Are you a target of multiple stalkers? 
Are you being followed, harassed, or threatened?   Is your phone tapped? 
If so... YOU may be a Target of... Covert War!

Yes, this could happen to you!

Think what your life would be like if you were the target of an endless illicit investigation!  An investigation that would continue for years!  Your phone wiretapped, your residence bugged, your mail intercepted, and yes, even your car would be bugged and tracked by satellite! 

Under constant surveillance, followed by teams of agents every time you leave home!  Even when authorities find no criminal activity, all information gathered is used to follow and harass you at every opportunity in a perpetual Covert War! 

And finally, agents extort cooperation from friends and family, threatening to jail them they refuse to participate in their scheme to trash your life!

Do you really believe this could never happen in America?

The alarming fact is:

Thousands of law-abiding citizens are being subjected to this type of abuse every day! 

And…Yes, It is Legal!

The very same investigative powers originally granted to authorities to facilitate the gathering of evidence in criminal cases are now being used to harass law-abiding citizens! 

Persons usually targeted for this kind of scrutiny are:

Political activists, protesters, feminists, gays, lesbians, people with tolerant attitudes, people who are a little odd or eccentric, and anyone who questions authority, signs a petition, or sends letters to the editor of a newspaper.

Actually, anyone exercising their constitutional rights is considered subversive by authorities, who can then find any excuse to open a never-ending, bogus investigation! 

And who is watching the authorities?

The really bad news is: 

Currently, there is no recourse for anyone who is the target of this kind of harassment! 
Court orders are signed off with very little scrutiny, resulting in flagrant violations of privacy! 

All too often, the real reason for the “investigation” has nothing to do with criminal activity and everything to do with the targeted individual’s political activities.

There is nothing in place to stop these abuses!  No congressional oversight committee, no
government commission where a citizen can go to file a complaint, no way to even find out who is conducting this horrendous scheme of harassment or even why it is being done.

This lack of accountability has led to blatant abuse of investigative powers at all levels! 
What this means is:  Authorities conducting these “investigations” are currently above the law!

You are  a Target of Covert War if:

You check your e-mail or snail mail to find:
Your time-sensitive mail is consistently late.  You continually miss organizational 
meetings, entertainment events, and political rallies because all of your mail, both 
snail mail and e-mail arrives after the event occurs.  This is especially true if the 
piece of mail is from any organization working for political change or government 
accountability.  E-mail appears to be "filtered", that is, someone is taking time to 
read it before sending it on to you. 

When inspecting your clothing you notice:
Shirts have "L-shaped" tears with no rough handling involved.  Underwear has 
been torn or shredded. Shoes or boots have been "sliced" with something sharp. 
Newly purchased clothing has disappeared and neighbors appear wearing the 
same apparel.

You return to your vehicle after shopping to find:
The contents have been rearranged, or the door is open after you left it locked, or 
the radio volume is turned on high when you never listen to loud radio, or the lights 
are on. Someone has parked too close to you, forcing you to enter the car from the 
passenger side. You notice new dents in the vehicle which appear to be caused by 
someone striking the vehicle with a fist or blunt object.

When leaving any business establishment you notice:
You are never able to back up out of a parking space without almost having a
collision with another car. When walking to and from, there is always someone 
on collision course with you. A person casually exits the business or adjacent 
business and stands looking out into the parking lot as though waiting for a ride. 
This person is usually the trigger for the near collision you experience when 
backing out of your parking space. More about this later.

When driving on the interstate you notice:
You are surrounded by a team of four to six vehicles, traveling in a box shaped 
formation, with your
vehicle in the middle of the box.  These vehicles are directed by a team leader in a 
command vehicle.  The command vehicle will usually be a truck, SUV, or Crown 
Victoria. Quite often you will see a long antenna on the command vehicle, but with 
the growing use of cell phones, this may not be the case.  The purpose of the team 
is to keep you in the box, so that you will be in sight at all times.  They may also 
attempt to impede your progress by driving in front of you at speeds below the 
legal limit.  Occasionally, they will tailgate.  Teams will swap  places at intervals to 
avoid detection.

When starting a new job, you notice:
The first month you get along with the employees, become part of the team, the 
boss seems delighted to have you on board, expresses surprise at how quickly you 
learn your new skills.  You are continuing to excel when the boss and a few 
employees begin to behave strangely.  Their attitude and demeanor change, they 
seem bent on ignoring you.  When returning from break, your desk is re-arranged, 
your phone is broken, some of your customer notes have been removed.  Within 
the next few weeks, altercations with employees occur for no apparent reason. 
Employees congregate around your desk and talk loudly, but only when you are 
on the phone with a customer.  Your computer files are altered and become useless. 
Complaints to the boss are useless.  You quit.

When returning home from work, you notice:
Characters resembling gang members are loitering around their parked cars in front 
of your house, the house across the street, or the house next door. The mirrors on 
your parked vehicle have been moved or vandalized.  Cast letter logos designating 
the make and model of the vehicle have been broken off or removed.  The contents
of your home are out of place. Paperwork is out of place or missing. The lock on 
the door becomes sticky or hard to operate. 

When tending your yard you notice:
Trees or shrubs have been pruned (mutilated) without your permission.  This is 
often done by city workers with the excuse of "keeping the tree limbs away from 
the power lines."  Further inspection often reveals other trees in the neighborhood 
were also close to the power lines and were NOT pruned.  Sometimes the pruning 
is done by the guy mowing the lawn with the excuse,
   "I don't know why my guy pruned your tree, it was a mis-communication. 
Sorry, I won't charge 
     you anything for mowing your grass today." 
Close inspection will usually uncover the real reason for the mutilation.  The 
limb/tree/shrub was blocking the line of sight from the perp observation point to 
your front door, garage door, or other pathway you frequently access.  The perps 
also have been known to pour weed killer on a lawn or plant poison ivy in the yard.

When contracting for repairs:
The repair persons show up late or not at all, making it necessary to reschedule 
on another day or find another person to do the job.  Suddenly the charges are 
escalated 30-50% more than the original quote.  The repair people make 
unnecessary noise and do mischief such as turning water in the yard on or off, 
pulling up the ground wire on the tv cable, and other things that are not related to 
the job being done or are clearly not in the vicinity of the work site.  The job done
is sloppy, occasionally making it necessary to "touch up" or even redo some of the 

When sitting outdoors at your house or a friends house you notice:
The neighbor next door, or across the street, or in the house behind you decides to 
run the lawn mower, leaf blower or chain saw.  When you walk into the house for
more ice tea, the activity may stop, but as soon as you step out the door, the activity
will start again.  Cars with questionable looking characters suddenly appear to 
parade slowly by, stereos booming loud enough to vibrate your nose hairs.  Another
neighbor may decide to burn the trash, but only if the wind is wafting the smoke in 
your direction.  These activities occur with astounding predictability.

At other times you notice:
Abrupt and unnecessary rudeness coming from strangers, friends, or employees of 
business establishments. You are never alone on a country road or anywhere low 
traffic is the norm. And you are "swarmed" in retail establishments:  You stop at 
any kind of business not currently occupied by anyone other than employees and 
suddenly, within 5 minutes, at least 6 cars appear and the establishment is 
"swarming" or "mobbing" with perps eagerly looking for an opportunity to invade 
your space.   Spack invasion happens every time you use a public rest room, go 
shopping, or use a public phone. At other times you notice bad food or bad service 
in a good restaurant. When venturing to an establishment for the first time, you are 
treated with courtesy, on subsequent visits, employees look at you fearfully and 
refuse to talk to you as though someone has told lies about you.

When attempting to sleep you notice:
The phone rings at odd hours of the night, you answer, they hang up. You are 
awakened in the wee hours of the morning by a loud banging on the door or ringing 
of the door bell. You answer, only to find no one is there. Creaks and pops occur in
the house at odd hours to wake you up.  Inspection of the premises in the daylight 
you find golf balls, tennis balls, and baseballs lying in the yard.  You wake up at 
exactly the same time to the minute, every night, as though someone
flipped a switch.

If you experience the above on a daily basis, you 
are probably a Target of Covert War.

In a nutshell:  It's just Psychological Terrorism!  Sometimes a bogus investigation 
is being done which isolates the Targeted Individual from friends and family, who 
are told by "investigators" to  initiate no contact with the Targeted Individual unless 
told to do so by the so-called investigators.  A charge of "giving aid and comfort to 
a criminal" will be lodged against those who do not comply!  The constant crowding
of the Targeted Individual's space through non-random foot traffic and non-random 
vehicular traffic will eventually take a toll on some individuals.  Add to that
terroristic break-ins of home and car so that the Targeted Individual never feels safe! 
Add to that the continual noise campaign so the Target almost never sleeps!  Stress,
isolation, sleep deprivation, these things are done to the individual every day, creating 
constant, ongoing stress.  The goal being to cause mental and/or physical breakdown 
of the Targeted Individual or death by suicide, disease, or accident.  The so-called 
investigators are never brought to justice, for they have truly committed the 
perfect murder!

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