looking for answers.
10-06-06   Yankee worried about lack of call logging.
10-05-06   Houston target looking for Round Rock target.

09-26-06   #1  Yankee says thanks for the web site.
                #2  Canadian says CATCH Canada email is truncated.
09-24-06   Houstonian reports death of target.
09-21-06   #1  Local victim describes horrible perp torment.
                #2 Yankee inquiring about forum.
09-20-06   Local victim looking for answers.
09-19-06   East coast caller says thanks for the web site.
09-18-06   Yankee looking for lawyer.
09-16-06   Target relocates to El Paso, Texas.
09-14-06   Texan wages war with perps while writing cook book.
09-11-06   #1  Caller from parts unknown was cut off.
                #2  Yankee talks about websites.
09-10-06    Karen Manceaux reports slashed tires.
09-09-06   #1  Carolina survivor reports perp activity.
                #2  Colorado caller describes manipulation and drugging by authorities.
09-04-06   #1  Caller inquires about DC rally.
                #2  East coast survivor reaches out.
09-02-06   Local victim finds web site, makes contact.

08-30-06   East coast target reports job harassment.
08-29-06   DC activist asking about video.
08-28-06   #1  New Yorker reports gang stalking, harassment.
                #2  Yankee tired of perp crimes.
                #3  Survivor inquiring about DC tape.
08-27-06   Local target reports perp harassment.
08-26-06   Yankee says hello from Connecticut.
08-24-06   Local target reaches out.
08-18-06   New Yorker says boyfriend truned perp.
08-17-06   Short call from Yankee with phone trouble.
08-16-06   Victim says perps cause debilitating illness.
08-13-06  #1  Yankee describes perp torment.
                #2  Victim tells of radio apperance tomorrow on RBN live.
08-12-06   #1  Texan puts up new web site.
                #2  Victim called during conference call.  Please call back.
08-10-06   Survivor looking for more answers.
08-08-06   #1  Victim says perps vandalize car and intefere with sleep.
                #2  Texan reports perp harassment since childhood.
08-07-06    James B. McCallen reports his car has been sabotaged.
08-05-06    East coast survivor says family is involved.
08-02-06    Ohio survivor asks about Alex Jones detained at the Canadian border.

07-27-06   #1  East coast victim unable to find medical treatment.
                #2  Victim says perps compromised family.
07-26-06   Mid-western victim recounts perp horror.
07-25-06   Yankee reports more perp harassment.
07-24-06   #1  Mid-western survivor reports perp harassment.
                #2  Okie says hello.
07-21-06   #1  Perps hit victim really hard, causing blody vomit.
                #2  East coast caller reports work place mobbing.
                #3  Texan reports perp theft and harassment.
07-19-06   Victim says perps sneaked into campground, tried to get into car.
07-18-06   Survivor says thanks for the web site.
07-14-06   Victim complains the perps continually lie.
07-13-06   Caller says thanks for the web site.
07-11-06   Survivor says perps mess up job chances.
07-10-06   #1  Victim says perps pretend to be her "doctors".
                #2  Caller reports perps injured his child.
07-08-06   Target gets no support from family.
07-07-06   Victim below has a phone that is out of order.
07-06-06   Victim looking to meet others in the Dallas area.
07-05-06   Texan reports perp activity.
07-03-06   California survivor tells of relocation to avoid perp family.
07-02-06   Houston survivor tells of advanced perp technology.
07-01-06   Houston victim asks about DC rally.

06-30-06   Minnesota survivor askes about DC rally tape.
06-29-05   Caller inputs new email address to victimnet page.
06-25-06   Texas target asks about DC rally.
06-23-06   East coast target says thanks for the web site.
06-22-06   Houston survivor asked for brief report on rally.
06-21-06   Canadian activists asks about rally.
..................Attended DC rally........................................
06-12-06   #1  Yankee reports one of the web pages is blank.
                 #2  New Yorker reports gangstalking.
06-08-06   Survivor says perps planted drug paraphenalia in car.
06-06-06   East coast victim makes plans to move overseas.
06-05-06   Canadian discusses DC rally.
06-04-06   Target moves to San Antonio.
06-03-06    #1  Okie offers computer help.
                 #2  Survivor checking in on the way to San Antonio.
06-02-06   Survivor looking to car pool to DC.

05-30-06   Survivor says perps attack computer repeatedly.
05-29-06   #1  Houston survivor reports perp activity.
                #2  Oklahoma target starting activist group.
05-28-06   Minnesota survivor disgusted with police corruption.
05-27-06   Police refuse to take report on lewd conduct against massage therapist.
05-26-06   #1  East Coast Victim says medical establishment is compromised.
                #2  Houston survivor reports sleepness and broken toes after hospital visit.
05-25-06   #1  Texan reports interesting success with gps on suspected perp vehicle.
                #2  East coast survivor says hello and thanks for the website.
05-23-06   East coast survivor just checking on DC rally.
05-20-06   Midwestregional survivor reports horrific military psy ops.
05-18-06  #1 Native Princess Warrior says primary perps are being investigated for
                   three homicides.  D. A. and mayor taking case seriously in New York.
               #2  Minnesota1 reports perp electronic harassment and induced diabetes.
05-15-06   #1 Perp instigated dental problems causing target to go broke.
                #2 Ex-military man's home burnt down by perps.
05-14-06   Texan suggests remedy for perp related health problem.
05-10-06    Connecticut victim tells of perp harassment on the highway.
05-08-06    Phillipino survivor reports camera changes perp behavior.
05-07-06    Texas survivor investigating perps and tracking them.
05-04-06   #1  East coast caller says hello.
                #2  Southwestern survivor orders tee shirts.

04-29-06   #1  Wisconsin target says best friend in Floridia is also a target.
                #2  Texan looking for doctor to remove implant.
                #3  New Yorker reports perp abduction and assualt.  Police slow to
                      document the incident.
04-27-06   East coast victim says thanks for the website.
04-26-06   Phillipino activist reports website.
04-25-06   Hawaii victim says perps hack phone and email.
04-21-06   Activist touches base to order more tee shirts.
04-16-06   Victim reports perp activity.
04-15-06   East coast target reports perp doctors.
04-13-06   #1  Chicago target reports perp harassment.
                #2  Heartland victim reports stalking and satanic activity.
04-12-06   Phillipino victim suffering horrific physical assualt.
04-10-06   Canadian activists making progress.
04-07-06   East coast victim reports new perp activity.
04-06-06   #1  Victim says perps target business.
                #2  Target reports perps trying to force a sale of home.
04-05-06   #1  Victim surrounded by lying perps.
                #2  International caller says thanks for web site.
                #3  Hartland victim says nursing home nearly killed parent.
                #4  Suda says hello, checking to see if email arrived.
04-04-06   #1  Target fortunate to have support of parents.
                #2  Court case described by target.
04-03-06   #1  West coast target considering move.
                #2  Texan describes perp harassment.
04-02-06   #1  Canadian activist says gang stalking rampant around Toronto.
                #2  Another Canadian reporting gangstalking.

03-28-06   #1  Yankee unable to find honest tradesmen to make home repairs.
                #2  Canadian activist discussed radio spots.
03-26-06   Texan describes perp harassment.
03-24-06   Victim targeted after filing lawsuit against corporation.
03-22-06   #1  Target reports husband is being lured into satanism.
                #2  Victim stalker is an ex-cop and satainic cult leader.
03-21-06   Texan reports husband involved in perps stalking.
03-19-06   #1  Off shore target says perps blocking email.
                #2  Mother says son is targeted by perps.
                #3  Victim says continually mess up income stream.
                #4  Activist talked about DC rally.
                #5  Survivor tells of perp torment and asks about DC rally.
                #6  Andrew Suda tells of new activist organization in San Diego.
03-18-06   Target discussed DC convention.
03-16-06   #1  Houston victim says perps torment grand children.
                #2  Washington state whistle blower reports perp harassment.
                #3  West coast caller reports wacko perp harassment.
03-14-06   #1  Local victim describes street theater.
                #2  Okie reports plans for comunal living.
03-13-06   #1  Activist from Australia reports stalking and harassment.
                #2  Mid Western target says perps murdered target.
03-12-06   #1  Local target reports perp harassment.
                #2  Central Texas target reports perps tamper with food.
                #3  Mid western target says children are tested to determine targeting.
03-11-06   West coast survivor has family support.
03-10-06   Activist reports new support group.
03-07-06   #1  North Texan finds bug transmitter in home.
                #2  Victim cannot email anyone.  Trying to get a message out:
                      "Justice says to R to stop and turn it off."
03-01-06   Activist reports radio show willing to air gangstalking info.

02-28-06   Mid-Western survivor finds support and good countermeasures.
02-27-06   #1  Hawaii victim reports email tampering and phone hacking.
                #2  North Texan sheds new light on perp activity.
02-24-06   California survivor says perps infiltrate every place of employment.
02-23-06   Traveler staying mobile to avoit perp harassment.
02-22-06   Texan reports perp activity.
02-20-06   Survivor looking to move.
02-17-06   Texan reports perp harassment strains marriage.
02-15-06   #1  Victim reports gang stalking and her email address did not work.
                       Contact us again.
                #2  Victim says police classified her as a mental case.
02-11-06   Texas survivor looking for a lawyer.
02-10-06   Midwestern victim says children are bullied in school.
02-09-06   "James B. McCallen, a victim now in Florida, is planning to notify the
                  US Dept.of State that he is being forced to renounce his US citizenship.
                  He will follow through with this involuntary action of renunciation when
                  he can find a country in which he will no longer be victimized and where
                 he can get legal help with the actions committed against him."
02-08-06   #1  North Texan says perps getting tired of harassment.
                #2  Texas victim reports harassment.
02-04-06   Discussed radio show with activist.
02-01-06   Midwestern victim says family and friends are targeted.

01-30-06   #1  Midwestern victim reports perp activity.
                #2  North Carolina caller reports perp activity.
01-27-06   Midwestern victim describes intense street theater.
01-21-06   West coast caller reports perp activity.
01-19-06   Texan reports continued perp harassment.
01-18-06  #1  Texan reports experiments with space blanket.
               #2  East coast victim talks about Clare Wehrle.
               #3  MidWestern caller excited over finding web sites.
01-12-06   Texan reports perp activity.
01-11-06   Southwestern survivor says perps stole land.
01-07-06   Okie says Texas will be first to chip all livestock.
01-06-06   Target reports father being abused in nursing home.
01-05-06   Victim says authorities took children away.
01-04-06   Exchanged ideas with Texan about things to come.
01-03-06   #1  Activist looking to link with our site.
                #2  Survivor asking about package.

12-31-05   Target reports death of friend.
12-30-05   Survivor moving to San Antonio.
12-27-05   Target reports satanic perp harassment.
12-25-05   West coast survivor describes perp drama.
12-22-05   Target confirms perps too stupid and lazy to get a real job.
12-20-05   Texan preparing for radio spot.
12-19-05   Southern target tracking perps.
12-15-05   Survivor suspects a police involvement.
12-14-05   West coast activist planning anti perp campaign.
12-12-05   #1  West Texan looking for other victims.
                #2  North Texan suspects ex-boyfriend is a perp.
12-10-05   Survivor posts on victimnet page.
12-09-05   #1  Tennessee survivor moving to Texas.
                #2  Activist discusses Mendoza case.
                #3  West Texas survivor reports perps get rattled over flyers.
12-08-05   #1  Tiger from the Phillipines reports perp crimes.
                #2  West coast survivor moving to Texas.
12-07-05   East Coast survivor changes phone number.
12-05-05   #1  West coast victim reports perp crime leading to homelessness.
                #2  Israelli survivor describes perp harassment.
12-03-05   #1  East coast victim moves to west coast.
                #2  Texas victim moves north to where friends are.
                #3  Survivor designed web site and survey.
12-02-05   West Coast college student says perps even harass in class.

11-30-05   Victim barely escaped as perps burned residence to ground.
11-27-05   Texan says perps threw a rock through a window of her business.
11-26-05   West coast survivor tells of December conference.
11-23-05   Canadian discussed radio show.
11-22-05   Victim complains of perp harassment.
11-21-05   #1  West coast victim turns activist.
                #2  Canadian discussed perp video and radio show.
11-19-05   East coast survivor makes activist plans.
11-16-05   Yankee reports perps harassment.
11-15-05   #1  Survivor in Israel inquires about DC rally.
                #2  Northern survivor likes DC video.
11-12-05   #1  West coast survivor says ex-cops are stalking him.
                #2  Survivor complains of constant email tampering.
11-10-05   Houstonian discussed Naylor's book, "1996".
11-09-05   #1  Survivor discussed DC rally.
                #2  Suvivor says perps quit after she found out who they were.
                #3  Victim forced to take psychoactive drugs to retain custody of child.
                #4  Houston victim discussed Gloria Naylor's book.
11-08-05   Victim says family will not believe gang stalking is being done.
11-06-05   Interesting caller got cut off...Call back.  We do not have caller ID!
11-05-05   #1  West coast survivor looking for other victims.
                #2  Survivor says perps bully children at school.
                     Email did not go through.
                #3  Southerner complains of mail tampering and other harassment.
11-04-05   #1  East Coast Activist inquiring about DC rally video.
                #2  Mid Western survivor discussed canadian video of perps.
                #3  South Texas activist reports perp atrocities.
11-03-05   Victim says local perp activity is military psi-ops.

10-31-05   #1  East Texas Activist says thank you for
                #2  Victim moves to San Antonio, will start new business.
10-30-05   #1  Midwestern activist reporting on technical research.
                #2  East coast survivors report selling of public parks to private developers.
10-27-05   Activist discussed video tape of dc rally.
10-26-05   #1  Midwestern survivor says thanks to all for DC rally.
                #2  East coast victim being tormented by perps.
                #3  Victim says Florida CPS trying to take her child.
10-24-03   Local victim reports perp harassment.
10-22-05   East coast victim complains of perp activity.
10-21-05   West coast survivor asking about DC rally.
10-19-05   #1  Canadian discussed radio show.
                #2  Yankee complains of perp stalking and harassment.
                #3  West coast survivor says landlady stealing utility bills.
10-18-05   #1  East coast survivor says perps are cops.
                #2  Midwestern trucker reports perp harassment.
10-13-05   #1  Mother calls from Israel, stands by her targeted son.
                #2  Okie reports perp harassment.
                #3  Colorado victim reports perp harassment.
                #4  Minnesota survivor says thanks for the activism in DC.
10-06-05   #1  New Yorker reports perp harassment.
                #2  Texan filing class action lawsuit.
10-05-05   Canadian victim turns activist after perp harassment.
10-02-05   #1  Local survivor decides to become an activist.
                #2  East coast survivor reports latest perp activity.
10-01-05   Texan inquiring about DC rally.

09-30-05   Victim reports perp activity.
09-28-05   Survivor designs new activist tee shirt and carries a video camera!
09-27-05   Texan says perps attacking family members.
09-26-05   Central DEW victim reports perp activity.
09-24-05   West Coast survivor and Dallas survivor placed a party line call to us
                to discuss perp harassment and how to expose their crimes.
09-22-05   #1  Eastern survivor reports perp activity.
                #2  Texan checking on our plans to ride out Rita.
                #3  Newbie reports perps even harass children.
09-21-05   #1  Canadian discussed radio show.
                #2  Tennessee survivor reports perp activity.
                #3  East coast target says perps instigated loss of job.
                #4  Yankee concerned about our hurricane Rita plans.
09-19-05   #1  Southerner complains of terrorist break-ins.
                #2  Houstonian says perps wrecked home during absence.
09-17-05   Caller looking for gang stalking info.
09-16-05   Southern survivor reports increased perp activity.
09-15-05   Houstonian says perps made long distance calls on phone.
09-11-05   Texan inquiring about web site.
09-10-05   Tennessee survivor reports harassing phone calls.
09-08-05   #1  Texas survivor looking for motor home.
                #2  Southerner says perps manipulating lawyers.
09-07-05   Houstonian discussed DC rally.
09-06-05   Survivor reports perp harassment in the deep south.
09-05-05   Survivor inquiring about DC rally.
09-04-05   #1  Texas survivor laughing about perp stupidity.
                #2  California survivor says perps tampered with vehicle.
                #3  North Texan says hello.
09-03-05   Local victim says gang stalking started with dispute over inheritance.

08-31-05   Texan says police not interested in pursuing perpetrators when
                 son's car was vandalized.
08-29-05   North Texas researcher giving perps hell.
08-27-05   #1  East coast victim tired of perp harassment.
                #2  North Texas survivor says torment occurs only when lights are on.
                #3  Perps stole original art work from Israeli artist.
08-26-05   Houston victim describes perp horrors.
08-25-05   Victim reports perp drugging.
08-24-05   Houstonian says perps vandalized home.
08-23-05   #1  Houston activist discussed DC rally.
               #2  Mid Western survivor inquires about mcforums.
08-22-05   Late night survivor discussed letter to congress.
08-21-05   #1 Houstonian reports perp crimes.
                #2 Off shore survivor reports email tampering.
                #3 Target tells of perp games, street theater.
                #4 Survivor reports brutal perp torture and joins email list.
08-20-05   Target reports perp activity.
08-19-05   #1  Texan stands up to perp bullies.
                #2  Eastern activist discussed letter to congress and DC rally.
08-18-05   Houston victim complains of perp theft.
08-17-05   Canadian discusses radio show.
08-16-05   Mid-westerner reports perps are actually military psi-ops.
08-14-05   #1  Houston activist discussed DC rally.
                #2  Dallas activist discussed DC rally and Texan planning lawsuit.
                #3  Missouri activist discussed DC rally.
                #4  Mid west activist passing along information.
08-13-05   Texan planning lawsuit.
08-12-05   #1 North Texas amazon still harassing the perps.  You go girl!
                #2  Survivor from Israel checking on snail mail.
08-11-05   West coast survivor reporting on perp activity.
08-09-05   Toronto caller reports on Vancouver BC radio show.
08-08-05   Toronto survivor reports perp harassment.
08-07-05   #1  Target says ex-boyfriend admits the V2S targeting will continue until
                she is permanently in a mental hospital...This is in revenge for telling
                the police about his drug dealing.
                #2  Canadian discusses radio show
                #3  Canadian looking for Eleanor.
                #4  Christina and Richard Holland from Ontario, CANADA say hello!
08-06-05   #1  California survivor reports perp activity.
                #2  Tennessee victim reports police harassment.
08-04-05   Hong Kong looking for snail mail.
08-03-05   Thanks to THEMIS from the Southwest for the snail mail.
08-02-05....A certain person responsible for answering the hotline was not available.

07-24-05   #1  Canadian discussed radio show.
                #2  Contributor double checking mailing address.
                #3  Houston survivor updates organizational progress.
07-23-05   Houston victim trying to move.
07-22-05   Tennessee victim calls and is disconnected.  Call back, Tennessee!
07-19-05   #1  Survivor from Israel says hello.
                #2  Houstonian trying to ready residence for sale.
                #3  Houston activist discussed conference.
07-18-05   #1  Target says hello.
                #2  Houstonian says perps break everything in residence, and steal meds.
07-17-05   Survivor asked to be added to the victimnet page.
07-13-05   Talked to activist about radio show.
07-11-05   Talked to Canadian about upcoming radio show.
07-10-05   #1  Okie survivor checking on snail mail.
                #2  Houstonian checking to see if we returned home safely.
07-08-05   #1  Discussed Houston meeting with Texas survivor.
                #2  Invited Okie survivor to Houston meeting.
07-06-05   #1  Houstonian inquiring about the "1996" book by Naylor.
                #2  Caller describes 15 years of torment and research.
07-05-05   Midwestern activist starting forum.
07-04-05   #1  Midwestern caller getting settled in new residence.
                #2  Activist having regular meetings in Midwest.
07-03-05   #1  East coast survivors report mafia activity.
                #2  Sister Eagle looking for Talan.  Please contact.

06-24-05   Southern Belle reports gang stalking and perp harassment.
06-23-05   Austin survivor inquiring about monthly meeting.
06-22-05   #1  Canadian discussed perp activity.
                #2  Houstonian announces conference call.
06-21-05   Mid-Western survivor discussed DC rally.
06-20-05   Floridian inquires about DC march.
06-18-05   Texan describes perp activities.
06-17-05   Canadian discussed upcoming radio show.
06-14-05   Mid-western caller has been blacklisted.
06-13-05   East coast activist says thanks for web site.
06-11-05   Houstonian making arrangements for meeting in July.
06-08-05   #1  Mid-western caller discussed Houston meeting.
               #2  Survivor confirming email receipt.
                #3  East coast survivors report perps busy with other projects.
06-06-05   #1  Canadian discussed radio show.
                #2  Target building case against perps.
06-05-05   Houstonian wants to move to Austin.
06-04-05   Survivor calls to update local perp activity.
                Dropped the ball and did not log the calls

05-25-05   Northerner says perps attacked daughter and children.
05-24-05   Canadian discussed upcoming radio show.
05-19-05   North East survivor reports heavy street theater.
05-18-05   East coast survivor reports perps loosing power.
05-14-05   #1  Northern victim reports perp harassment.
                #2  West coast survivor uses camera to to harass perps.
05-13-05   Texas survivor moving to country.
05-12-05   #1  Survivor discussed radio show.
                #2  East coast victim describes perp harassment.
05-11-05   Austin survivor advocating letter to authorities.
05-10-05   #1  East Coast survivor looking to connect with others.
                #2  Local victim checking on new meeting location.
05-09-05   Married couple figures out perp goal is to cause divorce.
05-07-05   Texan adopts style of non-cooperation.
05-06-05   Victims being perped on phone with misleading info.
05-05-05   Victim trying to make contact with roommates.
05-03-05   Victim moving in with three other victims to share expenses.
05-01-05   Victim tells story of gang stalking instigated by ex-boyfriend.

04-29-05  Victim has located 3 others and is attempting to co-habit.
04-27-05   Michigan victim says stolen car was taken across state
                lines and burned (federal offense).  FBI will not investigate
                unless local police ask them to do so.
04-26-05   #1  A tentative meeting of Gang Stalking Victims may take place
              Thursday, 04-28 in Austin.
                #2 Victim reports stolen car.
04-25-05   East coast victim reports increased perp activity.
04-22-05   #1  Newfoundland victim reports island is full of free masons
                       who commit crimes with impunity.
                #2  Survivor says perps stole vehicle.
04-21-05   Tennessee victim signs on to network page.
04-20-05   Victim looking for others.
04-18-05   Houstonian reports continued perp theft while police
                 continue to ignore the situation.
04-15-05   East coast victim says perps still stalking and harassing.
04-14-05   #1  Canadian activist reports perps attacking web site,
                       asks for backup of
                 #2  North Texans puzzled by nails popping out of
                       sheet rock in bedroom.
04-13-05   #1  North Texan says perps pass counterfeit bills with impunity.
                #2  East coast survivors report elite taking over parklands.
                #3  Houstonian reports hearing from more victims.
04-12-05   Victim struggling to stay employed.
04-11-05   Victim reports forced drugging by police and psychiatrist.
04-10-05   Local victim reports perp stalking.
04-08-05  Activist reports cool weather and cozy dwelling in Utah.
04-05-05  #1  Target describes global perp activity.
               #2  Texan reports perps committed federal crime.
04-02-05  East coast survivors observed perp surveyors in park.

03-30-05   Two different Tennessee victims called but only one is on the theft/
                 networking page.
03-29-05   Mid state caller for tells future events.
03-27-05   North Texas activist terrorizes perps with exposure.
03-24-05   East coast callers tell of government corruption.
03-23-05   Northern victim says perps control law enforcement.
03-22-05   North Texan says perps pulled up tile in residence.
03-21-05   #1  Northern survivor complains of remote perp harassment.
                #2  North Texan tells of counterfeit passed at garage sales in small town.
03-18-05   #1  Caller reporting latest convention.
                #2  Survivor relays message from Canada.
                #3  West coast victim reports homelessness.
03-14-05   East coast survivor reports continual vehicle tampering.
03-11-05   #1  San Antonio Activist reports progress on legal action.
                #2  Minnesota survivor likes living in the woods.
                #3  Canadian asks about activism in Toronto.
03-10-05   #1  Local victim looking for details on engineering test.
                #2  East coast victim needs info about logging onto human_rights_1
                #3  Victim reports the theft.html page of this web site has no
                      telephone numbers.
03-09-05   #1  Quebec victim tells of perp harassment.
                #2  California caller loeses connection.  Call back California!
03-07-05   #1  East coast survivor reports authorities threatened to condemn home
                      due to "frequencies" found in home.
                #2  Northern victim talks about radio show.
                #3  Southerner complains of e-harassment and blacklisting.  Perps told
                      her they are just testing their whistle blower punishment techniques.
03-06-05   South Texan looking for correct phone number.
03-05-05   Canadian discusses activist project.
03-04-05   Southerner reports perp harassment.  (Prayer in Tennessee)
03-03-05   #1  Flip in Pennsylvania reports stalking,e-harassment, terrorist break-ins.
               #2  Houston victim reports advanced perp harassment.
03-02-05   #1  Survivor reports change of email.
                #2  Victim looking for V2S device.
                #3  Andrew Suda want to talk to people who attended the meeting
                     in San Diego the weekend of February 12.  619-818-8322
                #4  South Texas activist reports all to authorities.
                #5  Southerner inquiring about short wave radio.
03-01-05   #1  East coast victim says union is involved in perp activity.
                #2  San Antonio activist working to expose perps.
02-28-05   #1  South Texan complains of perp torment.
                #2  Okie plans future organic farm for peaceful people.
               #3  California victim describes perp activities.
02-24-05   Terry Eliason speaks of gang stalking, electronic harassment, perp
                terrorist break-ins.  She is a whistle blower.

02-23-05   South Texan discusses legal action.
02-22-05   Gulf Coast victim reports perp harassment.
02-21-05  #1  South Texas activist connects with others.
               #2  East coast survivors reporting perp activities.
               #3  Texas victim describes perp ruination of business and loss of home.
02-20-05   Texas survivor says hello.
02-18-05   Canadian discusses activist radio.
02-16-05   Victim looking for radio host.
02-15-05   Texas survivor inquiring about Ft. Worth meeting.
02-13-05   South Texas survivor plans to attend meeting.
02-12-05   Texan discusses meeting.
02-11-05   Eastern survivor says hello.
02-10-05   Okie just checking in.
02-09-05   Canadian activist discusses radio show.
02-08-05   South Texan discussed meeting.
02-06-05   East Coast victim just checking in.
02-05-05   Activist discussed court proceedings.
02-04-05   Texas survivor discusses Feb meeting.
02-03-05   Kansas activist has ideas on how to educate the public.
02-02-05   Florida activist looking for others in area.

01-30-05   #1  Canadian discussed radio show.
                #2  Mid state caller tells of court room triumph.
01-29-05   West coast caller tells of perp crimes.
01-28-05    Houstonian tells of police harassment.
01-27-05    East coast caller says perps the most decadent.
01-26-05    North Texan reports stupid perps.
01-25-05    Texas victim reports perp harassment.
01-24-05    Texan pinpoints location of perp device.
01-23-05    #1  Activist checking to see if snail mail received.
                 #2  Concerned survivor inquiring as to victims telephone recording.
                 #3  Victim checks in to announce new phone number.
01-22-05   North Texas Survivor reports interesting perp activity.
01-22-05   Houston activist called to discuss ideas.
01-21-05   #1  Local victim talks of upcoming meeting.
                #2  East coast survivor tells saga of harassment.
                #3  South Texan reports perp stalking and harassment.
01-20-05   Local victim reports terrorist break-in.
01-17-05   #1  Houstonian laments perp damage done to family.
                #2  Activist confirms donation.
               #3  Survivors complain of perp crime.
01-16-05   Discussed radio show with Canadian.
01-15-05   #1  High Plains activist verifies snail mail.
                #2  West coast survivor looking for other victims.
01-13-05   East coast survivor looking for honest lawyer.
01-12-05   #1  Austin activist reports terrorist break-in.
                #2  Caller sending snail mail.
01-11-05   Discussed radio show with Canadian activist.
01-10-05   #1  West coast caller coping with perp harassment.
                #2  High plains activist tells of things to come.
                #3  California survivor calls to chat.
01-09-05   #1  East coast survivor reports perp theft of property.
                #2  High plains caller predicts perp doom.
01-08-05   North Texas caller reports victory over street theater.
01-06-05   #1  East coast caller tells of perp framing leading to prison term served
                      many years ago.
                #2  Radio listener shares perp experiences.
               #3  Brendan from New York and reports heavy perp activity while trying
                     to get to the news paper in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
01-04-05   A new Texan will join our meetings.
01-03-05   #1  Texan reports street theater.
                #2  Southerner tells of terrorist break-ins. 

12-18-04  --  12-31-04  We dropped the ball and did not log calls and were not
                    consistiently in the office to answer the phone.
12-17-04   #1  East coast survivor discussed strategy to expose perps.
                #2  Houstonian requests info for book.
12-16-04   #1  North Texan livid over perp harassment.
                #2  Yankee discussed silent sound demo machine.
12-15-04   #1  Survivor setting up weekly conference call 858-400-4000 #717717
                      every Wednesday at 6:00pm.
                #2  North Texan reports on perp activity.
12-10-04   #1  East Texas survivor Calls to chat.
               #2  Gulf coast victim describes police apathy.
12-08-04   Houstonian reports perp inteference in medical matters.
12-07-04   West coast survivor derides perps.
12-06-04   Texan reports perps steal and delay snail mail.
12-04-04   #1  Central Texas survivor says 80 year old neighbor is
                      reporting same physical symptoms.  Wonder if this is
                      accidental bleed over effect.
                 #2 North Texan says perps interfering with ebay business.
12-02-04   Tale of intrigue continues as perps steal mail from victims neighbors.
12-01-04   #1  East coast survivors report perps turned off electricity.
                #2  Texan says strange characters sitting in vehicle for hours
                      across street from residence.
                #3  Texas survivor reports perp harassment in college.
11-30-04   Survivor reports neighbors behaving suspiciously.
11-29-30   Victim says networking not working very well for her.
11-28-04   A victim will visit tomorrow.
11-27-04   Texan reports perps messed with baseboards in residence.
11-26-04   #1  Long talk with westerner with activist ideas.
                #2  Victim says mechanics overfilled oil and power steering fluids.
                #3  Victim says hello, plans trip.
11-24-04   #1  Texan reports neighbors chopped down all vegetation blocking line of
                      sight from microwave dish to her home.
                #2  Westerner reports street theater, bugging of phones.
11-22-04   Texan has finally removed cover from box mounted on eaves of home.
11-21-04   #1   Caller makes contact with new victim.
                #2   Target says perps retaliated after networking with others.
11-20-04   Caller rigging up hidden cameras in home.
11-19-04    #1   Central Texan may resort to crowbar to remove device from eaves.
                 #2   North Texas survivor reports less perp harassment.
                 #3   Ohio survivor calls to chat.
11-18-04    South Texas target quits job.
11-16-04    Central Texas target finds repeater on eaves of home.
11-15-04    #1   Southerner observes perp sign language at transmission repair shop.
                 #2   South Texas target reports increased perp torture.
11-14-04    #1   Central Texas survivor continues to investigate strange device.
                 #2   North Texas target describes perp tampering in home.
                 #3   Texas chem trail activist working on NO SPRAY ZONE is stalked,
                       harassed, attempted breakins, street theater, wire tap, computer
                       hacked, email interference, psychotronic devices used for two years.
                       Lobbied two state reps, talked to lawyers and sheriff.
11-13-04    South Texan reports increased perp harassment.
11-12-04    #1  German says New World Order spreading quickly.
                 #2   Southern target harassed out of job.
                 #3   New Yorker has ideas about strange device described by
                        yesterday's caller.
11-11-04   Central Texas caller finds strange device under eaves of home.
11-10-04   #1   Texan finds paint chips and acoustic tile crumbs on rug under
                       suspicious area of ceiling.
                #2   Heartland survivor says military psi ops recruit by threatening
                       family members.
11-07-04   #1  Yankee caller describes perp stalking and harassment.
                #2  Central Texas Caller tells of being approached by target.
                #3  Canadian says harassment began when the perps tried to
                      recruit him and he turned them down.
                #4  Supportive Canadian parent seeks information.
                #5  California target will be selling a book soon.
11-06-04   #1  New caller starts talking, then gets interrupted.
                #2  North Texan says perp activity quiet.
11-05-04   North Texas caller looking for tech info.
11-04-04   #1  North Texan consults on installing hidden camera.
                #2  South Texas caller describes perp torment.
11-03-04   Activist reports perp harassment.
11-01-04   Perps stalk divorced woman.
10-30-04   Activist describes torment.
10-29-04   Canadian describes activist group.
10-28-04   #1  Southern state caller has questions.
                #2  South Texan unloads.
10-24-04   Caller tells all.
10-23-04   Caller tells all.
10-21-04   #1  Central Texan fled home for two days due to perp torment.
                #2   North Texas caller says perps crashed hard drive.
                #3   Kentucky caller says drug pushers are running the state.
10-20-04   #1  Yankee describes years of clandestine stalking.
               #2   Local victim describes psi ops harassment.
10-19-04   #1  Midwestern victim laments estrangement from family.
                #2  Texan says perps took day of vacation.
                #3  Gulf coast caller says perps spoofed a phone call from
                      Michigan, attempting to obtain social security number.
10-18-04   #1  North Texan posts on theft page.
                #2  Midwestern victim posts on theft page.
10-17-04   Central Texas caller says perp street theater on the rise.
10-16-04   Canadian activist says perp harassment increasing.
10-15-04   East Texas victim reports more perp harassment.
10-12-04   #1  California victim under heavy perp harassment.
                #2  East Texas Target distrubed over perp stalking/harassment.
10-11-04   #1  East coast survivor relates bizarre tale of family gathering.
                #2  Texas victim discussed trip to Austin.
                #3  Texas survivor reports on Houston meeting.
                #4  Texas target reports finding antifreeze in baggies in trunk of car.
10-10-04   Texan suspects husband involved in perp activity.
10-08-04   #1  Texas survivor says teenager was framed on drug charges.
               #2  Nevada victim looking to network with others.
                #3  Survivor looking for info on Houston Conference.
10-07-04   #1  Texas whistleblower reports perp stalking and harassment.
                #2  Tennessee victim says perps recruit more perps by
                      threatening and harassing families.
                #3  Tennessee land owner hiring private detective.
               #4  New Yorker discussed conference and confirmed email receipt.
                #5  Activist reports intent to participate in Dr. Gillam's project.
                #6  Minnesota survivor happy about new activist activities.
10-06-04   #1  Texan reports finding annother victim.
                #2  Southwest caller reports perp activity in area.
10-05-04   Canadian discussed plans for activism.
10-04-04   Houstonian moving to Austin.
10-03-04   #1  Texan says husband is involved with perp harassment.
                #2  Prayer in Tennessee.
10-02-04   Southerner talks of moving close to other victims.
10-01-04   Canadian activist discussed project.
09-30-04   Ohio survivor says hello and recomends book.
09-29-04   West Coast survivor tells of perp harassment.
09-28-04   Yankee called looking to connect with other victims.
09-27-04   Victim says tee shirt fits fine.
09-26-04   Mike is now in a psi ward 716-563-0759 to talk to him. Buffalo NY.
09-25-04   #1  North West Texan tells of perp stalking and harassment.
                #2  North East Texan looking to connect with other victims.
09-24-04   #1  North Texas caller reports lates perp prank
                #2  Houstonian wants to move to the Austin area.
09-22-04   #1  Northern state survivor asking about Oct 9 meeting.
                #2  North Texas caller reports decrease in perp activity.
09-21-04   Southwestern caller describes perp stalking and harassment.
09-20-04   East Coast victim says perps stole legal documents.
09-19-04   Northern state victim trying to call Liza.
09-17-04   #1 East Coast victim pleased with tee shirt.
                #2 Florida victim complains about latest perp harassment.
09-15-04   Central Texas caller reports heave street theater.
09-14-04   North Texas caller says perps are installing new electronic voting
                 machines in some of the small towns up there.
09-13-04   Houston victim reports street theater, black listing.
09-11-04   Texan tries out method of recording voices.
09-10-04   North Texan describes perp harassment.
09-08-04   #1  Mike Mason from New York says hello.  His computer is broken.
               #2  Canadian victim reports gang stalking.
09-07-04   #1  Tennessee target looking for support group.
                #2  North Texas caller reports electrical aberrations.
09-06-04   We received email from victim asking for confirmation.
09-05-04   Canadian activist says public becomming aware of gang stalking.
09-03-04   North Texas caller reports latest perp stunts.
09-02-04   #1  East Coast caller says reliable medical care impossible to find.
                Shoe store sold victim modified sneakers with no left side support.
                #2  East coast victim reports street theater.
09-01-04   North Texas caller reports progress against perps.
08-31-04   Talked to Mid Western Activist.
08-30-04   #1  West Coast caller says thanks for the web site.
                #2  East Coast victim looking to stop harassment.
                #3  Southwest caller reports terrorist break in and theft.
                #4  West Coast victim heard congressman Hassert is
                      interested in finding out more about harassment.
                #5  Third coast activist pursuing legal avenue.
08-29-04   Northern state caller starting new business.
08-28-04   Texan says perps stole Hydrocodone again.
08-27-04   West Coast victim delighted with Tee shirt.
08-26-04  #1   Oregon victim says "weed and seed" program under
                       Homeland Security is harassing innocent individuals.
                #2   North Texas caller digs deeper into perp methods.
08-25-04   #1   Savvy Texas woman discusses methods to harass perps.
                #2   New York activist discussed upcomming meeting.
                #3   Texan discusses discernment issues.
08-23-04   #1   Ohio activist reports progress at legislature.
                #2   West coast victim reports defamation of character.
08-20-04   Houstonian reports perp harassment.
08-19-04   #1  East coast victim looking to contact others in area.
                #2  West coast victim tells of perp horrors.
08-18-04   #1  Victim looking for information on multistalking.
                #2   East coast victim unable to find honest mechanic.
08-17-04   #1  Victim reports on medical condition.
                #2  Activist suggests we get Michael Moore to make a movie
                      about multi stalking.
08-16-04   Victim says parents think psychoactive drugs are in order.
08-15-04   #1  West Coast caller looking for ELF meter.
                #2  Pat Mogey checks in with news.
08-13-04   New Yorker laments the lack of legal action and shielding available
                to victims.
08-11-04   #1  East coast victim still looking for Doctor.
                #2  East Coast victim looking for other victims.
                #3  Survivor reports Ramona's son still in jail.
08-10-04   West coast victim looking to connect with others.
08-08-04   East coast victim asking about Houston Rally.
08-07-04   East Coast activist looking for info on Sept. 4 th.
08-06-04   #1  Discussed September event with Canadian.
               #2  Brief conference call with old TI's
                #3  West Coast victim reports slander campaign.
08-05-04   #1  Gulf coast caller says compressor was locked up.
                #2  East coast activist discussed Houston rally.
                #3  Mid state caller says perps into satanic activities.
               #4  John Doe from St. Catherines, Ontario reports gang stalking.
                #5  Gulf coast activist calling to get info on Houston Rally.
                #6  West coast victim interested in rally.
08-04-04   Houstonian complains about broken air conditioner.
08-03-04   No one available to take calls.
08-02-04    "    "        "        "    "      "
08-01-04    "     "        "        "    "      "
07-31-04   No one available to take calls.
07-30-04    "     "        "        "    "      "
07-28-04   International caller discussed rally.
07-27-04   Gulf coast caller asking about rally.
07-26-04   #1   Dallas victim discusses upcoming rally.
                #2   Houston victim talks of rally on July 30.
07-25-04   East coast caller tells of perp stalking and harassment.
07-24-04   #1   Victim finds family pet bludgeoned to death on returning home.
                #2   Victim looking for ways to explain targeting to family.
07-21-04   Houstonian outraged at latest perp shenanigans.
07-20-04   #1   West coast victim reports perp harassment, looking for
                       information to ease stalking problem.
                #2   East coast victim reports perps follow and harass continually.
                #3   Gulf coast victim reports more perp horrors.
07-18-04   #1   Northern state caller tells of harassment at training school.
                #2   West coast caller says perps harass children.
07-17-04   Northern state caller inquires about cameras.
07-16-04   #1   Third coast victim reports continued perp harassment.
                #2   East coast caller reports perp double speak.
                #3   New Yorker offering help with project.
                #4   Eastern state caller inquiring about project.
                #5   Mid state caller says David Lawson does not answer phone.
07-14-04   #1   International activist discussed Houston rally.
                #2   Up state caller says perps manipulate son.
                #3   West coast victim tells of perp stalking.
07-13-04   #1   East coast victim says mechanic messed up car.
                #2   Northern state caller says perp stalking children.
07-12-04   Houstonian describes perp torment.
07-11-04   No one available to take calls.
                 "     "         "       "    "      "
                 "     "         "       "    "      "
07-02-04   No one available to take calls.
07-01-04   #1   Idaho survivor describes perp harassment.
                #2   Gulf coast caller says thank you, shares interesting thoughts.
06-30-04   #1   Book author discussed perp harassment.
                #2   Victim feels uneasy about upcoming rally.
                #3   Survivor researched hypnosis and says subroutines are put
                       into the brain while the target is asleep.
06-29-04   #1   East coast survivor looking for lawyer.
                #2   Third coast victim reports police horrors.
06-28-04   #1   Survivor says experimental anti-eharassment tool quit working.
                #2   Victim complains perps continually cause car wrecks.
                #3   Victim trying to get in touch with Cheryl.
06-27-04   Northern state caller still trying to grasp the reality of the
                global network of crooks.
06-24-04   #1   East coast caller attending support group meetings.
                #2   Houstonian says perps framed children.
                #3   Canadian says perps stepped up activities.
06-21-04   #1   East coast survivor calling to confirm snail mail.
               #2   Gulf coast victim says perps continually trash residence.
06-20-04   Away from phone.
06-19-04   Away from phone.
06-18-04   Away from phone.
06-17-04   #1   Houstonian still ill but excited about rally.
                #2   Physicist has explains his theories.
                #3   Third Coast activist helping plan July 30 rally.
06-16-04   #1   East coast caller looking for info on talk show.
                #2   West coast survivor reports perps stole documents.
                #3   Gulf coast victim still ill from pneumonia.
06-14-04   #1   Survivor planning trip to Houston July 30.
                #2   Physicist says electrons are responsible for damage
                       done to victims.
                #3    Activist reports phone and mail tampering.
06-13-04   #1   Survivor reports ongoing battle with perps.
                #2   Gulf Coast victim very ill from pneumonia.
                #3   Victim says some victims of priest abuse are targeted.
                #4   Discussed upcoming convention w/victim.
06-12-04   #1   Andrew Suda says IRS claims he owes them $5,000.
                #2   Houstonian says perps gave her the perp flu.
06-10-04   #1   East coast victim looking for land in Texas.
                #2   Gulf coast victim consulting with a lawyer.
                #3   Houstonian discusses July 30 march.
                #4   Mid state caller passes along information.
06-09-04   #1   East coast activist is telling support groups about harassment.
                #2   Northern state activist starting support group, put ad in paper.
                #3   Discussed book with Canadian.
                #4   New Yorker describes horrors of perp harassment.
                #5   West Coast Caller says minister interested in MC.
06-08-04   #1   East Coast Victim says police follow her all the time.
                #2   Central state caller says perps stole everything from him.
06-07-04   #1   Central Texas caller describes countermeasures.
                #2   East coast caller attending support group.
                #3   Gulf coast victim delighted with Tee Shirt.
06-05-04   #1   Gulf coast activist tells of upcoming July protest.
               #2   East coast victim tells of conflicting medical reports.
                #3   North American caller describes aggressive perp harassment
                       and destruction of business.
                #4   Northern state caller tells of continual vandalism and stalking.
                       Ordered a T-shirt.
06-04-04   Talked to international activist.
06-03-04   #1   Caller discussed Chi Gen project.
                #2   Gulf coast victim describes perp harassment.
06-02-04   International activist discussed flyers.
05-30-04    #1   Gulf coast activist reports perps harass children.
                 #2   Houston victim reports continual theft and vandalism.
05-29-04    #1   West coast activist reports extensive perp harassment of self
                         and children.
                 #2   Gulf coast victim reports continued perp harassment.
                 #3   Traveler arrived safe and sound at destination.
05-28-04    East coast victim requests name and phone number to be deleted
                  from the callog.  It is done!
05-25-04    International survivor reports increased harassment.
05-24-04   #1  Local victim says garage wants $500 for inspection sticker
                     even though the truck is in good shape.
                #2   Victim says phone company overcharged by $900.00
05-23-04   Whistleblower says perps harassing children.
05-22-04   #1   Reports from a fellow victim about CJ.  He is now broke and
                       without a telephone.
                #2   Victim says perps are recruited from fraternities.
05-21-04   A "thank you for the website" from a victim.
05-20-04   Victim inquiring about support group kit.
05-19-04   Jesus Mendoza Maldonado discussed perp activities.
05-18-04   #1   Gulf coast caller preparing to move.
                #2   New Yorker describes hi-tech implant detection.
                #3   Floridian describes perp attacks.
05-17-04   East coast caller looking for visitor.
05-16-04   Mid state victim says perps cause constant problems.
05-14-04   #1  Texan complains of perp induced pests.
                #2  Northern state caller under constant Vigilante harassment.
                #3  Tennessee caller says perps threatened to murder him.
                #4  Discussed book with survivor.
05-13-04   Victim says perp doctor has committed malpractice.
05-12-04   West coast caller looking for other targeted individuals.
05-11-04   #1  Victim looking for honest lawyer.
                #2  Victim still searching for place to live.
                #3  East coast caller leaving for Gulf Coast.
                #4  Native Ohioan looking for land to buy in Florida.
05-09-04   #1  East coast survivor planning trip.
                #2  West Texas caller looking to move.
05-08-04   #1  Texas victim reports increase in perp activity.
                #2  East  coast caller looking for medical records.
                #3  Northern state caller reports perps interfere with phone calls.
05-07-04   #1  Caller looking to interface with other victims.
               #2  Victim says no radio station will carry the news of this problem.
05-06-04   #1  Gulf coast victim says perps enter home during absence.
                #2   East coast caller planning trip.
                #3   Discussed radio show with covert war survivor.
05-04-04   Caller says thank you for this web site and others.
05-03-04   #1 Texas musician says websites are right on!
                #2  East coast caller says perps blinded other driver to cause a wreck.
                #3  Northern state caller reports satanic perps causing trouble.
05-02-04   Texan says perps going after grand children.
05-01-04   East coast survivor reports a Canadian vacation which was similar
                to our experience in 2001.
04-30-04   Victim looking for answers.
04-29-04   #1  Survivor says cell phone company overcharged for services.
                #2  Talked to international activist about upcoming radio show.
04-28-04   Gulf coast caller reports perp harassment.
04-27-04   Texas Gulf Coast Survivor enumerates coping methods.
04-25-04   #1  Northern State survivor dictates email to Raven1.
                #2  East coast target planning to meet with other victim.
04-24-04   Perps making phone calls imitating victim's voice.
04-23-04   Victim still looking for place to live.
04-22-04   International caller discussed new strategy.
04-21-04   Survivor still looking for place to live.
04-18-04   #1  Victim looking for alternative medical treatment.
                #2  Survivor starting new business.
               #3  Caller just wants to live and let live.  Says message is too scary.
04-15-04   #1  Victim still looking to rent an apartment.
                #2   West coast victim reports corruption of authorities.
                #3   Northern state target interested in starting a support group.
04-14-04   East coast victim still looking for uncompromised doctor.
04-12-04   Victim says perps recruiting minority youth through special program.
04-11-04   #1 Texan tells of harrowing trip to the east coast.
                #2 Victim says police do not believe story of perp harassment.
04-10-04   Targeted individual still can find no apartment for rent.
04-09-04   International caller discussed successful radio interview.
04-08-04   Discussed upcoming radio interview with Canadian.
04-07-04   Terrified victim tells of evil of constant perp harassment.
04-06-04   Survivor discussed radio show.
04-05-04   #1  East coast caller says perps trying to imply mental illness
                      during interview about physical pain.
                #2  Caller discussed Chi project possibilities.
                #3  Mid state caller tells of satanic cult operating in hometown.
04-03-04   Caller reports on Chi devices.
04-02-04   Canadian recommends the book "Terrorist Stalking in America"
04-01-04   Conference call with Kentucky support group.
03-31-04   #1  International caller discussed support group.
                #2  Northern state caller reports police refuse to arrest wrong doers.
03-30-04   #1 Caller looking for non-perp doctor.
                #2 East coast caller says candle flame increases in size when
                     contacting ionized air caused by perp weapons.
03-29-04   East Coast victim forming support group.
03-28-04   Perps increase pain for victim.
03-27-04   Conference call with other victims proved uplifting.
03-26-04   #1  Victim still looking to get health care for foot problem.
                #2  Floridian complains of perp harassment.
                #3  East coast victim in extreme pain from perp harassment.
03-25-04   Victim reports escalation of harassment.
03-24-04   International caller discusses radio interview.
03-22-04   Targeted individual reports Boyd Graves has lost everything due
                 to illegal eviction.
03-21-04   Victim reports mail has been sent to us.
03-20-04   C.J. in Kentucky wants to start a support group 502-797-1943.
03-19-04   #1  Targeted individual finally was able to find a lawyer.
                #2  Victim has been a target since childhood.
03-18-04   Caller reports phone problems when trying to call lawyer.
03-17-04   #1  Out of state caller having trouble finding honest medical care.
                #2  Mid state caller complains all apartment managers refuse
                      to rent to him.
                #3  Texan complains of ongoing theft of meds.
03-16-04   Discussed new web site with international caller.
03-15-04   East coast caller gives report on support group meeting.
03-13-04   Targeted individuals reports perps tried to convince them that
                 God is using street theater to "send them a message."
03-12-04   Heartland target forming support group.
03-11-04   International activist discussed future plans.
03-10-04   Survivor looking to form support group and NPO.
03-09-04   East coast caller having computer problems.
03-08-04   Texas victim tired of perp interference.
03-07-04   Out of state caller inquiring about web site.
03-06-04   Texas victim reports increased perp harassment.
03-05-04   #1  Out of state caller starting support group.
                #2  East coast caller has lots of computer problems.
03-04-04   East coast caller looking to start support/activist group.
03-03-04   #1  Victim says perps follow him around telling lies.
               #2  Brendan looking for contacts in New York.
03-02-04   Texas victim worries over children and spouse.
03-01-04   International caller has new activist ideas.
02-09-04   Gulf Coast caller complains of perp harassment.
02-28-04   Texas caller says spouse is becoming hostile.
02-27-04   Caller says street theater on the increase.
02-26-04   Mid state caller makes contact after months of silence.
02-25-04   Houston victim says perps do continual street theater.
02-24-04   Local victim reports vandalism of residence during shopping trip.
02-23-04   Out of stated caller says perps black balled him.
02-22-04   #1  Colorado victim planning legal action.
                #2  Savvy victim reports perps doing Satanic rituals.
                #3  Houston victim says perps planned accident and perps attempted
                     to coerce them to leave the scene.
02-21-04   Victim reports perp pressure to plea bargain to false charges.
02-20-04   International activist starting new magazine to expose MC.
02-19-04   Texas victim terrified of upcoming surgery, has been harassed
                  during previous hospital visit.
02-18-04   Discussed upcoming book with international survivor.
02-17-04   Gulf port caller sick and tired of thefts, stalking, and harassment.
02-16-04   #1 Colorado victim says she is being pressured to join the perps.
                 #2 Mid state caller says perps have defamed character with lies.
                 #3 Northern activists forming a support group for multi stalker victims.
02-14-04   Texan says perps even did harassment while in the hospital.
02-11-04   Mid state caller says perps prevent employment.
02-09-04   #1 East coast victim looking for reason for perp torture.
                #2 Gulf coast target says hello.
02-07-04   Texan says perps trashed residence during absence.
02-05-04   North Central state caller says perps threatened to hurt his family
                unless he joined their group!
02-04-04   #1  Out of town caller says grandson is target of harassment.
                #2  Fred says hello Duluth.
02-03-04   Out of town caller says perp harassment increased.
02-02-04   Out of state victim says police not interested in finding crooks.
01-29-04   International survivor working to expose perps.
01-26-04   Caller says perps follow in groups with cell phones.
01-25-04   Texas caller says ex boyfriend has hired thugs to stalk her.
01-25-04   Texas caller says ex boyfriend has hired thugs to stalk her.
01-24-04   International caller discussed new web page.
01-23-04   Out of state caller gives words of encouragement
01-22-04   #1 Third coast caller says perps stole heater from apartment.
                #2 Out of town caller grateful to be alive after surgery.
01-21-04   Andrew Suda, of California reports email tampering.  In addition
                 the IRS audit continues.
01-20-04   Gulf coast caller packing and having a garage sale.
01-19-04   #1 International caller discussed upcoming radio shows.
                #2 Interstate caller says "entourage" follows him everywhere.
01-18-04   Victim says ex boyfriend is paying gangs to harass her.
01-17-04   Texas victim terrified of upcoming surgery.
01-16-04   Victim moving from apartment, tired of harassment.
01-15-04   Caller making plans to move.
01-14-04   East coast victim says perps escalated harassment.
01-13-04   Gulf coast caller preparing to move.
01-09-04   Talked to third coast survivor.
01-08-04   Texas victim still trying to get residence ready for sale.
01-07-04   Talked to international survivor.
01-06-04   Gulf coast caller says perps sabotaged heater.
01-05-04   Texas victim says perp activities have escalated.
01-04-04   #1  Texas caller discussed funding for book.
                #2  International caller lends support to book.
                #3  Texas victim recounts horrors of husband's rage.
01-03-04   Discussed upcoming experiment with international survivor.
01-02-04   Texas victim says perp neighbors stole clothing from residence.
01-01-04   #1  Talked to survivor in Canada.
                 #2 Texas victim laments police inaction.


12-31-03   Texas caller says perps messed up Christmas.
12-30-03   East coast caller says God is in control in spite of perps.
12-29-03   Gulf coast caller still has no heater in apartment.
                West coast victim contemplates move.
12-28-03   West coast caller talked for 3 min, then was disconnected.
12-27-03   Texas victim still trying to get house ready for sale.
12-26-03   Talked to international survivor.  Merry Christmas.
12-24-03   Gulf coast caller says Merry Christmas to all.
                Talked to international caller about 2004 strategy
12-22-03   International caller says perps stepped up street theater.
12-21-03   Texas caller says perps programmed spouse.
12-20-03   Andrew Suda reports the IRS has demanded a personal meeting
                 with him even though his CPA has power of attorney to handle
                 the audit.  The meeting was canceled at the last moment by the
                 IRS agent who came down with Chicken Pox.
12-18-03   Out of state caller reports harassment started over a manuscript.
12-16-03   Gulf coast caller says landlord is nowhere to be found when
                repairs are needed.
12-14-03   California caller says perps intrude, invade, exploit private life.
12-13-03   Gulf coast caller says holes in floor let cold air into apartment.
12-12-03   International caller says perps stepped up street theater.
12-10-03   Texas caller reports bizarre perp activities.
12-09-03   Gulf coast caller says perps messed up scholarship award.
12-07-03   International caller tells of Dec 9 Power Hour radio show.
12-06-03   Talked to out of state victim about upcoming experiment.
12-05-03   Out of state caller says ex-boyfriend who worked for the CIA,
                  put her on the harassment list.
12-04-03   Local Targeted Individual reports being "swarmed"
                  in the retail establishments consistently.
12-03-03   Victim says perp lies caused police to raid home.
12-02-03   Out of state caller says harassment started after manuscript
                  was written.
12-01-03   Local victim says perp theft occurred during absence.
11-30-03    Texas caller says ex boyfriend has hired thugs to stalk her.
11-29-03    #1 West coast caller IRS audit has taken a strange turn.
                  #2 Texas victim says perps harass spouse as well.
11-26-03   Victim says perps continually stalk and harass.
11-25-03   #1 Caller from Finland says this web site and the
                   describes perfectly the perp torture used to harass looking
                   for Dr. Kilde's books written in english
                   #2 West coast caller has new roommate.
                   #3 Texas caller complains of perp theft of household articles.
                   #4 International caller complains of perp flu and mail fraud.
11-23-03    East coast caller endures sadistic perp torture.
11-22-03    Texas caller says perps vandalize residence and vehicle.
11-21-03    #1 Third Coast Victim has been labeled a "nut case" by police.
                   #2 East coast victim just called to say hello.
11-20-03    Texas victim complains of perp electronic torture.
11-18-03    Houston victim says perps trashed residence during
                   short trip to town.
11-17-03    Victim says husband is also harassed by perps.
11-14-03    Texas caller says perps vandalize residence.
11-12-03    Target seeking information on perp harassment.
11-10-03    Out of state caller tells of perp torture.
11-09-03    There may be a delay in the update of this page.  The perps
                  have hacked our computer and phone line so that we no
                  longer have dial up service.  This started 11-05-03.
                  #1 Out of state caller attempted to send another fax to our
                 office.  The fax machine will no longer even turn on.
                  #2 Texas victim targeted since trip to Cincinnati, Ohio.
11-08-03    #1 A call to acknowledge the receipt of a contribution from
                   one of our callers.
                  #2 International caller offers moral support on the continual
                  hacking of our office computer.
                 #3 Out of state caller attempted to send a fax to our office.  It
                 did not go through.
                 #4 Texas caller offered some technical advise on our
11-05-03 - 11-07-03   We have not been available to answer the phone.
                 We have taken our computer from nerd to nerd who did fix
                  it, only to have it
                 go bad soon after we returned to the office.  Thus, we are
                 unable to update the site from our office.  Keep this in mind
                 when looking for your call to be logged.
11-03-03    Texan says husband has been programmed to extreme fits of
11-01-03   International caller asked about bounced email.
10-30-03    Texan says perps caused near death hemorrhage.
                   East coast victim discussed experiments.
10-28-03    Texas victim says family continually angry due to perp
10-27-03    #1. Caller from Norway says perp harassment started after
                   death of spouse.
                   #2.  Canadian ritual abuse victim called and was cut off.
                   We thought that phone had been fixed. Please call back.  We
                   are now using a different phone on that line.
10-26-03    International caller discussed Terry Schiavo's case.
10-24-03    Gulf Coast caller says perps have complete control over
                  their phone
10-21-03    Houston victim looking to contact other texas victims.
                   Interested Victims Call 281-484-1950
10-19-03    Texas caller says perps torturing grandson with DEW.
10-18-03   Texas TI disgusted with police inaction.
10-16-03    Survivor reports unexplained physical effects.
10-12-03   #1Gulf coast caller says spouse is perp influenced.
                  #2Andrew Suda (west coast) reports that the IRS has
                   served notice of a random audit!  He will keep us posted on
                   how this turns out.  Search on Andrew Suda for the history
                   of this targeted individual's saga of abuse.
10-10-03   Out of town victim says perps call the victim imitating the
                  victim's voice, claiming to be the victim, telling wild stories
                  so that the victim will worry over who else they are calling
                  and what all they are saying.
10-08-03    Gulf coast survivor reports grandson tortured by perps.
                    East coast victim says perps influenced family to conspire
                   with FBI to commit said victim to psychiatric hospital.  It
                   was illegal and the victim was released.
10-06-03    Out of state caller suspects perps are responsible for bullying
                   grand kids at school.
10-01-03   Victim reports perps have painted and so vandalized the
                  residence that it is nearly worthless.
                   East coast target says perps stole $5,000 cash.
09-29-03   International caller discussed upcoming radio show and
                  new ideas for future experiments.
09-28-03   Caller made contact but we were unable to hear, due to bad
                  connection.  They were unable to dial in again.
09-27-03   Texan reports grand children are being terrorized by perps.
09-26-03   Victim says perps continually sabotage phone.
09-22-03   Targeted individual reports perps continually trash home.
09-19-03   Wife reports ex-husband has hired perps to harass her.
09-17-03   Survivors report plans to do sound bites on perp harassment.
09-16-03   Victims report ongoing perp harassment on radio show.
09-15-03   Woman reports ex-boyfriend is using the same perp terrorist
09-09-03   East coast target reports sadistic torture.
09-10-03   Out of state caller reports bizarre perp torture.
09-07-03   Victim complains of insomnia, perp torture and vandalism.
                  Survivor says tech phone number indicates perp phone tap
                  installed on phone at residence.  Also reports perps are able
                  to be at his/her destination before he/she arrives.
09-06-03   Victim reports ex-husband stalking her and threatening to
                  abduct her two children.
09-03-03   Victim reports perp torture while on vacation out of state.
09-01-03   Perps interfering with sale of residence.
08-26-03   Victim says perp harassment started in 2002.
08-23-03   Texas caller says perps vandalizing residence.
08-22-03   Gulf coast caller says trip to New Orleans provided no
                 relief from perp torture, theft, and harassment.
08-21-03   Out of town victim says police will not listen to complaints.
                 East coast caller discussed perp activities.
08-16-03   Victim complains of terrorist break ins and harassment.
from  07-21-03   to    08-16-03   Staff has been on vacation or attending
                   to those dear to them who were ill.
07-20-03   North Texas Caller being set up and framed by perps.
07-18-03   Continual terrorist vandalism prevents victim from
                  selling residence.
07-16-03   Texas victim looking to cohabit with other victims.
                  Local victim complains of terrorist break in of residence.
07-15-03   Mid state caller complains of continual perp harassment.
07-14-03   Out of town victim complains of perp wiretaps.
07-13-03   Targeted individual reports inside of vehicle was trashed by
07-11-03   Texans say perps are terrorizing their children.
07-08-03   Victim complains of perp torture by DEW.
07-07-03   West coast caller closely following the Boyd Graves lawsuit.
07-04-03   Out of town victim reports pressure from relatives to deny
                  perp harassment.
07-03-03   Texas caller complains police reluctant to report perp theft.
06-29-03   Out of town survivor is making progress in dealing with
06-25-03   West coast caller finds work...finally!
06-22-03   Texas Caller struggles to clean residence while perps
                  continually trash it during absence.
06-21-03   Andrew Suda says he is doing better now and wonders if
                  posting his name and story on this page helped.
                  (see posting 02-08-03)
06-20-03   Texas caller says perps are continually stealing from residence.
06-15-03   ***Please Note***  Please resend email for the month of
                 Your email may not have reached us  due to a crash and the
                 loss of a backup disk.
06-11-03   Out of office until 06-13-03.
06-10-03   Targeted Texan exasperated with terrorist break ins.
06-09-03   West coast caller looking for information on convention.
                 Out of town caller says priest exorcist at residence
                  was unsuccessful.
06-07-03   West coast caller called in, we lost the call, and discovered we
                  lost the caller's new address and phone number as well.  Call
                  back, we want to hear from you.
06-05-03   Distraught out of town caller says perps have intensified
                  their harassment.
06-03-03   Texan says perps stole pain meds.
06-02-03   West coast caller reports change of address and phone.
06-01-03   West coast caller reports perp blockage of business calls.
05-29-03   Texas victim complains of cover-up in emergency room.
                  Discussed ongoing experiments with international caller.
05-28-03   Out of town victim says perps harassing spouse.
05-27-03   Victim says perps vandalized vehicle.
05-26-03   West coast caller says conference went well.
                 Texas victim says perps stole documents from home.
05-25-03   Caller complains of perps harassing children.
05-24-03   Texas caller says perps exchanged meds for placebos.
05-23-03   Out of town victim says perps trashed home during absence.
05-22-03   Victim complains of perp torture.
05-20-03   Texas caller complains of terrorist break-ins.
05-19-03   West coast victim discussed Conspiracy Com
05-17-03   Victim says police refuse to report theft and vandalism.
05-16-03   Out of town victim reports more harassment horrors
                  committed by perps.
05-14-03   Victim reports neighbors taunting and wearing clothes stolen
                  from residence.
05-13-14   Out of town TI reports repeated terrorist break ins.
05-12-03   Texas victim reports finding black smoke in home after
05-09-03   Victim says perp theft and vandalism leaving family broke.
05-08-03   Out of town victim complains of terrorist break-in.
05-06-03   West coast caller has been targeted since 1989.
                 Texas victim being hospitalized for bleeding and intense pain.
05-05-03   Out of town victim looking to send papers to CHARA.
05-04-03   Victim is suffering from perp torture.
05-03-03   Out of town caller described trashing of home.
05-02-03   Talked to international caller about intensified street theater.
04-27-03   West coast caller says perps planning the demise of entire
04-06-03   Out of state caller planning a move.
04-25-03   Victim found blanket of black soot in residence on return
                  from grocery store.
04-24-03   Out of town victim says perps erased health insurance from
04-23-03   Victim reports electronic harassment at residence.
04-21-03   Out of state caller says perps vandalized shielding device.
04-19-03   Out of town victim filing for bankruptcy due to perp identity
04-16-03   Mid-state caller complains of police indifference.
04-15-03   Out of town victim says perps threatened to terminate her.
04-13-03   Out of town survivor says perps prevent employment.
04-09-03   Texas caller discussed the April 12 seminar in Tyler.
04-08-03   Out of town caller complains of sadistic perp harassment.
04-06-03   East coast caller discussed history of harassment.
                Mid state caller has questions about electronic jamming device.
04-04-03   Texas caller looking to connect with Austin victims.
04-03-03   Out of town caller says perps vandalized home.
04-02-03   Out of town victim reports horror of perp harassment.
04-01-03   Victim reports anti-mind control device sent to us for
03-31-03   Out of state caller looking for victims to form a community.
03-25-03   Texas caller complains of terrorist break-ins while absent
                 from residence.
03-23-03   Southwest caller says perps target family and animals.
                 Could not get full story due to perp phone calls.  Hope the
                 caller will .... Do not despair!  Keep trying the perps are
                 blocking your call, they do not want you to talk to us! You
                 may have to resort to a pay phone or any other phone other
                 than your home phone.
                 Some of us will be at the David Icke Seminar in Tyler, TX on
                 April 12.  If you can  get there, put CovertWarSurvivor on
                 your name tag.  If not, pray
                Wisconsin caller complains of harassment and police apathy.
03-22-03   Local victim says perps stole photos from home.
03-21-03   Local victim reports repeated vandalism of home.
03-19-03   Local victim reports intense street theater at Post Office.
03-18-03   Out of town victim reports continual embezzlement.
03-17-03   Out of town caller is sending a gizmo for evaluation.
03-14-03   Out of town victim says perps trashed out home during
03-12-03   Out of state caller says phone calls from clients are blocked.
03-08-03   West coast caller struggling to keep business solvent.
                  Out of town victim reports theft of pain meds.
03-07-03   Out of town caller says perps vandalized plumbing.
03-06-03   Local caller reports vehicle is vandalized at night.
                  Out of town caller discovers Alex Jones show.
03-05-03   Out of town caller says spouse distraught over targeting.
03-04-03   Extensive conversation with out of town caller about fellow
03-02-03   Out of town caller getting home ready to sell.
02-27-03   West coast caller says perps block phone calls from business
                  clients.  East coast victim tells of intense pain and overall
                  swelling of body.  Texas caller tells of vandalism, theft, and
                 numerous terrorist break ins.
02-26-03   Out of town caller tells of spouse's bizarre behavior.
                 International caller tells of targeted well to do lady.
02-25-03   Out of town caller says blood found in spouses bed after a
                  strange fit of anger.
02-24-03   Out of state victim discusses satanic rituals used in mind
                  Out of town caller filing for bankruptcy.
02-22-03   Out of state victim tells of scheduled lectures.
02-21-03   Talked to International survivor about victim community.
                 International caller says he is being persecuted for
                 whistle blowing.
02-18-03   International caller reports extreme street theater.
02-16-03   International caller reports continued harassment in Canada.
                 Out of state caller says he and his mom found the web site
                  and it is all true.
02-15-03   Out of town victim reports new phone line installed.  During
                  this installation, evidence of line tampering was found.
02-14-03   International caller is a target of extreme life-threatening
                   electronic weapons.
02-13-03   Targeted individual insists on police report of vandalism.
02-11-03   Local victim complains of terrorist break ins.
02-08-03   Andrew Suda, a paint contractor from San Diego, reports
                  the perps are ruining his business by blocking calls to and
                  from his customers.  Perp mechanics also trashed his car,
                  making it worthless.
02-07-03   International caller discussed harassment history and intense
02-06-03   Local victim reports terrorist break-ins and police apathy.
02-01-03   Out of town caller says the perps painted the outside of the
                  house while absent.   Attempts to report theft and vandalism
                 to police resulted in further harassment.
01-31-03   West coast victim helping out of state victim.
01-28-03   Out of town caller reports theft of bank statements and bills.
01-26-03   Talked to out of state caller about plans for upcoming
01-25-03   Out of town victim reports perps trash the house during a trip
                 to the Grocery Store.
01-24-03   Mid state caller looking for other victims.
01-22-03   Out of town caller says is down.
01-19-03   West coast caller discussed upcoming lecture.
01-17-03   International survivor complains of sabotage and theft.
01-16-03   Discussed new experiments with international survivor.
01-11-03   Victim reports perp tampering with security system.
01-10-03   Upstate victim reports perp stalking.
01-06-03   Out of state victim looking for answers to husband's strange
01-05-03   International victim waiting for other shoe to drop.
01-04-03   West coast victim planning future lectures.
01-02-03   Talked to international victim about perp activities.

12-31-02   Victim complains perp theft of phone card minutes.
12-28-02   Out of town caller complains of hearing perps on phone.
12-27-02   Up state caller inquiring about meters.
12-23-02   West coast caller reports perps block phone calls.
12-21-02   Caller reports impersonation and ID theft.
12-18-02   Victim says perps have drained all resources.
12-16-02   Texas victim looking for Houston victims.
12-15-02   Northern state caller looking to move to Florida.
12-13-02   Mid state survivor reports 13 victims in same county.
12-12-02   Mid state caller says people being pressured to become perps.
12-10-02   Third coast victim struggles to overcome isolation.
12-09-02   West coast survivors learn new ways to help other victims.
12-07-02   Out of town caller still fighting bankruptcy and theft of medication.
12-06-02   West coast caller working with difficult MC victim discussed strategy.
12-03-02...12-05-02  No staff available to answer phone.
12-01-02   Out of town victim asking about MC deprogramming.
11-27-02   Talked to out of town victim who complained of ID theft.
11-24-02   Mid state caller looking to escape harassment.
                Out of town caller says perps interfere with family matters.
                West coast caller exasperated trying to help victim.
11-20-02   Talked to out of town victim on family matters.
11-17-02   Out of town victim reports perps are blocking phone calls.
                Mid-state caller looking for other victims.
11-16-02   Talked with local survivor about convention.
11-15-02   Talked with international survivor about book.
11-13-02   Out of town caller looking for "proof" of MC weapons to file documents in court.
11-11-02   Local survivor reports on perp tactics and counter measures.
11-10-02   West coast survivor reports mind control video tapes available.
11-08-02   Third coast caller looking to connect with other survivors.
11-06-02   Talked to west coast survivor about convention.
11-05-02   Out of town caller complains of repeated terrorist breakins.
11-03-02   Out of town caller reports black smoky residue found through out home.
                 Out of state caller talks of relocating.
11-01-02   Talked to west coast survivor helping other victims.
10-30-02   Talked to local victim about perp harassment.
10-29-02   Out of town caller reports terrorist break in.
10-28-02   Out of town caller looking for help to move to new place.
10-26-02   Out of town victim reports being followed by perps.
10-24-02   West coast survivor coping with family problems.
10-22-02   Talked to out of town victim about street theater.
10-21-02   Talked with west coast survivor about future move.
10-18-02   Talked with international survivor about experiments.
10-14-02   Out of state caller shopping for duplex.
10-11-02   Talked to out of town victim about bugs found in home.
10-09-02   Four hour call from East coast caller detailing theft, vandalism, mugging, and
                electronic harassment.  A history of the Federal Reserve, the constitution, and 
                individual soveignty was also discussed.
10-07-02   Out of town caller reports perps spray paint outside of house during 2hr absence.
10-06-02   Out of state victim reported yesterdays helicopter "buzz" to the FAA.  The 
                response was:
                   "Rules apply to airplanes, not helicopters.  They may fly as low as they want
                     and land wherever they choose."
10-05-02   Out of state victim tells of black and white helicopter almost landing in backyard.
           The chopper was so close, the victim was able to write down the numbers.
10-04-02   Out of town caller tells of stealth buglary while sleeping in home.
10-03-02   Out of state caller looking to move to Florida.
10-02-02   Out of town caller complains of continued thefts.
09-29-02   Out of state victim moved to Ohio.
09-25-02   West coast caller complains of infrasound vibration in home.
                Out of southern state caller looking for other survivor roomates.
09-19-02   Out of town caller dealing with perp induced illness.
09-16-02   Out of town caller says house cleaning is impossible due to repeated perp entry
                 and "trashing" of home.
09-15-02   West coast victim tells of increased harassment when asking for help.
09-13-02   International victim complains of perp street theater.
09-10-02   Discussed expermiment with international caller.
                Out of state caller moving to another state.
09-09-02   Hysterical out of town caller barely able to communicate due to perp harassment.
09-08-02   Out of state caller moving to east coast, followed and harassed by perps.
09-07-02   Out of town caller tells of garage sale and plans to move.
09-06-02   New out of town caller tells of embezzlement of funds from bank and inability of 
                bank investigators to trace money.
09-05-02   Out of town caller tells of terrorist break in of home while she is at grocery store.
09-04-02   Out of town caller looking to move in with another victim.
09-03-02   Out of town caller says investigators could not trace missing funds from bank
                 account. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
08-30-02   Discussed plans with out of town caller.
08-30-02   Out of town caller tells of perp embezzlement of bank account.
08-29-02   Discussed recovery of stolen document with out of state survivor.
                Out of town victim discussed experiments.
08-28-02   Talked to out of town victim about documents stolen documents residence. 
08-26-02   Out of town caller getting ready to move. 
08-23-02   Discussed with international survivor the abnormally high readings of electronic 
                 pollution in victim's home.  Also discussed terrorist break ins and theft of 
                 documents from same victim.
08-18-02   No personnel were available to answer the phone until 08-23-02. 
08-16-02   Discussed experiments with international survivor.
08-14-02   Caller reports various articles stolen from home, including documents.
08-13-02   Discussed experiments with international survivor.
08-08-02   Texas caller tells of perp embezzlement of bank account.
08-05-02   Out of town caller tells of lies and gossip spread by perps to everyone.
08-03-02   Out of town caller says perp injuries may lead to hospitalization.
08-01-02   Out of town caller reports theft of photographs.
07-29-02   Out of town caller reports theft of drivers license and check register.
07-26-02   Talked to international caller about picketing and flyers.
07-25-02   Out of town caller is being hospitalized for perp induced blood in urine.
                Mid west caller moving to escape perp harassment.
07-24-02   Talked to internatioal victim reporting thick haze from chem trails.
07-23-02   East coast caller suffering from perp instigated heart problems.
07-19-02   Out of town caller says perps stole her prescription drugs and bank statements.
07-16-02   Out of town caller reports vandalization of offsprings home.
07-14-02   Out of town caller says perps stole her prescription Vicodin.
07-12-02   Talked to international caller about short wave radio program.
07-10-02   Out of town caller tells of perp theft of bills and cancled checks.
07-05-02   West coast caller finds subliminal messages in some music.  Says the communists, 
                 not the government is to blame for mind control.
07-04-02   Out of town caller says perps framed her son.
07-01-02   Out of town caller reports perp interference with house clean up in preparation
                for sale of the property.
06-30-02   Victim reports perp theft of blood sample from medical lab.
06-29-02   Out of state caller looking for roomate.
06-23-02   Out of state caller reports terrorist breakins.
06-22-02   Out of town caller discussed future move.
06-21-02   Discussed radio talk show with international caller.
06-18-02   Out of town caller reports damage done to grass and flowers by perps.
06-14-02   Out of state caller sends fax telling of perp sting operations and police corruption.
                Out of state caller complains of harassment by police.
                West coast caller tells of perp tampering with food at residence.
06-13-02   Out of town caller tells of perp torture.
06-10-02   Out of town caller complains of perp theft of check register and bank statements.
06-07-02   Out of state caller looking to relocate with other victims.
                Talked to out of state caller about mutual friend having perp problems.
06-03-02 - - - 06-06-02 On site research and consultation with victim.
06-02-02   Out of state caller reports missing time.
                Out of town caller fears for life after repeated terrorist break-ins.
06-01-02   Out of town caller says perps caused a loss of consciousness and subsequent theft of 
                 items from home.
                 Talked to out of state caller about securing home.
05-29-02   Out of state caller talks of getting help for a terrified victim in Texas.
05-27-02   Out of state caller discussed small settlement of victims.
05-22-02   Out of state caller inquiring about the false imprisonment of Tim Donahue. 
05-20-02   Talked to out of town victim who complained of phone tampering.
05-17-02   Out of state caller establishing a small victim community.
05-15-02   Out of town caller tells of repeated theft of bank checks and check register.
                Out of state caller looking to find a roommate.
05-12-02   Out of town caller complains of perp re-routing of phone calls.
05-09-02   Out of town caller tells of perp torture and phone tampering.
                Out of state caller complains police tail them constantly.
05-08-02   West coast caller asking about convention.
               Out of town caller tells of perp theft of checkbook and telephone address book.
                Out of state caller tells of electronic harassment.
05-05-02   Out of state caller looking to contact west coast victims.
05-04-02   Out of town caller tells of mutilation by perps.
                Talked to targeted individual from out of town.  The perps have poisoned the well, 
                killed two cows, and sprayed pesticide on the vegetable garden.
05-03-02   International caller looking to network with other victims.
                Out of state caller looking to connect with victims on the east coast. 
04-30-02   Out of state caller reports progress on new victim settlement.
                 International survivor reports horrendous harassment, voices, isolation.
04-27-02   Out of state caller account of perp instigated incontinence.
                Out of town caller reports pounding on head by perp device.
                Out of state caller  discussed new settlement in heartland. 
04-24-02   Talked with out of state caller about outreach to victims. 
04-20-02 through 04-24-02:
               Out of town victim reports continual terrorist break-ins and  harassment,
                 including continual problem with repair persons and household personnel.
04-18-02   Discussed non-profit organization with out of state victim.
04-15-02   Out of state caller looking for implant removal.
04-13-02   Out of state caller reports perp engineered car wrecks, being struck four times
                 in the past year, plus three incidents of perp vandalism, shattering of car windows 
                 independent of the accidents.
04-12-02   Out of town caller reports perp trespass into home, theft of documents, and
                tampering with clocks, causing work tardiness. 
04-10-02   Late night call from caller reporting burglary.
04-08-02   Out of town caller reports call from hysterical victim threatening suicide.
04-04-02   Out of state caller reports perp interference with e-mail and two web sites are now 
                down with no webmaster available for those web sites.  They are
                and wakeupamerica.
04-02-02   Complaints from victims about electronic weapons being turned on high for April 
                fools day pranks.
03-31-02  Out of state caller tells of perfectly orchestrated spectacular highway mishap set up 
                by perps which miraculously resulted in no fatalities.
03-27-02  Out of state survivor is on the run, sleeping in van to get away from perps.
03-26-02  Out of town victim complains perps next door threatened bogus legal action.
03-24-02  Out of state survivor discussed passing out flyers at their stated capitol.
03-22-02  Out of town caller tells of vandals defacing property.
                Hysterical out of town caller tells of continual theft and unauthorized entry at home 
                and that changing locks only works for one day.
03-21-02  Out of town caller reports invisible perp equipment shows up in pictures taken 
               during attack at home.
03-18-02  Out of state caller tells of silent hypnosis and the NSA.
               Out of town caller discussed pictures taken after being brutalized by perps.
               Out of state caller is organizing a class action lawsuit.
03-15-02  Out of town victim describes perp theft and brutality.
03-14-02  International survivor tells of experiments done over seas.
03-12-02  Out of town caller asks for info on how to foil perp DEW.
03-10-02   Out of state caller tells of continued efforts to establish a survivors colony in 
                Madison, Wisconsin.
03-08-02   Out of state victim tells of sudden deafness in one ear caused by perps.
03-07-02   Out of town caller reports increased perp torture.
03-05-02   Out of town caller tells of perp torture and threats of death.
                Out of state victim tells of continued perp brutalization and call blocking when 
                attempting to call our headquarters.
03-03-02   Out of state caller tells of new community of survivors in Madison, Wisconsin.
                Out of town caller reports perp induced illness, injury, and death threats.
03-02-02   Out of town caller reports taking a picture of demsional portal at their residence.
03-01-02   Out of town caller complains of multiple implants.
02-27-02   Out of town caller tells of brutalization by perps and subsequent hospitalization.
02-22-02   Out of state caller tells of stalking, rape, vandalism, job interference, homelessness.
02-18-02   Out of state caller discussed targeted individuals living together.
                Out of town caller complains of perp implants and chemtrails.
               Out of state caller discussed subliminal programing and PLL chips.
02-16-02   Out of town caller reports perp corruption of church.
02-14-02   Out of town caller tells of perp campaign to cheat victims out of their bank 
               accounts, their home, and even steal documents from their bank deposit box.
02-12-02   Out of town caller reports perps leaving cassette harassment tape in home. 
02-09-02   Out of town caller remarks on battery drainage by perps.
02-07-02   Talked with two out of state survivors.  The Feb 2 convention went very well.
02-05-02   Out of town caller reports abduction from her home.
                Out of state caller has established the beginnings of a survivors community in 
                Madison, Wisconsin.
02-04-02   Unidentified caller asked about satellite surveillance.  GPS can be used on cars.
02-02-02   Out of town caller complained of perp tampering with bank account.
02-01-02   International survivor discussed Feb 2 convention.
01-31-02   Talked to out of state survivor about Feb 2 convention.
01-29-02   Out of town caller discussed experiments.
                Out of state caller explains subliminal messages in rock music.
01-28-02   Out of town caller complains of perp harassment and discussed Feb 2 convention.
01-25-02   Out of town caller tells of remote surgery by perps.
                Out of state caller discussed Feb 2 convention.
01-24-02   Talked to out of state victim about Feb 2 convention.
01-23-02   Talked to international survivor about Feb 2 convention.
01-16-02   Out of town caller just checking to see if we are still here.
01-10-02   Congrats to out of state caller who moved to another state to join a fellow victim.
                Hope all goes well.
01-06-02   It has been reported that Ed Hollman, a TV producer and patriot, is missing and
                 has not been seen or heard from since September.  He resided in Austin, TX.  It is
                rumored that he is a prisoner in a FEMA camp in CANADA.


12-31-01   We have been in and out of the office much of the time for the last two months,
11-01-01   participating in experiments out of state & comparing notes with other victims.
10-28-01   Out of state caller tells of perp attacks and manipulation of appliances.
10-25-01   Out of town caller reports increased physical deterioration due to electronic
                 harassment (directed energy weapons, or DEW).
10-23-01   International caller asking where to go to find information on how to resist taking
                the "mark" of the beast.
                Talked to another international caller about perp re-routing of plumbing.
              Out of state caller looking for other victims.
10-22-01   Gulf Coast caller looking to move out of state.
10-21-01   Out of state caller touts low living expenses in Toledo, Ohio.
10-10-01   Out of town caller reports perps beat on roof with pipe.
10-04-01   Out of town caller reports plot to declare him/her insane.
                Out of town target of DEW reports relief after touching gas jet.
09-30-01   Out of town caller reports telephone blockage and caller i.d. tampering.
                Out of state caller reports harassment while sleeping in car at hotel.
09-29-01   New out of state caller reports local authorities attempt to frame for crime.
09-28-01   International survivor reports interview with journalist.
09-27-01   Out of town caller reports near-wreck caused by blinding light at noon on freeway.
09-26-01   Out of town caller reports spouse is finally home after hospital harassment.
09-25-01   Out of town survivor not able to contact crime scene investigator.
09-24-01   Out of town caller discussed previous target turned perp.
09-23-01   Out of state activist backs down after perp intimidation.
09-20-01   Out of town caller tells of further investigation of crime by law enforcement.
09-18-01   Out of town caller reports grand theft and vandalism at residence.
09-16-01   Out of town caller tells of theft in home.
09-15-01   Out of town caller tells of spousal torture while hospitalized.
09-13-01   International caller discussed WTC bombing.
                Out of town caller tells of perp vandalism and theft.
09-09-01   Out of town caller complained perps use sticky substance to mess up house.
09-08-01   Out of town caller tells of levitation by perps.
09-01-01   Out of town caller reports computer tampering.
                Mid-western caller is leaving the MC@topica list due to perp harassment.
08-29-01   Out of town caller reports latest perp tactics.
                Out of state caller reports brain implant.
08-28-01   Out of town caller discussed web sight.
08-27-01   Mid-western caller says police detective implied insanity.
08-26-01   Mid-western caller says police acknowledge e-harassment.
                New east  coast caller complains her boyfriend turned perp.
08-25-01   Out of town caller reports electronic physical and sexual assault.
08-22-01   New west coast caller discussed perp harassment.
                Discussed electronics with international survivor.
08-21-01   Talked to two east coast survivors this a.m.
                Mid-west caller discussed hotel harassment.
                Out of town caller discussed April 2001 Popular Mechanics article.
               East coast caller discussed turning point this p.m.
08-20-01   East coast caller discussed God as deliverer from the perps Satanic influence.
                Discussed current issues with West coast survivor.
08-19-01   Out of town caller discussed theft by perp-converted "friend".
08-18-01   Out of town caller discussed polaroid photos of harassment.
               Out of state caller complained of harassment by hotel management until the call
                was disconnected three times by the perps.
08-17-01   Conversation with international caller.
08-14-01   New local caller discussed internet security.  This caller sent an e-mail, which we
                have yet to receive, and therefore we are unable to reply.
08-08-01   Conversation with international survivor.
08-07-01   Out of state caller reports intimidation by law enforcement.
08-06-01   Talked to international caller.
                Out of town caller discussed magazine article.
08-04-01   Out of state caller reports fraud with threats to safety and liberty. 
07-31-01   Out of state caller complained of e-mail tampering.
07-30-01   Out of state caller complained of harassment at hotel residence.
07-28-01   Again, repeated hang-up calls.  One of the callers said hello, then it appeared
                the caller was unable to hear our reply and hung up.  When this happens, try
                making the call from a different phone or a pay phone.
07-27-01   Talked to international caller.
                We do not know if the hang-up calls we received today were real Targeted
                Individuals attempting to call us or if perps were giving us special attention.
07-26-01   Out of state caller discussed bug detection.
07-24-01   Talked to international target on new book.
07-23-01   Out of state caller complained of e-mail blockage.
07-22-01   International caller with information on "citizens on patrol" (COP)
                Out of town caller with bad news about perp attacks on family.
07-21-01   Caller discussed perp identification.
07-20-01   Out of state caller with questions on DEW and bug detection.
07-19-01   Complaints from out of town caller on vehicle vandalism.
07-18-01   New North eastener complained of perp interference.
                East coast Targets called to vent and suggest a coalition to go to congress.
07-16-01   New east coast caller complained of vandalism, DEW, and harassment.
              New caller is in Texas and wants to visit.
07-15-01   International caller on circuits, measurements, and burns on body.
07-14-01   Out of state caller discussed future plans.
07-12-01   Conversation on scalars with international caller.
07-11-01   Out of state caller, looking to move to a town with concentration of survivors.
07-09-01   Conversation with international caller.
                New out of state caller complains of perp interference in personal relationships.
07-07-01   Conversation with international caller.
07-05-01   Out of town caller complained of horrible torture that causes limbs to wither.
07-04-01   Canadian caller on e-field detector.
07-02-01   New southern caller planning Survivor Solidarity movement. 
07-01-01   Canadian caller on bat detector.
06-30-01   Talked to out of state survivor about living arrangements.
06-29-01   Discussed upcomming convention with out of state survivor. 
06-27-01   Advice from international survivor.
                Out of state caller discussed video tapes.
06-26-01   Discussed electronic project with international survivor.
                New out of town caller complained of spying.
06-25-01   Talked to international survivor
06-24-01   Out of town caller on brain frequency.
                Out of state caller inquired about video tapes.
06-16-01   Out of state caller discussed experimental electronic device.
06-15-01   Conversation with New out of state Survivor.
                Old out of state survivor called to report needle marks.
               Conversation with International Survivor.
06-14-01   Houston caller expounded on Perp sado-machostic torture.
                Out of state caller discussed communal living.
06-11-01   Talked with international Survivor.
06-10-01   Out of state caller on Dr. Greer's disclosure project.
06-09-01   Out of state caller to discuss future plans.
06-07-01   Conversation with international survivor.
06-05-01   Local caller to discuss disclosure.
06-03-01   Out of state caller describes Sado-machistic torture by perps.
06-01-01   Conversation with international Survivor
                Lengthy conversation with new out of state caller.
05-28-01   Out of state caller reports she is moving.
05-26-01   Out of state caller.
05-25-01   Talked to international caller.
05-21-01   International call, discussing Dr. Greer Disclosure Project.
05-19-01   Out of state caller discussed project.
05-18-01   Out of town caller.
                Distraught long distance caller.
05-17-01   International caller.
05-13-01   Local caller to discuss rally.
05-12-01   Local caller.
05-11-01   Lengthy conversation with Out of town caller.
05-09-01   Out of town caller.
05-06-01   Out of town caller.
                 Long distance caller.
05-05-01  Conversation with international caller.
                Local caller.
                Out of town caller.
05-04-01  Long distance caller.
05-03-01   New out of town caller.
05-02-01  Local caller.
05-01-01  Local Caller.
04-30-01  Lengthy conversation with long distance caller.
              Local caller.
04-28-01  International caller.
04-27-01  Midwestern Caller.
              Local caller.
04-26-01  Long distance caller.
04-25-01  Local Caller.
                Separate calls from two long distance callers.
04-24-01  Local caller.
04-23-01  International caller.
                Local caller.
               Out of state caller.
04-22-01  Out of state caller.
04-21-01  Out of state caller.
               Local caller.
04-20-01  Two calls from out of state.
04-19-01  Local caller.
04-18-01  Conversation with international caller.
               Out of state caller.
               Houston caller.
04-16-01  Local caller.
               Out of state caller.
04-14-01  Out of state caller.
                International caller.
04-13-01  Lengthy conversation with international caller.
04-12-01  Local caller.
04-10-01  Houston caller checking in.
04-09-01  Local caller.
04-07-01  Out of state caller invited me to visit her.
               Out of state caller called to check in and express disdain for perp activity.
04-05-01  Long distance caller at wits end.
04-02-01  Out of state caller is being horribly tortured in an attempt to convince her
               to give up and become a Perp.
03-31-01  Discussion with local caller about meeting.
03-30-01  Local caller complained of illness.
03-27-01  Planned strategy with international Covert War Survivor.
03-26-01  Lengthy conversation with international survivor.
               Local caller.
03-25-01  Out of town caller.
03-24-01  Local caller.
03-20-01  Lengthy call with out of state survivor.
03-17-01  Out of state caller.
03-16-01  Local caller.
               Out of state caller.
03-13-01  Conversation with local caller
03-11-01  Lengthy conversation with out of state caller.
03-10-01  Out of state traveler called.
03-09-01  International Caller.
03-06-01  Talked to international Target about Radio program.
               Out of state caller seeking DEW information.
03-05-01  Local caller on legislative issue.
03-03-01  Local caller.
03-02-01  Local caller discussed keeping perps out of residence.
03-01-01  Local caller on upcomming events.
02-28-01  International caller.
               Out of state traveler called telling of injuries caused by perps.
02-27-01  Initial contact with out of state caller.
02-26-01  Extensive conversation with local caller.
02-25-01  Local caller.
02-24-01  Initial contact with out of state caller.
02-23-01  Local caller coping with illness.
02-20-01  Out of state caller on exposure of classified weapons.
02-19-01  Local caller on legislative schedule.
02-17-01  Local caller.
02-15-01  Out of town caller on electronic harassment.
02-14-01  Initial contact with long distance caller on reporting harassment.
02-12-01  Local survivor discussed plans to do a live TV series on MC.
02-11-01  Out of state visitor called to discuss lecture.
               Lengthily discussion with local caller.
02-09-01  Local caller discussed plans to lobby the Texas Congress.
02-06-01  Compared notes with local survivor on government harassment.
02-02-01  Local caller discussed plans to attend Art Bell Chat Room locally.
01-31-01  Local caller discussed plan to attend meetings.
01-29-01  Local caller reported on UFO meeting.
01-27-01  Out of state caller, lengthy discussion.
01-26-01  Local caller on local UFO meeting.
01-25-01  Local caller on Video tape production for local TV.
01-23-01  Out of state caller on travel plans.
01-22-01  Out of state caller discussed condition of MC survivors.
               Out of town caller discussed plans to see a doctor.
01-20-01  Local caller on starting local support group.
01-19-01  Out of state caller on video tape shipment.
01-17-01  Out of state caller on journey to DC.
01-16-01  Initial contact with out of state caller looking for traveler on journey to DC.
01-14-01  Texas CWS called.
01-13-01  International CWS called.
01-12-01  Initial contact--A yankee called, displeased with perp harassment.
01-10-01  Initial contact--Talked to survivors in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.
01-09-01  Talked to three survivors today, about perp harassment.
01-08-01  Survivor called to talk about an appointment with a new doctor.
01-05-01  Initial contact with CWS from east coast, discussed perp harassment.
01-04-01  Talked to CWS about interference in testing devices.
01-03-01  Talked to CWS in Texas about research and travel plans.
01-02-01  Talked to a CWS from the west coast.


12-28-00  Initial contact-Out of state person called, discussing perp harassment across 3 states.
12-25-00  Initial contact-Out of state person called early, requesting a silent hypnosis machine.
12-24-00  Talked to an elderly survivor at length, comparing notes.
12-23-00  Out of state person called and we talked at length and compared notes.
12-22-00  Talked to out of state person about upcomming events.
12-21-00  Local person called to ask a few questions about being stalked.
12-20-00  Talked to elderly Texas lady who is being stalked.
12-19-00  Talked to Austinite about harassment.
12-18-00  Talked to middle aged lady who is sick from DEW.
12-17-00  Talked about conference in 2001.
12-16-00  Someone called to complain about harassment.
12-15-00  Talked to Californian about DC.
12-14-00  Initial contact with Texas lady who discussed harassment.
12-12-00  Talked to Austinite about video tapping harassment.
12-11-00  Talked about DEW to Texas lady.
12-10-00  Talked to an elderly Texas lady about harassment.
12-08-00  Talked to 49 year old about putting up a camera.
12-06-00  Talked to an elderly survivor from out of town.
12-04-00  Talked to both local survivors today.
11-29-00  Talked to new local survivor.
11-22-00  Talked to local survivor.
11-20-00  Talked to folks about the convention in California.
11-17-00  Talked to folks about shipment of an electronic device.
11-13-00  Talked to a TV producer about Covert War.
11-09-00  Talked to an elderly lady who is being harassed.  The perps want her!
11-06-00  Discussed an electronic device with a CWS.
11-01-00  Talked to a Survivor on a week long foray to spread the word about CW.
10-31-00  Spoke with a Survivor who is giving lectures on the Covert War.
10-23-00  Consulted with a Survivor about an ongoing technical project.
10-21-00  Talked to a CWS who has been surviving since 1988.
10-18-00  Talked to a CWS who seems to have made some progress in detecting
                ultra-sonic devices used in his dwelling.
10-17-00  Talked to a CWS who was distraught over family involvement.
10-14-00  Talked to a CWS who has been "on the list" for eight years.  The perps
                at times cause the vehicle to stop.
10-14-00  Consulted with CWS on a technical matter.

September- Various calls to and from CWS about "stuff.

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