The War Against The Rich

They Don't Have It That Easy

It may surprise less moneyed victims to know that wealth does not buy protection from Covert War.

The major difference between a Rich victim and a Poor one is the Rich one does not have to worry about how to meet the monthly mortgage and pay credit card bills. 

Until recently, Covert War against the Rich has been limited to the egalitarian few who used some of their wealth to genuinely help those less fortunate than they. 

The rapid rise in technology and the growing number of perps has expanded the war and made possible widespread harassment of all but the most obvious members of the new world order.

Though the Rich are able to install alarm systems and hire on site security guards, electronic harassment, terrorist break-ins, computer vandalism, wiretapping, and mail intercepts abound.

The perps all go to the same harassment school; therefore, the information on this site can be applied to any targeted individual, rich or poor, black or white, gay or straight, Jew, Muslim, or Christian.

All targeted individuals face the same daily pressures.  Hopefully, some answers can be found here.