Word About Friends and Family

 They won't listen, read, or question authority.

Incredibly, many victims report even their friends and family members have turned perp.  Since no one has been able to get the perps to talk about their activities, it is not known how those we once thought we could trust with our very lives could be "turned" to do such evil.  However, this sad fact has caused many targeted individuals to re-define the word "family". 

The perps have an infinite number of ways to "turn" a person.  Those of us who have had close family ties in the past will always choose to believe threats and co-ercion were used on our family members to get them to co-operate. 

Some survivors believe their family members would rather sacrifice them to the evil entity rather than spend the time it takes to listen to the crimes being perpetrated on them.  It is just takes too much time and effort to read and listen to find out  the truth, thus the victim simply becomes expendable.  So friend and family just hand the victim over to the evil Devil worshiping crooks who murder them quietly day by day.

That's how it happens.  They won't listen, they won't read, and the perps have programed them to believe the victim is a mental case.   The perps also program friends and family to become enraged and cut off the conversation every time the target tries to find out why their behavior toward them has changed.  Therefore, there can be no meaningful discussion of perp crimes.  This ensures that friends and family will never find out the truth about all the lies used to gain their cooperation.  Secrecy is maintained so that no one will ever find out that the target is innocent.  All those around them are being duped into participating in a lifetime scheme of gruesome torment of the victim.  Those who once valued their family as number one somehow buy into perp fabrications and thus fall totally under perp control for the remainder of their lives, forfeting family relationships, and squandering forever the precious times their family members could have had together.

Some family members may even think that by turning the victim over to the crooks they will avoid the same fate.  And they will...for a while.  There have been many reports from bewildered victims, wondering why people who co-operate with the perps become targets themselves.  Why did the perps turn DEW on the very people who were helping them?  It has been reported to us that these once loyal family (and friends) who co-operated so well soon find their lives full of perp instigated problems.  Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, insomnia, weight problems, digestive problems, troubles in personal relationships, failures in business and investments, etc.  We have witnessed this also.  It doesn't seem to matter how well the new turned perps co-operate, they also become victims, and they stay in denial longer, perhaps indefinitely. 

The male head of household is usually the family member to be targeted and "turned" into a perp, although every family member will be targeted eventually.   The perps will first try to smear the victim's reputation.  If this is not successful, they will send an agent provocateur to influence the would be perp.  This may be somewhat effective, although just a precursor to what is to follow.  Eventually, what is known as a "handler" will be provided, with extensive training in mind control.  We have seen one case where two handlers were required.  The targeted family member was a responsible male head of household who always put his family first.  He spent time with his children at every opportunity, his siblings were a joy to him,  he loved talking on the phone with his cousin.  Then two "handlers" were assigned to control him.

Within a year, they had him totally controlled.  He no longer seemed to care about his family at all.  Just didn't have the time anymore.  His handlers made sure he had more things to do than he had time for, and changed his attitude toward family.  Handlers call this nonconsensual behavior modification and it is accomplished through deceit, silent hypnosis, and drugs designed to make him suggestible.  His daily ration of beer greased the wheels, making him easier to control.

Family members stood by helpless as they watched him change from a family oriented man to someone they hardly recognized.  Whatever drugs his handlers had given him made his skin red and his hands shake.  No amount of talking could get through to him.  He flew into a rage over such insignificant things that no one even wanted to try to talk to him about anything that might be controversial.  On several occasions, conversations about the weather made him angry.  Even his telephone conversations changed.  Family members couldn't figure out what had happened to him.  Why, they wondered had he changed?  What happened to him?  His personality had turned 180 degrees.  How could this happen? 

Some professionals have suggested the beer finally got to him.  Truth is, the perps are experts on turning people so they will not care about anything.  They can selectively erase memories or even change them.  We have reports that a friend of one victim even forgot a near drowning and rescue incident that the victim had performed 25 years before.  This friend remembered the incident for 20 years and repeatedly credited the victim with life-saving rescue until the handlers came on the scene, then suddenly, the incident was forgotten and could not be recalled.

Understand that the perps have unlimited resources in the mind programing area.  MKULTRA never stopped, even though the Congress investigated the program in the seventies.  Since that time, the perps have had 25 years of secret experiments to find methods specifically designed to control the public.  Splitting up families is the acid test.  If family oriented people can be made to participate in hurtful activities toward other  family members, then these same methods and devices will be successful in the perps' overall plan for global slavery.  Some victims have even reported the perps caused husbands and wives to lose sexual desire for each other, eventually breaking up marriages.

So the perps are holding all the cards.  Basically the public is powerless to stop this evil unless they are willing to sacrifice some of their time to get involved.  They will be swept along, never finding out the truth, doomed to whatever fate the perps decide for them.  The best anyone can do is to educate themselves and deal with it.  Friends and family turn their backs on victims in time of greatest need.  Accept this and you will be ahead of the game.  The sooner the victim comes out of denial and becomes involved with other survivors, the less isolated the victim will be.  This means the victim needs to look for support among your fellow victims, and there are plenty of them.  All that needs to be done is to find them. 

If you are friend or family...


If this were being done to you, how would you react?  Would you attempt to get support from friends and family?  Would you complain to the police, the justice department, the FCC?  In other words, would you act paranoid?

If this were happening to you, it wouldn't it be justifiable paranoia?

If you are a friend or family member of a victim of Covert War and are genuinely interested in seeking out the truth, if you believe in justice, if you think feuds were started over less than this, do not blindly accept the lies you are being told about your loved one.   Do not let the perp "investigators" influence your thinking about your loved one.  No matter what kind of badges the perps flash in your face, do not be drawn into their evil scheme.  Recognize that these low-life bastards have a hidden agenda and that is to isolate the targeted individual from friends and family, destroy their credibility, break them financially, and drive them to suicide. 

If the perps allege your loved one is being investigated, understand that the "investigation" will never end because it was never real in the first place.  Recognize that it is a harassment tool and that not everyone accused of a crime is guilty.  Accept the fact that neither you nor the victim will ever understand why this is being done.  Nor will you ever know the identity of all the perps involved. 

When a friend or family member is targeted:

Listen to what they have to say.
Take time to read and educate yourself on the situation.
Refer the "investigators" to your attorney.

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