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The information at this web site has taken several years to accumulate.  When we first noticed the stalking/harassment problem, there was no where to go to find this information, we simply had to 
learn it the hard way.  Many of us here believe if we had access to this information when we first 
noticed something was wrong, we would have been saved a lot of time, grief, and money.  The 
sooner a target realizes they are being harassed, the better off they are.

The information on this web site comes from our callers and the few targets we have met personally. 
We are starting a support group for the folks who want to exchange information or just make contact 
with other Targets of Covert War. We will pass on what information we can. We hope your calls will help us add to the data we have in order to gather more details of the methods and equipment used to torment Targeted individuals. Please read the following carefully:

(1.) Some mail we have attempted to send or receive on the subject of Covert War has been intercepted, never to reach its destination. This includes both e-mail and Post Office mail. Therefore, it is necessary for anyone wishing to contact us to call in order to confirm any mail sent to us. We, in turn, will contact by phone or publish on our web site the ALIAS name of anyone contacting us so that mail delivery to and from us can be confirmed. We are sorry that our budget does not allow us to accept collect calls at this time. Again, for your safety and privacy, use an alias name. 

(2.) If you e-mail us and you do not receive an answer within 48 hours, you may call 512-255-0993 Keep Trying even from different phones!  You do not have to convince us you are a Target of Covert War. Just tell us the methods used and what region of the country. We suggest you not stay on the phone longer than two minutes as our phone line is tapped. Again, use an alias name.

3.)  We will publish the time and date of each call we receive.  If you talk to us and do not see your phone call logged on the phone page, we did not receive it!  Your did not talk to us!   We are logging
calls because the perps have the capability to intercept telephone calls.
Check the call log.

In addition:

The perps are shutting down web sites that inform the public about Covert War. Just try to access, which was up and running in February, 2000.  Only one month later, in March, 2000, cannot be accessed and the phone number that was working at that time has been changed to an unlisted number. The secretary who answered the phone in February was very sympathetic but sounded as though she was not able to speak freely. She did say that she had been swamped with calls from all over the United States, reporting the Covert War described herein. Again, we will never voluntarily abandon this web site or phone number.  If you are unable to contact us, keep trying. If, after continued attempts, you cannot make contact, read our home page again and keep trying.

NOTE: There has been an increase in marches, rallies, and protests.  Having
interfaced with several groups organizing for change, a strange phenomena has been noted.  It seems these organizations are having problems getting their e-mail on time.  Members miss meetings and marches because the information arrived a day late!   Seems the e-mail is being some how delayed.  Any group
organizing for change can expect late e-mail.  Do not rely on e-mail.  Go back to telephone numbers.
E-mail is useful for mailing brochures, flyers, banners, etc.  All marches and meetings should be announced by phone or there will be people who never get the word on time.  Of course, infiltrators will get the word on time. 

Recommended reading:

 Dr. Noa Davenport, "Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace"
 " having this book in hand can be a great way for gang stalking targets to begin the 
   process of educating one's friends and family as to the reality of this seemingly 'taboo' 
   side of contemporary human behaviour."  --Eleanor White    full review, click here. 

David Lawson, "Terrorist Stalking in America" Targeted individuals are
      stalked for years by extremist groups who engage in stalking those whom
      they consider unfit to survive.  For a full book review, click here.

Brian Glick, "The War at Home"  $5.00  Everything you need to know
     about how the government is going to infiltrate and mess up your 

H. Michael Sweeney, "The Professional Paranoid"  Michael's report on his 
     experience with the illegal activities of government agencies.  Advice to the
     reality based paranoid. 
NOTE from michael Sweeney: 
Who does the hijacking of info sites like Proparanoid.COM? 
Someone did, and they demand a staggering $157,800 ransom to get it back - 
which is to say they donít want it up at all!

Carol Rutz, "A Nation BetrayedDescribes brutal atrocities performed on
     American children by our government. From Fidelity Publishing, P.O. Box 
     365, Grass Lake, MI 49240-0365 For a full book review, click here.

David Morehouse, "Psychic Warrior"  Tells of his involvement in secret government remote viewing programs and his subsequent retirement from the military.  In spite of government's public debunking of psychic powers, the program started in the 1970's and still continues today.

John Marks, "Search for the Manchurian Candidate"  Documents, based on 16,000 
     pages of Freedom of Information material and personal interviews of the perpetrators and victims, the CIA's MKULTRA program.  MKULTRA was the beginning of what is today the Covert War against citizens by thoroughly corrupt elements of government and the elite. 
For a full book review, click here.
"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better
than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask
not your counsel or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands of those
who feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you. May posterity forget
that ye were our countrymen." - Samuel Adams

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