The Ongoing Saga of Freida Flag 

 by Freida Flag

Monday August 11, 2003:

Stopped at a tire store to buy two tires.  Watched from the waiting room as the attendant entered my
vehicle to drive it around to the service bay.  I watched as he drove the vehicle behind a wall and
noticed the vehicle did not appear on the other side.  As I walked behind the wall, the attendant saw
me approach through the rear view mirror.  He immediately started the engine and proceeded to drive
the vehicle around to the service bay.  My guess for the reason why the vehicle was behind the wall with the motor turned off was that he intended to rifle through the contents to find something to steal.
That theory proved wrong when he entered the vehicle to back it out of the service bay after installing the two new tires.  He was unable to get the engine started.  I approached the driver side of the vehicle to find he had nearly succeeded in breaking the ignition switch.  He had the key turned sideways in the lock and was working hard at forcing the lock.  "The switch won't turn."  he said.  He got out of the vehicle and I got in, having no trouble starting the engine.  This is what he was doing behind the wall with the engine turned off.  He was forcing the key sideways, trying to break the ignition switch.  Then he would claim "it just broke" for no reason.  He certainly had no trouble getting the key to turn so he could drive the vehicle behind the wall and turn the ignition off, so he could sit there and use brute force to try to break it and would have done so, had I not come looking for my vehicle.  I paid my bill and made sure I caught the attendant's eye as I drove off, shooting him the bird.

Monday, December 31, 2001--Monroe, Michigan:

I stopped at a convenience store for gas and snacks.  After filling the gas tank, I walked inside 
behind a man in a blue jacket.  He seemed in a hurry as he walked swiftly to three different 
areas of the store, looked at three different people, brought his hand up to his nose and mouth, 
then brought it down again three different times, as though giving a signal.  I found myself
standing behind that same man at the check out counter.  He paid the cashier and hurried
outside.  After checking out, I walked immediately outside to find this same man running from
my vehicle.  I immediately ran to the truck to see if any damage had been done.  Sure enough,
he had messed with the outer gas flap.  I removed the gas cap to find that he had also
cut the gas cap retainer.  I angrily called police and walked inside to talk to the lady at the
cash register.  There was a long line at the register.  The police arrived and I turned away
from the register and talked to the police as they began to file a report.  I described the man
who vandalized my vehicle and told police I could identify him and that his picture should
be on the security video tape.  There were two TV monitors high on the wall behind the
cash register.  The picture on one of them showed the cash register area.  I also said that the 
cashier appeared to know the man as he was checking out.  We turned around to talk to her but 
she was not there and instead a store manager had appeared.  He said the cashier had to go to the
back for a minute.  When she came back, she denied that she knew the man.  I then asked the 
store manager if we could view the video tape and he said that it was not hooked up, due to a
thunder storm the previous week.  How convenient.  The report number was supposed to be  72092-01, however; our request for a copy has gone unanswered..

Sunday, October 8, 2000---4:30pm Austin, Texas:

A Survivor of Covert War was in Austin for the weekend and we had spent about four
hours talking about the perps and various situations.  As I dropped the TI off in a retail
parking lot, a black chevy suburban with license number MX6-999 pulled crossways in
front of me, blocking my path, and sat starring at me for a minute or two before driving
away.  I looked up the license plate number and attempted to drive by the address.  I
was curious as I know Austin pretty well, but knew of only two apartment buildings
located in the middle of downtown.  Sure enough, it was a fake address.

Thursday, September 07, 2000---11:30am, Austin, Texas:

I was southbound in the far left lane on I35 headed toward the downtown Austin area.
Traffic was heavy as usual until I reached the Airport exit, where I  suddenly found
myself alone on what had become a two lane expressway. The four lanes divided with two
lanes routed up on a fly over and two lanes remaining below, only to become four lanes
again at twelfth street.  Looking behind in the rear view mirror, I saw two 18 wheelers
about a  mile back, traveling slower.  There were two lines of traffic stacked up behind
them, holding back traffic.  I thought hmmm, must be somebody in one of those lines is
really getting harassed today.   I was still in the far left lane as I came upon the 38th street
entrance ramp.  Then a red SUV entered the expressway from the 38th street entrance
ramp.  He moved into the right lane but never stopped moving over.  He was a little ahead
of me as he continued to move to the left he began to pull into my lane.  I braked hard,
and swerved left.  He braked and continued to move into my lane, staying beside me.
We were on collision course.   I braked so hard, smoke from my wheels surrounded my
vehicle.  I swerved until I felt my tires try to climb the fluted concrete barrier wall.
I figured I was going to hit the wall or he was going to hit me.  He couldn’t have been
more than 1 inch from me when, he vanished as swiftly as he appeared, taking the 32nd
street exit.  Hot anger rose in me as I glanced in the rearview mirror, but he was
no where to be seen.  It would be futile to give chase.  It all happened too fast.  I did
not get a license plate number. The two 18-wheelers were still about a half mile back.
Then it dawned on me.  They were holding back traffic to keep everyone else out of the
way while the deed was being done.  The whole thing was a set up, executed with
precision.  I glanced back in the rearview mirror again.  The traffic that had been backed
up behind those two big trucks would not be able to see what had happened.
There were no witnesses.  I did not report this to the police, knowing the first question
they would ask is:  “Did you get a plate number?”

From the archives:

Friday, May 8, 1998:

I was working in Smalltown, USA, doing an odd job installing a new pump on a swimming pool. 
After removing the cover from the old pump, I turned off the electricity and disconnected the 
electric wire.  It needed to be measured to see if the old pump ran on 110v or 220v.  If the wire
measured 220, I would need to move a wire in the new pump which was wired for 110 so it too 
would run on 220.  With the electricity turned off, I wrapped the wires around my meter leads,
set the dial to measure ac volts, an flipped the power switch to on.  Hooray!  It read 110 volts!
No need to change the wiring on the new pump.  I turned off the power switch and removed
the wire from my meter leads, and made a quick trip (15min) to the local hard ware store for a 
fitting that would match the new pump to the old plumbing.  When I returned, I started installing 
the new pump and reached down to pick up the crescent wrench off the ground near by.  I felt 
a slight tingle in my arm and checked to see if the electric current was still turned off.  Would you
believe in only 15 minutes time the Perps had turned on the power switch and deliberately left the
crescent wrench touching the live wire.  This did not stop the successful installation of the new 
pump but they sure left me a little surprise that could have been fatal.

To be continued.........

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