Mind Control Programming Seminar
July 28, 29, & 30, 2006

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Fee includes: Course Materials:
Mind Control: An Introduction by Steve Oglevie
(300 page notebook not available to the public)

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Statement by Steve Oglevie:

     “I am not a ritual abuse survivor, but I am privileged to work with those who are survivors. Most of these have grown up in multi-generational cult families so their abuse and programming began very early in childhood. They have given me a very precious gift. They have shown me how the mind-control system works so I can now explain to the survivor how they can be removed. These mind-control systems are implanted in the mind while undergoing very systematic physical, medical, spiritual, and psychological abuse.

     I have discovered that there are four basic elements to ritual abuse that need to be addressed in order for recovery to take place: 1) Memories of Trauma, 2) Dissociation/ Multiplicity, 3) Teaching and Training and 4) Conditioning.  These can all be resolved at the cognitive level but, all four can be controlled by a fifth element, that of mind-control programming of which the client may or may not be aware. This seminar will address this fifth element.

     I have spent the last twelve years removing mind-control systems in over 350 persons.  They have been my teachers and I am here to share with you what they have taught me.”

Steve Oglevie

Course Description

Day One: The History of Mind Control and Programming, Recognizing the Presence of Mind Control in a Client, Differentiating between Satanic Cult Mind Control and the so-called “Government” Mind Control Systems.

     The therapist will be given a clear understanding of the history of mind control and the development of programming over the last 100 years. Since not all programming is installed using the same methods, the various methodologies will be examined as well as the steps necessary to remove the various forms of programming.

     The therapist will be introduced to Trans- generational Satanism, with a brief history, an understanding of basic theology, a demonstration model of a SRA mind control system, and some guidelines to recognize the presence of Satanism in a client.

     The therapist will be introduced to the three primary “Governmental” mind control groups, each with a brief history, the principle belief system, and some guidelines to recognize the presence of each of these three in a client.

Day Two: The History of Multigenerational Fertility Cults (MFC), the Domination of Personality, Recognizing the Presence of MFC in a Client, and Differentiating between MFC and SRA and “Government” Mind Control.

     The therapist will be introduced to MFC (also known as Witchcraft), with a brief history, an understanding of basic theology, typical control of personalities and some guidelines in recognizing MFC in a client. Since MFC is so much more complex than either SRA or “Government” systems, considerable material will be given concerning the domination of the personality and the necessary steps necessary to remove this domination from the individual personalities and the person as a whole. Differentiating between SRA and/or “Government” systems and MFC is necessary as often two or more systems may co-exist within the same client and must be handled differently.

Day Three: Practical Methods for a Therapist dealing with Spiritual Evil, Dissociated and Disembodied Foreign Human Spirits, “Installed” personalities and Genuine Personalities.

     The therapist will be presented with a diagnostic tool to distinguish between genuine human personalities, “installed” personalities, foreign human spirits, and spiritual evil.

     The therapist will be introduced to the very complex field of dissociated and disembodied foreign human spirits including their level of attachment to the client and ways in which they can be successfully disentangled from the true humanity and sent away.

     The arena of the interrelatedness of mind-control, spiritual evil, foreign human spirits, and human will must be understood by the therapist in order to successfully remove the systems so the client can gain control over his or her own life.

Seminar may not be recorded or reproduced in any form.
Cancellation policy:  There will be no registration refunds.
Paid registration cannot be transferred to another person.

Goal: To introduce therapists to the complex world of mind control -
not to attempt to give them the tools to remove the mind control from their clients.

Included: Course Material  entitled:

Mind Control: An Introduction, By Stephen Oglevie with over 300 pages of material.


Susan Ford, BCIA-EEG #1414  (828) 859-1220  or  sueford@earthlink.net