We are not alone!
There are many victims out there!
We just have to find them.
Videos, cassetts, tee shirts available!

"Activism is the rent I pay for living on the earth." 
-- Alice Walker

Video of rally in DC now available!
Historic Rally in Washington, DC now on VHS!

In October, 2005, the following people spent two
days lobbying members of congress to take action
to regulate Electronic Weapons.

Dr. Le Roy Gillam
Ted Gunderson
Harlan Girard
Gordon Orman
Mary Ann Stratton
John Allman

A rally was held the day after these lobbying efforts.

A video of the rally is now available.
Nothing has been deleted from the video,
it is complete, start to finish, including a
few bloopers and camera jitters.

The video is over 5.5 hours long and has titles.

The speakers at the Rally were:

Krissi Stull, announcer
Dr. Le Roy Gilliam
Gordon Ormand
Ted Gunderson
Judi Amber Chase
Mary Ann Stratton
Sueann Campbell
Lynn Surgalla
John Allman
Robert Duncan

A short interview has been added at the end.

The mother and son interview concludes that
a victim's chances of survival are increased if
the family believes the victim.  This may
help some of the victim's families understand
the situation.

The video then concludes with 25 minutes of
music and nature video, etc.

The  labels on the video are printed and the
video comes in a simple plastic case.

This is not a slick documentary!
This is an information video done at home
on a VHS recorder.

It is for that reason we are only asking $10.00,
plus $5.00 shipping to cover costs, wear and
tear on equipment, etc. ordering information

Message is printed on front and back.

Please specify Medium, Large, XtraLarge, or XtraXtraLarge

The Tee alone is...................................... $10.00 + $5.00 shipping


Get the Tee AND an audio cassette tape
in one package for................ $20.00 SHIPPING INCLUDED!


Get the Tee AND the DC rally video
in one package for...........$25 SHIPPING INCLUDED!

Send Check or Money Order to:

Sueann Campbell
Box 607
Round Rock, TX 78680

Thank you for your order.
These funds will help keep our web sites going and
hopefully help pay for flyers more tee shirts, videos, the book, etc.



The Constitution Flyer!

This flyer can go anywhere!  You will appreciate the ease of handling these trifold flyers afford!  Their compact size presents less wind resistance, making them easy to hold up at marches and protests.  Fold 'em, stack 'em, put 'em in your pocket!   These flyers give you a foot in the door to all organizations, regardless of their goals!  All activists are potential targets of the Cointelpro tactics described in this flyer!  Attending marches, rallies, protests, and meetings puts you at ground zero for reaching targeted individuals or future targeted individuals!  This flyer is self explanatory.

When asked about the flyer, simply state:

"You have the right to peaceful assembly without being targeted for doing so."  Or
"You have the right to ask your government to be accountable without being targeted for doing so."  Or  "You have the right to work for peaceful change without being targeted by Cointelpro."

These flyers were designed to print on the HP952C.  Some adjustment and re-alignment may be necessary to print properly on other printers.  They are printed on both sides of the paper, so alignment is critical if the words are not to be folded.  A good trial run would be to print one in the draft mode and fold it to see if proper alignment has been achieved.  Coutside Cinside    (word 97)

The "Why" Flyer!

The profile of battered women vs. targeted individuals is so close as to invite speculation  that they are one and the same.  This flyer is also a good one to take to meetings,  marches, protests, and rallies!  All are welcome to attend these events and they provide the opportunity to  reach both aware and unaware targeted individuals..  This flyer appeals to all who would end stalking  and harassment!  The Why1 flyer is size 8x10 and the Why2 flyer will print two on one page.

When asked about the flyers, simply state:

"This is the newest trend in stalking and harassment.  Prosecution is difficult as it involves a gang or harassment club, making identification difficult.  The methods used make the victim look mentally ill.  This type of stalking and harassment is on the increase and is used by ex-boyfriends, and ex-husbands, as well as corporations wanting to encourage certain employees to resign from their jobs.  Some referr to the later as workplace bullying or mobbing in the workplace."

Again, the flyers were designed to print on the HP952C.  Some adjustment and re-alignment may be necessary to print properly on other printers.  A good trial run would be to print one in the draft mode and fold it to see if proper alignment has been achieved.  Why1 makes a good poster, Why2 is good for tabling, and why3 saves paper and ink, can be inserted into a trifold, and is easier to handle at marches and protests.  Why1(one on 8x10)  Why2(two on  8x10)  Why3(three on 8x10)   (word 97)

Gif and Tiff for News Media
Here are some files that have been used for advertisment.

http://www.stopcovertwar.com/WhySmall.gif  (1,414 KB)
http://www.stopcovertwar.com/why1.gif   (2,931 KB)
http://www.stopcovertwar.com/why2.gif   (3,036 KBb)
http://www.stopcovertwar.com/Why052004.tif   (79 KB)

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