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 Your Help Makes a Difference!

Your contributions help make a difference in the fight against the secret war against your constitutional rights.  Thanks to your generosity,  we are able to maintain a hot line, attend rallies, lobby congress, participate in radio talk shows, run experiments, and visit with victims in their homes.  The information we gather is continually added to this web site so that  prep harassment tricks and successful counter-measures are passed on to victims.  One day we may all be able enjoy the free and just America the colonists and founding fathers worked so hard to build.  We thank our many contributors and may God bless us all. 


Recently, we were told by one of our callers that a contribution was being sent to us.  It never arrived.  This is the third time in three weeks that this has happened.  As you all know, the vast criminal network of perps are very adept at intercepting the transfer of money.  Also, the perps have free access to all communications and confiscate mail whenever they please.  Public records are accessible by anyone and numerous frauds have been exposed.  Crooks, working from the obituary column of the newspaper, copy documents from probate court.  Then the documents are modified, naming the crook as executor or manager of a deceased person's funds.
Using a fake ID, and the forged documents, the crook goes to the bank and transfers the money into an account under his name.  Eventually the crook is apprehended but only after hundreds of thousands of dollars have been plundered.

Therefore, we have started a log to keep folks informed as to what happened to their contributions.

We will log the amount and the date your check or money order was received.  Do not send cash under any circumstances!    Making contributions in odd amounts as opposed to whole numbers will insure that you will be able to distinguish your contribution from others.  Your identity will NOT be noted unless you specifically tell us to do so.  Your contribution will NOT be logged
without your request.  You may find the form below useful.  If so, cut, paste, and print the form
and include it with your contribution.

A receipt of your contribution may be mailed to your address if you wish. 

Please make your contribution to: 

Sueann Campbell
P.O. Box 607
Round Rock, TX 78680

Yes! I believe that we all have the right to be left alone!
I want ALL victims to have access to information which
may help in dealing with the crime of multistalking.   I
support lobbying efforts and a nationwide program of
education to increase public awareness of the global
network of crooks responsible for the crimes 
perpetrated against us!

Enclosed is my gift in the amount of: 

$20         $35         $50          $100           Other_________ 

(a gift at the $20 level will pay expenses of a starter kit)


Name: _______________________________________________________ 


City/State/Zip: ________________________________________________

Phone (Home):_______________________ (Work):__________________



 List me as an anonymous contributor.   List my name as a contributor. 

 I prefer no listing at all.        Please call me to verify contribution arrived.

 Do NOT call me, I will call you to verify the contribution was received. 

  Add my email to:     (circle the lists you want to be on)


 Do NOT add me to any lists.

If you are leaving a contribution in your last will and testament, please send us a copy of your will.  Without this copy, your gift may end up in the wrong hands.  Recently, one of the MC organizations found that $50,000 was deposited, then removed from their account.  When questioned, the bank replied that it was a mistake and was quickly corrected.  The chairman of the MC organization inquired where the money came from and the bank refused to reveal the source, alleging privacy concerns.  The perps have unlimited resources and a vast network of crooks with the know how to make your contribution disappear into their pockets.

As of this date,  almost all contributions have been handed directly to us.  We have received only a few through the mail.   So, if you do send a check or money order through the mail, it may not get here unless it is sent via FedEx and you notify us by phone or email of the FedEx tracking number.

Update:  Victims are complaining that thousands of dollars are disappearing from their bank accounts and cannot be traced.  We do not understand how this can happen but the crooks have undoubtedly figured out how to do it.  The victims complain that the perps steal their bank statements so they have nothing to show the bank to prove how much money they had in their account.  The victims have concluded that the perps could only embezzle the money by  hacking into the bank computers.  This is why we emphasize that cash is good if handed to us personally, while checks and money orders may be sent through FedEx.

Below is a "wish list" that would facilitate our efforts to expose the perps:

     1.)  Phone cards help us maintain contact with other organizations 
           working with us. 
           (AT&T phone cards from Sam's Club are the best deal)

     2.)  Gift certificates from Office Depot, Office Max, or WallMart will help 
           with office equipment.  (This helps keep us supplied with ink 
           cartridges, paper, flyers, file folders, labels, and blank CD's for computer 
           backups, etc.)

     3.)  Gift certificates from Fry's Electronics, Radio Shack, Mouser 
           Electronics, and Allied Electronics.  We purchase transistors, resistors, 
           capacitors, IC's, switches, pc boards,  project enclosures, meter 
           movements, batteries and other electronic components used in 
           experiments related to perp activity.

    4.)   Gift Certificates for gasoline.  This will provide funds for transportation to Austin 
            where all the activist meetings and rallies are held.

    5.)   Gift certificates from the Sirloin Stockade (512) 218-8600, 1723 N N I H 35, 
           Round Rock, TX 78664.  The Senior Citizen's Buffet is the best deal in Texas
           and will serve to stretch the budget.

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