Rampant Homophobia

Covert War Against Gays & Lesbians

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Is it reserved for Heterosexuals only?

Frustrated by their inability to immediately pass their religious beliefs into law, the religious right has now resorted to clandestine means of forcing their morality on others.

A coalition of gangs, secret organizations, militant right wing Christians, and homosexual infiltrators are bent on destroying the Gay community.

The most perfect crimes are being committed.  Perfect because there has never been enough evidence to convict the crooks perpetrating the crimes.  All Gays are being targeted and Gay businesses are being targeted, especially lesbian bars and lesbian owned businesses.  A closer look reveals even straight women are being targeted, if they own successful businesses.  Misogyny and homophobia is on the rise with the new world order.

Reports indicate harassment appears to be done by small local groups bent on getting rid of  oddballs, Gays, people of color, activists, freethinkers, and other nonconformists.  Quite often, people calling themselves Christians participate in the harassment program to flush out "undesirables" and to take advantage of the perks.  (free cell phone, new car, home repairs, job promotion, etc.) 

This gang of perps obviously has nothing better to do than mess with other people's lives.  Apparently, their existence is so miserable they feel compelled to police the world, making it safe for Nazis, power mongers, and right wing religious fanatics.  Like the Nazis before them, they feel justified in "cleansing the earth of undesirables", all the while laughing about how they are going to force gays to stop being gay, or cause them to be "scared straight".

It is easy to persuade weak minded individuals that they are helping their community by hurting Gays.  That they are part of Satan's plan for the planet is obvious to those who are targeted.  They run in gangs, spending hours patrolling the streets, spying on innocent people and attending perp meetings to plot how better to ruin the lives of people who think differently than they do.  Those who do not join their gang are not "team players" and therefore get put on the harassment list. 

Gay businesses are interfered with.  Gays who hold good jobs are harassed out or laid off on some bogus pretense.  Gay churches are infiltrated and split through the use of Gays and Lesbians who have been recruited and trained to cause dissent within.  The plan is that the Gay community will eventually collapse in on itself, with the Gay infiltrators eventually becoming targets themselves. 

All Gays are under surveillance, and many are being targeted by the losers who enjoy ruining other people's lives.  It is the ultimate power trip for them.  You may be a target.

Before you decide you have not been targeted, click on the link below and read the whole story.  Find out about the symptoms, what victims are reporting and how they are coping.