Support Group Meetings

Gang stalking, revenge stalking, and cause stalking is rising rapidly.  Harassment clubs are the new
"in thing" and the latest sport is called "destroy a life" by any covert means available.  Some unlucky
person is selected for torment just for the perverse entertainment of the gang.  Support groups help
ease the trauma of the Targeted Individual.

Some of the information on this page may be out of date.

Here is the latest news:

You are not alone!
You can telephone conference with other victims any night of the week!
Conference Call information is in the weekly newsletter "Conference Call News"
Sign up for the CCN on the ffchs web site.


Support group meetings may be posted by email:

USA                CANADA


Los Angeles
Location: open
Date: open
Time: open
Contact: Robert Jay Levy
I need help starting a support group for the Los Angeles area. As far as I can see very little
has been done in this area where multitudes of TI live. Any help will be appreciated.
Robert Jay Levy 323-208-2396


Location: 2492 Hwy. M
Date: 8/29/04
Time: 1:00 PM- ?
Contact: David Lamb
Looking forward to regrouping with TI's in the midwest to share thoughts and
organize our efforts.


There will be an organizational meeting here in town
Saturday, March 4, 2006 at 12:30 pm at
Media Bridges 1100 Race St., which is the public access
studio for the city of Cincinnati.

Mary Ann Stratton is the organizer of the monthly meetings and the host
of a new public access tv show about EM harassment and covert
surveillance. Both projects begin this Saturday.

For more information, you may call the Freedom From Covert Harassment
and Surveillance toll-free number at 1-866-310-3117, and leave a message.


Fort Worth/Mid Cities
Location: tbd
Date: tbd
Time: tbd
Contact: Faithful
I need help in locating more in Texas around the Dallas - Fort Worth area to establish
a help/support network. We need to gather together in strength, faith and hope.


Date: open
Time: open
Contact: Janice Morton
Looking for TI's in Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland. Time we come out, meet
each other, and work out concrete solutions/strategies.


Canadians or northwest-US-ians might be interested in this.

Caution:  This group is about workplace mobbing, so to
effectively network with them, vigilante stalking targets need
to keep a very quiet, low-key profile, just feeding tiny bits of
our info to people and not trying to force VS/EH into their

VS/EH targets who live close enough to attend regularly
should consider working actively on THEIR issue (mobbing)
without expectations they will come to our aid any time soon.

Pushiness can sour them on us quickly - they have their
own headaches.  But very slow, low-key liaison can help us
as long as plenty of time is allowed between presenting
nuggets of VS/EH information, and their interest is not
taken undue advantage of.

Helping them with their direct issues helps us all as awareness
of mobbing starts the public toward eventual awareness thereof.

We will be meeting on the fourth Saturday of each month and the
upcoming dates are:

October (22nd)

November (26).

 Our next meeting will therefore be on the 22nd of October, this
Saturday, between 11 and 1.


Location: Hastings Community Centre:

Hastings Community Centre
3096 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V5K 2A3
Tel: (604) 718-6222

 It's opposite the PNE on the south side of Hastings, in Hastings
Community Park.

It is a minute or so from the freeway by the Hastings/Cassiar exit The 135
and 10 buses pass right by the door. The 7,16,27,28 and 210 routes are
just a few minutes away.

 Please - do be on time, come with an open mind, and if you've been
promising to attend, but haven't yet made it, make this the meeting you do
make it to. It could change your life!

*We look forward to seeing you there!!!*
Discussion Board:

  Suggested Guidelines for Support Groups
    Rules and Guidelines for Starting Support Groups

Support groups are a good way to find friends who share common interests and
ideas.  Be aware the perps infiltrate all groups.  Their job is to cause dissent within
and split the group, with the ultimate goal of dissipating the group.  The best way to
thwart their plans is awareness and a list of rules by which the support group can
proceed.  Below is a suggested list of rules for conducting the group:

1.  Be courteous (no street theater, name calling, etc)
2.  Speak in turns (go around the table, down the row, etc)
3.  Don't interrupt (let the speaker have the floor, your turn will come later)
4.  Don't criticize ( replace phrases like "What a dumb idea!" with questions
     like "'Would that suggestion cause trouble with police?')
5.  Be supportive! This is a support group, not a group of scientific study.
     (Take your demands for proof of a victims story to another group)
6.  Keep coping ideas and activist plans PEACEFUL and LEGAL
     (take your violent, illegal ideas to another group)
7.  Respect group members as the unique human beings that they are.
     (the perps have already trampled all over our self esteem)
8.  Withhold expressions of disbelief (since we all are targeted a little
     differently, it is sometimes difficult to believe other victims' accounts of
      perp tactics until we experience them personally)
9.   Help others value themselves. (the perps have battered all of us)
10. Don't monopolize the time (give others a chance to speak)  Debate over
      issues not resolvable in a reasonable time should be reserved for the
      email network - face to face meeting time is too valuable to waste on
      unresolvable topics

Each meeting could be chaired by a different member of the group, however;
this may not be a good idea until members learn how to handle perp infiltrators.

A good way to run the group would be like the 12 step AA program due to the fact
that we are powerless to deal with this harassment alone.  Start off with each person
giving a brief introduction of themselves and give them 5 or 10 minuets to tell their
story.  Break for coffee, tea, cookies, etc.  A business meeting might follow or this
could come later, as folks get to know each other.  Topics could be outreach to
others, lobbying, fundraising, etc.

   Twelve Steps to Healing
     Suggested Principles for Victim's Support Groups

1.   Unify and work for the common good of all.  The world needs our input at this
      crucial point in history.  This is a battle we cannot win alone.
2.   Recognize that this is a spiritual battle.  Call upon the Creator for spiritual help.
      Daily prayer and meditation has proved helpful.
3.   The requirement for membership is the desire to help self and others.  All victims
       suffering multiple stalking and street theater, and electronic harassment are welcome.
4.   Each group is responsible to its own conscience, but should take no action affecting
      another group without consulting with the other group affected.
5.   The primary purpose of the group is to help victims who are aware of their harassment
      and spread the news to those who are not aware.
6.   The group should never become involved in activities NOT related to principle five,
       except to raise necessary funds to further principle five.
7.   Care should be taken when accepting contributions, lest the group be influenced
      to take up causes other than principle five.  A good policy would be to establish
      beyond doubt with the contributor what limits on use of funds the contributor
      envisions BEFORE accepting the contribution, and get the conditions in
      writing for contributions over $500.
8.   Groups may engage in fund raising, being ever mindful to spend such funds in
      accordance with principle five.
9.   Study groups can be productive, however; avoid excessive organization as this will
      dilute the focus away from principle five.  Avoid procedural wrangling as this can
      eat up an entire meeting and contribute nothing to ideas for actually doing
      something useful.
10. Avoid being drawn into controversy, especially on outside issues; it is a waste of time
      and will dilute the focus of the group.  Endless debate over unresolvable issues should
      also be avoided.
11. Group members should NEVER be pressured to reveal their names, addresses, or phone
      numbers so that they will remain anonymous to the group and especially to the public.
12. Groups shall place these principles before personalities.  Be mindful to leave the ego
      at the door, be humble, be thankful we are all here and able to carry on this
      important work.

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