Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

       "Involuntary Experimentee...Thats what lab rats are.....right? 
                         Doesn't happen to people.....right? 
    That tingling and jerking in my legs keeping me awake all night long 
                         is just "my imagination"....right? 
  Someone please tell me this cannot happen in America......."-- Fred Flag 

    Some Targeted Individuals call in to report they are hit with DEW!

While there are all kinds of laws and regulations regulating experiments on 
animals, there are no laws protecting people.  This is why government agencies 
can experiment on YOU.  There is no recourse at this time for anyone wanting 
to "unvolunteer" themselves from these experiments.  There are no meters 
available to the average citizen that will detect and therefore prove the use of 
DEW being used against anyone.  These directed energy weapons (DEW) can 
damage tissue, induce mood swings, loss of memory, and cause a wide variety of 
physical symptoms.  Yet the DEW are just as effective as a bullet in "nullifying" 
the targeted individual.  While there are laws regulating guns, there are no laws
regulating DEW.  Basically,  the "hit men" deploying these weapons can never
be detected.  This is tantamount to having a firearm with a disappearing bullet. 
Granted, death occurs more slowly than by bullet, often appearing to be from
natural causes, however; when death does occur, there is no "manhunt".  No 
one is brought to trial, the "hit man" goes free, moving on, no doubt, on to the 
next "hit." Murder done slowly enough goes unnoticed.

Are you a target of these new weapons?

Do any of the following indicators apply to you?

__  You find that you suddenly awake at precisely the same time, 
       every night
__  Hot needles (or "stings") deep in your flesh, especially when 
       trying to sleep 
__  Limbs jerking wildly, muscle twitching, especially when trying 
      to sleep
__  Forced awakening, can't go back to sleep, as if on high doses 
      of caffeine
__  Very high body heat, no fever, relaxed, cool surroundings
__  Extremely powerful itching which may start as small electrical 
__  Very fast heartbeat while relaxed (not having exercised recently)
__  Ringing in ears - may start/stop when switching on or off 
       electronic devices
__  Sudden "drop-you-in-your-tracks" fatigue at times you should 
      not be tired
__  Vibration in any part of your body or nearby objects which are 
      normally immobile
__  Non-random traffic through the neighborhood, indicating use of 
      thru-the-wall radar
__  Repeated evidence of break-ins and sabotage both at home and 
      at work
__  Repeated instances where it seems others know things about you 
      that could only be found out by bugging your phone, house, or 

*DEW--Directed Energy Weapons -- 1: electronic devices 
used to cause sleep deprivation and malaise  2: a hit man's 
dream  3: classified or unclassified electronic weapons developed 
by the federal government, military, or private corporations to 
kill slowly  4: electronic devices used to tetanize muscles, cause 
strokes, heart attacks, or memory loss, instill fear, rage, or other
forms of control over any living being  5: electronic devices which 
can manipulate hormones  6: patented or unpatented electronic 
devices developed to control behavior in living beings  7: electronic 
weapons developed specifically to covertly manipulate the masses 
8: electronicweapons which, when used over the long term, cause 
a wide variety of illnesses, including lupus, fibro-myalgia, multiple 
sclerosis, chronic fatigue, lymphatic breakdown, depressed immune 
system, low t-cell count, etc.

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