What Couples Are Reporting

How the Perps Bust up Relationships

We think it is no accident that the rise in the divorce rate seems closely correlated with the increase in perp recruitment.  The perps do not allow a targeted individual to have any relationships.  This means friendships, family, and yes, marriages.  The breaking up of a marriage brings a special reward to the perps.  A wide variety of methods are used.

The "no quality time" routine:

The spouse suddenly finds himself/herself with too much to do.  There is no time left for the marriage.  This method also works well on brothers, sisters, children, and friends.  This lack of quality time is usually correlated with the arrival of a perp with big ideas, ie, the expansion of business, or luring the target to new leisure activities, or a new love interest.  These perps are actually "handlers" who are assigned the task of breaking up the relationship.  It is their job to influence the target into becoming involved in activities and business expansion that will eat up time and thus isolate the target from family.  The handler will make sure that the target vacations in Missouri, Florida, and California, where the government mind control centers are located.  The individual is progressively drugged and "programmed"  until a personality change occurs, replacing old values with new ones dictated by the perps.  Family is no longer a priority.

The "lets fight" routine:

The spouse is programmed to become combative when questioned about the change in priorities.  This prevents any meaningful discussion of the problem and assures the break up of the relationship.  In some cases, even broaching a topic as benign as the weather will cause the spouse to explode in anger, thus preventing even the slightest chance of conversation.  Efforts to avoid hot button topics often fail as the spouse will bring up the issues anyway in an effort to start an argument.  At every opportunity for quality time, a vicious argument is ensured.

The "I called-you-did-not-answer" routine:

The spouse stops calling, giving the excuse that they called and called and can never get an answer.  When asked about when the calls were made, it is discovered that they were made when no one was home or during sleeping hours when the bell was turned off.  Even when the individual to be called is at home all day, the target will call when the individual cannot answer.  When the spouse is asked why they continue to call at 9:00pm when no one is available, instead of 6:30pm when the phone can be answered, no answer is given.  This is because the spouse does not know why.  Perp programming kicks in every day and prevents the call from being made at 6:30pm.

The perps have a lot of different ways to mess up your phone calls.  Recently, it was discovered that a continual busy signal on one end is actually a dead phone on the other end.  Repeated attempts to call someone finally resulted in a completed call, whereupon the caller discovered the phone they were trying to reach had been dead the whole time, mysteriously fixing itself after about an hour, finally allowing the call to go through.

The "I can't talk now" routine:

Frequently the spouse will add a caller ID to the phone so that when the beloved calls, the call can go unanswered.  If the beloved does manage to get a call through, the target is silent, contributing nothing to the conversation.  Of course, this is a complete change of schedule from previous years of telephone conversations.
Frequently, the conversation will be interrupted by another phone call, whereupon the target
will mouth whatever the perp has instructed, usually meaningless drivel or something stupid.

The "I loath you" routine:

Some couples report that they suddenly lose the desire for physical intimacy.  This occurs as if someone "flipped a switch" and killed their longing for each other.  The perps can do this to anyone and we suspect that is one of the reasons for the high divorce rate.  This, in addition to the "I don't have time" method is what frequently kills a marriage.  The perps get bonus points for breaking up a marriage.  It is very important to communicate with each other at this point. 
If either partner is feeling angry and non communicative, be honest enough to explore the real reason why.  Be totally objective.  When did this problem first occur?  Was it after a new friendship, activity, hobby, interest, business expansion?  Be honest!  Which is more important?  The marriage?  Understand that only one will be salvaged!

The "I'm too tired" routine:

The perps are unrelenting in their campaign to deprive the targets of sleep.  This is done by very simple methods such as throwing baseballs against the targets house or by very complicated means such as electronic weapons used to overheat the body, cause itching, or even cause the target to hear voices.  This makes the spouse too tired to spend time with the beloved.  It is important to analyze the reason why sleep is being disturbed.  Perhaps a change of bed is in order.  See below.

How couples are coping:

Helpful hints from savvy partners

Wise up!  Outside influences are tearing your marriage apart!  Ignoring the problem will only ensure a divorce.  Learn as much as possible about the evil forces at work here.  There are some things that can be done to stop the damage and save the relationship.

Look before you leap:

Before taking on any additional work, investment, or business responsibilities, think about it!
Do you trust this person?  Could there be a hidden agenda?  How much extra time or financial risk is involved?  Could this decision result in virtual slavery?

Think before you speak:

Avoid speaking in anger.  Think.  Compare your words with your history of values.  What is actually happening here?  Why the drastic change in wants, needs, interests?  Do your words hurt your spouse?  Why have your priorities changed?  Is it really necessary?  Are you putting monetary gain ahead of your marriage?  Your family?  Do your words sound like something someone else would say?  Do you have tinnitis?  When did this first occur?  Does it correlate with your change in priorities? 

Telephone Communications:

Is there no one at home when you get the impulse to call?  Have you changed the time you usually call?  Keep a tally of the time you called, the date, and make a chart to evaluate the effectiveness of your communications.  Recognize that when you call repeatedly at the same time of day and the calls do not go through, the timing of the calls need to be changed.  Do you find it impossible to change the time you make your calls?  If so, what is preventing you from making these calls?  Perhaps the same few people are engaging you in conversation either in person or on the telephone at the very time you usually call your spouse.  Keep a record and you will find the perps are at work. 

It has been discovered that the perps are masters of impulse.  That is, they can control when a person makes a phone call, interrupts a conversation, walks into a bathroom, etc.  Thus, the person being controlled is not aware that he/she is being controlled.  Life appears normal.  The only clue to the control is that close observation proves the events are statistically impossible.  That is, every time a phone call is made, the person being called is not at home, or every day the same time, two people walk into the bathroom or any particular area consistently. 

Impulse control is a cinch for the perps to do on anyone.  Those who think they cannot be controlled are in fact the very easiest to control.  This is because the perps will not change what you do but when you do it.  Thus, the target's false illusion of being in control is maintained.  Therefore, it is necessary to become aware that an overabundance of synchronicity is a clear indication of perp interference.

Physical intimacy:

Acknowledge that the perps can cut off your desire or even prevent orgasm.  Be patient and don't give up too quickly.  Some couples report better results by changing rooms, moving the furniture, or sleeping on the floor.  Others report the van is the only way to go.  At this point, it is very critical that the couple engage in non sexual touching, cuddling, and sleeping close.  Remember why you married, why this person?  Remember that the spiritual aspects of love are as important as the sexual aspects.  These are the things that can help preserve a marriage through the tough times.
Understand that while sex may be pleasurable with a new partner, it is just part of the overall perp plan to break up your marriage.  Realize that it is only through communication with your partner and mutual desire to continue the relationship that the marriage will survive.

Sleeping arrangements:

All targets report sleep disturbances.  Couples who share the same bed may find themselves switching to twin beds as the perps wake one or the other continually through out the night.
Partners who cannot abide being separated and still want to share the same bed will be able to do so by restructuring the bed itself.  The modifications below will insulate each of the sleepers from the movement of the other through out the night.

Stabilize the sleeping surface:
Get rid of that mattress and box spring!  So too, the water bed!  Any move on one side of the bed immediately transfers to the other side, disturbing the sleeping partner.  Start with a solid foundation such as the floor or a rigid frame of 2X4's and plywood.  Replace the mattress and box spring with an 8 inch thick foam mattress. 

Separate the covers:
This is essential to eliminate the tug-of-war over the covers during the night, as the perps will invariably use overheating on one person while the other person may feel cold.  One person from need not be disturbed when the other needs to "fan" or throw off the covers during the night.  Twin or double sized covers can be used, depending on how regularly the bed is to be made up.   This is arrangement completely isolates the movement of tossing and turning, and getting up and down in the middle of the night.

Dim the lights:
The use of very low night lights through out the home will eliminate the need to turn on the lights at night.  This allows one spouse to access the kitchen, bathroom, or living room without waking the other.  The small plug in lights with optical sensors are most efficient.

Mask perp sounds:
A low volume radio or television is helpful to mask perp popping and snapping things.  Separate pillow speakers for the TV are a good investment.  A fan blowing across the bed is helpful for when the perps use overheating.  The temp should be cool enough to allow the use of heavy covers so that when body overheating occurs, simply throwing the covers back will allow the person to go back to sleep.  Some couples even turn the bell off on the phone to keep the perps from calling and hanging up during sleeping hours.

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