America's Secret Police

The FBI is not merely restarting COINTELPRO, it is greatly expanding the
program.  And political investigation by the FBI has always meant COVERT
DESTRUCTION.  They are conducting fabricated investigations against the
innocent and using these bogus investigations to discredit people and make
them look nuts. This is the function of Cointelpro and it is what they do
every day to many different people. Investigations are no longer the search
for truth, they are the cover up of evil and crimes and and protect satanic

Any organization working for accountability in Government can be
infiltrated by paranoid government agents determined to maintain the
status quo.  Unfortunately, this does not end with mere surveillance.
Click here to find out how they can make victims lives miserable and
what coping methods are being used.  The cointelpro documents are
available for viewing.

Targets of cointelpro are harassed directly by the FBI or gang stalked by paid
government assets, so that the stalking cannot be traced back to the agency.
Whether you are a target of Cointelpro, corporate harassment, or a wealthy
ex-spouse, the techniques described on this site are used through out the
world because the perps all go to the same school!