Simple Tests You Can Do

(No Electronic Equipment Required)

There is no guarantee that these tests will reveal what they purport to reveal.  Most of these tests will probably work to determine the devices that may be used on the victim at a given point in time.  These tests may work best for those who are being heavily harassed by street theater. 

Did they bug my house?
Did they tap my phone?
Did they bug my car?
Is there a "bumper beeper" on my car?
How do they know my whereabouts in my home?
Can they see through my eyes?
Can they hear through my ears?
Can they read my thoughts?
Can they project thoughts into my head?
Can they read my emotions?
Can they influence my emotions?
Have they implanted me?
Am I being decoyed?
Can I ever have a private conversation?

In order for the tests below to be valid, they must be done several times, over a period of one or two months, with consistent results

These tests require only deductive reasoning and acute and objective observation.  Done repeatedly over a period of a month or two, the tests will yield a more complete picture of what the perps are using to gather the information used to harass you. 

Do keep in mind, no one has been able to actually locate the bugs in their car or home and only a hand full of victims have been able to actually have an implant removed.  This may be because few implants have been detected, and hardly any doctors will remove the ones that are found.  It has been reported that magnets can interfere with implants but no one has been able to verify this.   There have been rumors that removal attempts have sometimes resulted in illness but we have no further information on this at this time.

Testing for bugs in the home.
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Be aware of your conversation in your home.  While working on a project did you say:

      "I need #10 3/4 inch flat head screws." 
       Then you arrive at the store to find all the screw bins full except 
        the #10 3/4 inch flat  head screw bin, which was  completely empty.

       or "I need 2 gallons of orange gator aid."
       Then you arrive at the grocery store to find all the shelves fully 
       stocked with gator aid, except for the orange gator aid shelf, 
       which is totally empty.

Testing for wire taps on the phone.
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The telephone is an indispensable communication tool and the perps can find out everything
about you simply by listening in on your conversations.  You can find out if your phone is
tapped just by paying attention to what is going on around you.  Did you say to a friend:

     "Lunch is a good idea, let's meet at the Pizza place on the corner at 1:00."
       Then you arrive at the designated place to find the perps have gotten there 
       ahead of you and have it thoroughly staked out to aggravate you and spy 
       on you the whole time you are there.

      Or  "Why don't we go to the play Wednesday night, do you want to go?"
      Then you and your friend go to the play and get to be harassed an spied 
      upon the whole night because the perp's bought the tickets right behind 

Testing for bugs in the car.
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Most targeted individuals report their cars are bugged both inside and outside.  Again, conversation with a friend will be picked up.  The perps have been known to listen in even if you are talking to yourself, for example if you are lost.  If the car is bugged inside, it probably is also bugged on the outside as well.  Conversation with a friend is a good method here also.  If you don't want to be overheard, step away from the car a good distance.  Apply the same test rules as above.

Testing for a "bumper beeper" on your car.
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Be aware that the perps have staked out every major parking lot in every city and town.  The perps sit in their cars, waiting for a signal to move their vehicle, or to get out of their car and go into the establishment.  If you see this kind of activity going on every time you pull into a parking lot, you probably have a bumper beeper on your car.

Testing for "through the wall" radar.
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Since "through the wall radar" (actually called millimeter wave technology) can operate in PASSIVE mode, i.e. it sends out no signal but can still see through non-conductive walls, only by clues from the neighbors can you identify this type of harassment.  If when you are sleeping alone at night with no one else in the room, a car drives down your normally quiet street every time you get out of bed to go to the bathroom, through the wall radar is being used.  Or if every time you walk toward the front door, a car goes by or a person walks by on a street of low traffic, etc.  Any of your activities can be synchronized with perp activity.  The perps just want to make sure you know your every move is being watched.  Of course they are hoping you will complain about this so you can be labeled  a paranoid.   A camera on the inside of your window, aimed at the street, may reveal your normally quiet street only has traffic synchronized to your activity.  While the camera will not see you, one victim reports the microphone on the camera will pick up any signal he chooses.  He uses a toy "cricket clicker" to signal by the number of  clicks, his activity in his home.  This revealed that traffic indeed was synched up to his movements.

Testing "through my eyes" vision.
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This test requires that you NOT speak any words out loud, but only write them down or type them on a typewriter.  You can use a computer but if the perps are using tempest, they can read every word on your computer screen.  You can communicate with a friend by writing on a piece of paper the destination and activity the two of you agree upon.  If the perps are there ahead of you, they probably can see through your eyes or read your thoughts. 

Testing "through my ears" hearing.
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This test should be done in an open field with no structures around, preferably not a public park, as they are known to be bugged.  Make sure you are at least 100 feet from your car as it is probably bugged even on the outside.  Again, have a friend talk to you, giving you information the perps would want to use to harass you.  Again, if the perps are there ahead of you, they may be hearing what you hear or reading your thoughts.

Testing for thought reading.
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"Thought reading" happens when the victim NEVER utters intentions to do something, yet the perpetrators execute a skit which could not have been planned without having  "heard" the victim's own thoughts.  The experiences of victims who report thought reading seem to point to actually reading the silent signals to the vocal cords, made when "saying something silently to one's self".

The test for this is:  "Did I EVER, EVEN ONCE, verbalize to myself or others the information the perps acted upon?"  If the answer is absolutely no, then you have experienced "thought reading" at least to the extent of "said silently to one's self".  (That is also known as "sub-vocalizing".)

Testing for thought projection.
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This is a tough one and takes time and patience.  Many victims report feeling unwanted thoughts "injected" into their heads from time to time.  Do you frequently get an impulse to go to a place you do not really need to go?  Or do something that really does not need to be done?  Or do you have thoughts of disdain or ridicule for someone you don't even know well enough to know why?  The perps just love to keep folks from making new friends. 

Testing for the reading of emotions.
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Victims report instances where the perps deliberately set up a scenario designed to cause anger or fear.  The perps appeared to be just as interested in observing the victim as in provoking the emotion.  As the victim would begin to calm down, the perps would again provoke the emotion, then remain silent, observing the victim carefully.  It is believed the perps were actually scanning the victim's brain readout in those situations and recording these brain frequencies so that this recording could be beamed back at the victim at a later time, causing the victim to fly into a rage, become fearful or depressed.

Testing for the influence of emotions.
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Do you experience sudden bursts of anger over situations that should just be a minor annoyance to you, but not anger you?  Do you feel fearful or depressed for no reason at all?  Many victims are convinced the perps can play back previous recordings of their emotions to the brain, influencing emotions.  This is a handy tool the perps use to cause dissent among family and friends.  One victim related an incident in which a comment was made which would have normally annoyed her but instead, she flew into a rage and lashed out at everyone.  She reports that she felt the anger building in her for no logical reason.  Other victims report depression after feelings of being "hit" in the nasal area with what felt like an electronic signal.  It is known by entrainment research that previous recordings of the victims emotions can be beamed back at them, causing that same emotion to be instilled in them whenever and wherever the perps choose.

Testing for implants.
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The element of surprise is paramount here.  An unscheduled visit to a minor emergency clinic, podiatrist, or chiropractor is the order of the day.  Be sure to bring cash or credit card.   Make up a pretext why you need to have the x-ray done, and say up front this NOT an insurance claim and ask what is the charge for the x-ray so that you can pay immediately.  This will grease the wheels and hopefully it can be done before the perps can interfere.  Watch the x-ray door to see if there is any perp activity.  They have been known to switch x-rays.  Loiter in the hall around the x-ray room, so as to catch a glimpse as the film is being processed.  Keep in mind that only a small percentage of implants will show up on x-ray.  The new implants are not metal, and some are even biological (living cells) and therefore difficult to detect.  It has been reported that some psychics can detect implants and even disable them.  Keep in mind that this could result in a decoy effect.  Also keep in mind that the perps do not need to implant you.  They now have the capability to do everything to you by remote, classified electronics.

Testing for decoys.
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A smart perpetrator will always try to DECOY the victim, that is, create effects that point to a technology different from that actually being used.  While PROVING a given effect is a decoy is usually not possible, the smart victim will refrain from being too sure that what is the obvious cause of the observed effect is in fact the cause.  Only consistent results over a period of several months will reveal what the perps are using on you.  On the other hand, if refraining from talking about your plans will let you accomplish your daily goals (buy the screws and get the gator aid), then by all means, zip your lip!  If silence about your planned daily activities seems to lower perp interference, clam up!

Can I ever have a private conversation?
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A private conversation is possible using the following methods: 
Select your favorite music to play on the stereo.  Just for the record, the perps, being mostly satanic in nature, hate Christmas carols and hymns.  Turn the music up loud enough to mask your voices.  The volume should be high enough to almost necessitate mouth to ear proximity.  An alternative would be to go to a bar or tavern that has loud music.  The lighting should be dim enough to prevent the perps from lip reading, if not, obscure their view by dancing with the person or move to a dark corner.

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