Observations in a Chinese Restaurant 

Do Fish Feel the DEW?*

One evening in April, 2001, a friend and I decided to eat at a chinese restaurant.  As we walked in, I noticed there were only two other people in the restaurant.  I immediately identified these persons as
perps and for that reason, requested that we be seated on the other side of the room divider.  The room divider was actually a very wide wooden rail with a 5 foot long aquarium mounted on it. 

We sat at the table immediately adjacent to the aquarium.  We ordered our meal, talking, eating, and
watching the fish swim aimlessly about the aquarium.  Then, I began to feel directed energy weapons turned on me.  I said nothing so as not to alarm my friend, although she was aware of such weapons.  I noticed that all of the fish except for two appeared to be very old gold fish, the fancy kind with elaborate fins.  One fish even had a large hump on its head.  During the course of the meal, one by one, the old ones migrated to the very end of the tank, and sat suspended motionless in the corner of the tank farthest away from the perps.  They finally started to stack on top of each other with their noses stuck in the same corner.  They appeared to be staring at my friend and I joked that she was indeed growing in popularity as the fish stopped swimming and just hung there, noses touching the corner of the aquarium.  They appeared to be gazing at her, one stacked on top of another, with only their gills moving in steady rhythmic breathing patterns.  Then the last goldfish which appeared to be younger, joined them.  Then one by one, still suspended in the corner, the 4 older goldfish appeared to have a small seizure, each lasting about 4 seconds, as evidenced by the "gnashing of teeth" and "quivering of gills".  There was no food or anything they could have been after.  It was then that I realized the fish were also being hit by the DEW!  Clearly, the DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) had to get through the aquarium before getting to me. 
The perps kept the DEW on until we left the restaurant and the fish stayed in the corner of the aquarium farthest from the signal until we left the restaurant.  There was one fish that did not seem to be affected.  He was a young glass sucker, commonly called an "algae eater".  He appeared to not care at all and stayed where he was the whole time, stuck to the glass on the side closest to
the perps.
The question is:  Why wasn't this glass sucking algae eater affected by the DEW?  Could it be that this fish is related to skates, eels, or rays that are capable of generating their own electric charge and thus may have a special electrical field around them, protecting them from the DEW?  We are experimenting with this concept and will keep you posted.

Below is a rough diagram of the layout of the restaurant:
(The restaurant was sold a month later.)

Ongoing experiment 12-01-01

We have not found any electronic device that can detect or shield from the electronic harassment our readers are experiencing.  However, observations of gold fish in a 5 gallon aquarium have proved interesting.  Fish which normally swim about lazily were observed swimming in an agitated manner when DEW was felt by people in the room.  This did not always correlate, however; we will move the tank from time to time and continue to observe, as we believe living tissue to be the only reliable way to detect the DEW.

We continued to observe the fish, but after the first incidence of fish agitation, none other was observed until shortly after we moved the aquarium to a new location.  After that, no other incidence of fish agitation was observed.  We can only conclude that the perps heard us talking about the bizarre fish behavior and on each occasion, adjusted their equipment accordingly.  The experiment was ended on 01-01-02 when the fish were relocated to a new home where they would become more than just objects of experimental curiosity.

The only reliable detector of DEW is living tissue.  A targeted individual slept while hooked up to an EEG machine and the machine did indicate when DEW was used against that person.  Another targeted individual tried this and had so much electricity in and around body tissue that it overwhelmed the machine so that readings were not possible.  Still, this would seem to be the most reliable way to detect DEW.

     01-26-02 We have found confirmation for the above conclusion.  We are not the first.

  Qualitative to Quantitative Analysis: Biosensor Technology and the Biodynamic Transducer

"Early in Dr. Lawrence’s career, he began work on a series of transducers of biodynamic energy. In order to utilize quantitative measuring instruments, biodynamic energy would need to be converted or
transduced into electrical energy. Initial experiments commenced with simple Wheatstone bridge circuits and plant material as the biosensor. Although the plant material reacted to biodynamic stimuli such as touch, and even directed thought, this was found to be unwieldy as the plant material was possessive of its own consciousness. It could easily become fatigued and stressed, or would simply seem unconcerned when experimental matters were conducted. Dr. Lawrence then began a systematic search of the organic semiconductor library for an answer. He found that a simple mixture of protein complexes, a sort of primeval soup as it were, produced remarkable results. But, the problem of tuning to specific biodynamic energies still existed. One needed to capture individual responses to particular stimuli in order to rule out any possibility of unwanted artifact. This necessitated the addition of special substances to the soup, to be used as what Lawrence termed the "excitation" mixture. These ranged from organo-methylglyoxol compounds to a variety of mineral compositions — each with their individual response characteristics. Now, the qualitative reactions of this biological "soup" could be directly transduced into a quantitative electrical signal via the use of high impedance amplifiers, and when mixed with a local oscillator, produced the desired output signal for analysis."

Could Water be a Shield?

Anecdotal reports from our callers:

There have been several reports this month from callers who said their symptoms were lessened by the use of water.  Two reported using water in a ziploc bag, one had long hair which was wet from the shower, and one used a wet towel, and one other victim used a wet washcloth.  All had reported suffering from shocks, stings, and vibrations. 

One victim placed a ziploc bag on the cranial area, and the other placed it in the crotch area. 
Wet hair was reported by another victim to make a difference, while another reported wrapping a wet towel around the head worked for them. 
Still another victim reported using a wet towel or wash cloth as a loin cloth. 
Yet another victim reported success with gel packs used for athletic injuries.
These are available in drugstores.  The packs were worn in the underwear.
All victims reported a lessening of symptoms using these methods.

Keeping in mind that the body is 95% water, we can only speculate the additional water caused a change in the overall resonant frequency of the body, causing the perp equipment to be less effective.  If this is the case, the wet towels or bags of water could be placed on other parts of the body such as the arm pit, or neck, etc.  It is worth a try and we hope the folks out there will experiment and keep us appraised. 

Unfortunately, when a victim finds a way to shield from the equipment, usually the perps switch to a different  machine or find a new angle of attack. 

Our thanks to our callers.

Ongoing experiments:

Our own experiments with water filled balloons, ziploc bags, and wet towels are yielding consistent results.  Symptoms of  vibrations are greatly attenuated and other symptoms are lessened; however, the perps follow up with other ways to accomplish sleep disturbance. 

Just what is it about water anyway?
A local victim reports relief while sleeping.  The bed is surrounded by chairs that are draped with the thickest wet towels available.  There must be no breaks in this.  Heavy plastic is placed under the towels to catch the excess water.  Again, this only partially blocks the vibration, malaise, stinging sensations, etc., but any relief is welcome!  The same victim reported complete blocking of all symptoms while swimming under water.

Victim reports use of humidifier lessens effects!
After reading about the shielding effects of water, a victim took the initiative to  install a humidifier at the head of the bead at night, turning it on befor sleep.  The victim believes the harassment has been reduced 

04-12-03:  Some reduction of "Taos hum" reported.
A victim has reported voice to skull harassment 24/7 that is the continual sound of a motor, similar to the Taos hum..  The following device was constructed of a Radio Shack 1.5 - 3V pizeo buzzer with a bare 8 stranded wire connected to the positive side.  The wire is stripped and the unconnected end is looped back to the device, enabling the user to hang it around the neck  The copper wire acts as an antenna for the 300 - 500 Hz output.   The The victim reports that the sound of the hum is reduced by this device.  Speculation is that the device changes brain frequency.  The device is invisible, being worn under the clothing.  The device is pictured below.
The back of the pizeo buzzer was opened so that the buzzer could be muffled so that the buzz is only heard when held directly up to the ear.  This can be done by removing the magnet on the tong inside the buzzer or by placing a small piece of tape on the coil.  The tong must lightly contact the coil to vibrate.  This muffled buzz tells the user the device is working, and is not audible to the user or others when the device is in use.  The black wire on the battery pack is soldered onto the black wire of the pizeo buzzer and the red wire is soldered onto the red wire of the buzzer, along with the stranded copper wire.  The other end of the stranded wire is not attatched and acts as an antenna.  The wire is stripped where it must come in contact with the skin and is threaded through the mounting holes on the pizeo buzzer to form a loop so the device can be worn around the neck.  In other applications, the unattatched end of the wire may be detatched from the pizeo buzzer and taped along the spine.
The victim reports it is necessary at times to tape the antenna along the spine.  Occasionally, the victim will loop the device over the ears.  This device has worked for about 2 months so far and is still in use.
John Mecca is the original inventor:  http://www.us-government-torture.com/KIT.html

We will be trying some new gizmos before the end of the year.
the quest continues... 

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*DEW--Directed Energy Weapons:  Electronic weapons used to torture targeted individuals.  These weapons leave no trace.  They can be conventional (microwave, radio wave, electromagnetic, acoustic) or non-conventional classified weapons which defy detection and shielding.  All waves of the spectrum can be utilized, including laser that is used to blind people while driving on the expressway.  Taos hum may or may not be classified as DEW as the origin is unknown at this time.

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