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We pledge allegiance to the flag proclaiming ...

"liberty and justice for all."

Unfortunately, this does not apply to allU. S. citizens.

"As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. 
In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains 
seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must
 be most aware of change in the air -- however slight -- 
lest we become unwitting victims 
of the darkness." ~ Justice William O. Douglas

This site is about preserving Constitutional rights for all Americans by informing the people of flagrant Government abuse of those rights. We are NOT a militia group, nor do we believe constitutional rights can be preserved through violence. We advocate citizen participation, education, and government accountability.  Let us be clear:  We are not anti-government, however; we are anti corrupt government.  The observations presented here will demonstrate how the government is turning totalitarian without firing a shot.

We will never voluntarily abandon this web site or telephone number. Should this web site or telephone number become inaccessible, contact your Internet provider to find out why. Then send a letter or postcard to each and every congressman asking "What happened to"

Whether you are a target of Cointelpro, corporate harassment, or a wealthy ex-spouse, the techniques described here are used through out the world because the perps all go to the same school.  Inside these pages you will find accounts of harassment from Targets of Covert War. 

Not all of Targets are fully aware of what is being done to hasten their departure from this world.  Targets who are aware of the situation may notice other Targeted individuals, but it is not a good idea to approach an Unaware Target.  Many people are determined not to believe anything negative, and further believe that if they do so, they will "bring it on themselves," or "give more power to the perpetrators."  They are content to struggle through life just skimming the surface because the awful reality of what is underneath (Covert War) is just too frightening.  Therefore, it is  best not to burden these individuals with the truth. If you are one of these individuals, read no further.  The reality in the following pages is more frightening than a Stephen King novel.  For you brave hearts who believe the people have a right to know what shameful deeds their government is doing with their tax money, do read on!

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DISCLAIMER: For legal reasons, anyone accessing this web site should understand that although we do report on what we hear about Covert War around the world, we do NOT give advice on how to cope with Covert War. ONLY YOU can decide what course of action is BEST and SAFEST. You should ONLY seek advice from professionals and trusteds, and understand that any action or inaction can offer potential for negative outcome. We can in no way FULLY assess your situation and alternatives. Thus any information given is ONLY meant to stimulate your thinking towards new opportunities to resolve your problem. YOU AND YOU ALONE are responsible for your actions and any consequences thereof. In requesting and/or acting on any information, you agree to hold ourselves and our staff harmless for any damages or injury which may result. Further, we reserve the right to reference your situation when reporting information about the Covert War. Again, for your privacy and safety, we suggest the use of an alias name when reporting facts about the Covert War.

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"Verily I say unto you: Beat NOT thy swords into plowshares, but into computers, cameras, and political action" - - Freida Flag

*Covert War - 1: the never-ending BOGUS investigation used as an excuse to obtain court orders to wiretap phones, bug homes, cars, and use any and all manner of electronic surveillance and harassment devices  2: the use of agents, informants, infiltrators, and provocateurs by any agency, organization, group, or gang to conspire against and violate the constitutional rights of any individuals, organization, or business  3: illegal, unlawful, immoral, disgusting secret actions taken by governments or big business to subdue dissent  4: the unconstitutional deployment of all manner of electronic instruments to violate the right of privacy, safety, and liberty of the people  5: the use of chemicals, drugs, and electronic weapons to harass, injure, maim, kill, and other wise nullify citizens who disagree with politics as usual  6: the land grab conspiracy by governments and multinational corporations  7: the simple plan to deny legitimate water rights to those who own them  8: the global conspiracy by corporations, governments and those who co-operate with them to enslave all of humanity
9: systematic stalking, harassment, and impoverishment of whistleblowers



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