The War Against Patriots

  Nullified by Cointelpro Tactics

Investigation has revealed that Ruby Ridge and Waco were terrorist acts designed to deliver a message to the American People that any opposition to the government will be met with overwhelming force and genocide.  The ongoing propaganda against gun rights have effectively demonized patriots in the eyes of the public.  Patriots have been made out to be gun fanatics, anti government, and outright terrorists.  Patriots are just one more group on the Cointelpro agents list of groups to defame, divide from within, and isolate from other activist groups. 

That is how any government can succeed in setting up totalitarianism.  Divide and Conquer.  This started as far back as the 70's when the Republican party insisted on including a pro-life plank in the party platform.  Democrats followed up by including a pro-choice plank in their party platform.  Then both parties decided to oppose each other on the gun control issue, with the Dems for gun control and the Reps against.  This was done deliberately, according to a secret global master plan.

The country became equally divided over two issues that NEVER should have become issues:
Gun Control and Abortion.  This is because the constitution is being ignored:

   1) The 2nd amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms.  Period.

   2) The 1st amendment guarantees freedom of religion, the 4th guarantees the right
       to be secure in one's person (the right to control one's body), and autonomy is
       guaranteed by the inclusion of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Period.

These two issues have become a flash point because the two parties wanted it so.  That was just part of the plan to divide the American people.  It works.  Both parties pander to special interest groups intent on passing their views into law on two issues that should not be an issue or even a topic of discussion in government.  The amount of time and money wasted on these two issues takes away from the real issues and keeps the people divided, allowing those in power to avoid accountability, spread corruption and chip away at constitutional rights.

It is so easy for government infiltrators to mess with the patriots.  Right wing rhetoric ally their fears, so that the patriots isolate themselves from Jews, homosexuals, feminists, eco freaks, and people of color.  Therefore, there are very few of the above groups in attendance at patriot conventions, due to disparaging remarks made on some Patriot radio programs and the prejudice of some in the Patriot movement.  Patriots do not realize that the majority of the people in those groups are alarmed at the anti constitutional rhetoric and legislation passed since the 911 tragedy. 

Hopefully, patriots will outreach and dialogue with the above mentioned groups so that all the people can unite and regain control of their government.  As long as Americans continue to be divided, the government will continue to usurp its power.  Realize that people do not have to agree on everything in order to unite in a common goal.  Expect to be pleasantly surprised at how much we all really do have in common.  Awareness of Cointelpro tactics will be helpful. 

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