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Nazis and the Republican Party
  Investigative reporter Christopher Simpson says in BLOWBACK that
after World War II, Nazi émigrés were given CIA subsidies to build a
far-right-wing power base in the U.S. These Nazis assumed prominent
positions in the Republican Party's "ethnic outreach committees."
Simpson documents the fact that these Nazis did not come to America
as individuals but as part of organized groups with fascist political
agendas. The Nazi agenda did not die along with Adolph Hitler. It
moved to America  (or a part of it did) and joined the far right of
the Republican Party.

   Simpson shows how the State Department and the CIA put high-
ranking Nazis on the intelligence payroll "for their expertise in
propaganda and psychological warfare," among other purposes. The most
important Nazi employed by the U.S. was Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler's
most senior eastern front military intelligence officer. After
Germany's defeat became certain, Gehlen offered the U.S. certain
concessions in exchange for his own  protection. Gehlen promoted
hyped up cold war propaganda on behalf of the political right in this
country, and  helped shape U.S. perceptions of the cold war.

   Journalist Russ Bellant (OLD NAZIS, THE NEW RIGHT, AND THE
REPUBLICAN PARTY) shows that Laszlo Pasztor, a convicted Nazi war
collaborator, built the Republican émigré network. Pasztor, who
served as adviser to Republican Paul Weyrich, belonged to the
Hungarian Arrow Cross, a group that helped liquidate Hungary's Jews.
Pasztor was founding chairman of the Republican Heritage Groups

   Two months before the November 1988 presidential election, a small
newspaper, Washington Jewish Week, disclosed that a coalition for the
Bush campaign included a number of outspoken Nazis and anti-Semites.
The article prompted six leaders of Bush's coalition to resign.

   According to Russ Bellant, Nazi collaborators involved in the
Republican Party included:

      1.Radi Slavoff, GOP Heritage Council's executive director, and
head of "Bulgarians for Bush." Slavoff was a member of a Bulgarian
fascist group, and he put together an event in Washington honoring
Holocaust revistionist/deny-er, Austin App.

      2.Florian Galdau, director of GOP outreach efforts among
Romanians, and head of "Romanians for Bush." Galdau was once an Iron
Guard recruiter, and he defended convicted Nazi war criminal Valerian

      3.Nicholas Nazarenko, leader of a Cossack GOP ethnic unit.
Nazarenko was an ex-Waffen SS officer.

      4.Method Balco, GOP activist. Balco organized yearly memorials
for a Nazi puppet regime.

      5.Walter Melianovich, head of the GOP's Byelorussian unit.
Melianovich worked closely with many Nazi groups.

      6.Bohdan Fedorak, leader of "Ukrainians for Bush." Fedorak
headed a Nazi group involved in anti-Jewish  wartime pogroms.

   The Philadelphia Inquirer ran an article on the Bush team's
inclusion of Nazis (David Lee Preston, "Fired Bush backer one of
several with possible Nazi links," September 10, 1988.) The newspaper
also ran an investigative series on Nazi members of the Bush
coalition. The article confirmed that the Bush team included members
listed by Russ Bellant.

   Journalist Martin A. Lee, has written for The Nation, Rolling
Stone, The San Francisco Chronicle, and other  publications. In THE
BEAST REAWAKENS, Lee confirms that during both the Reagan and Bush
years, the Republican Party's ethnic outreach arm recruited members
from the Nazi émigré network.

   Lee says that the Republican Party's ethnic outreach division had
an outspoken hatred of President Jimmy Carter's Office of Special
Investigations (OSI), an organization dedicated to tracking down and
prosecuting Nazi war collaborators who entered this country
illegally. Former Republican Pat Buchanan attacked Carter's OSI after
it deported a few suspected Nazi war criminals.

   According to Lee, public relations man Harold Keith Thompson was
principal U.S. point man for the postwar Nazi support network known
as die Spinne, or the Spider. In the late 40s and early 50s, Thompson
worked as the chief North American representative for the remaining
National Socialist German Worker's Party and the SS. Lee writes that
the wealthy Thompson gave generously to Republican candidates Senator
Jesse Helms and would-be senator Oliver North. Thompson's money
gained him membership in the GOP's Presidential Legion of Merit. Lee
says Thompson also "received numerous thank-you letters from the
Republican National Committee." Those letters are now in the Hoover
Institute Special Collections Library.

   Christopher Simpson writes in BLOWBACK that in 1983, Ronald Reagan
presented a Medal of Freedom, the country's highest civilian honor,
to CIA émigré program consultant James Burnham. Burnham was a
psychological warfare consultant who promoted something
called "liberationism." Just before the 1952 election, the CIA worked
up a multimillion-dollar public relations campaign aimed at selling
Americans on expanding cold war activities in Europe. Part of the
guiding theory (given the name "liberationism") was the idea that
certain Nazi leaders from World War II should be brought in
as "freedom fighters" against the USSR.

   Reagan said that Burnham's ideas on liberation "profoundly
affected the way America views itself and the world," adding, "I owe
[Burnham] a personal debt, because throughout the years of traveling
on the  mashed-potato circuit I have quoted [him] widely." Reagan may
not have known Burnham's theories were based on his work on projects
that enlisted many Nazi collaborators, but it seems that Reagan's CIA
Director Casey or former CIA Director, Vice President George Bush,
would have informed him.

   At a May 9, 1984 press conference, Simon Wiesenthal said, "Nazi
criminals were the principal beneficiaries of  the Cold War." The
cold war mentality, hyped by Reinhard Gehlen and other Nazis, became
the shelter for tens of thousands of Nazi criminals. Helping the far
right in this country to promote cold war hysteria became the Nazi
war criminals "reason for being." As Christopher Simpson says, the
cold war became those criminals' means "to avoid responsibility for
the murders they had committed."

   Journalist Seymour Hersh says Christopher Simpson's BLOWBACK
is "the ultimate book about the worst kind of cold war thinking, in
which some of our most respected statesmen made shameful decisions
that they mistakenly believed to be justified." To this day, says
Simpson, the U.S. intelligence agencies hide the scope of their post-
World War II collaboration with Nazi criminals.

   Are Republicans like George H. W. Bush, Oliver North, and Jesse
Helms, aware they have been assisted by Nazi collaborators? Bush once
worked for the CIA and should have known about the nature of the
Nazis in his '88 campaign. No doubt he knows the history of Nazi/CIA
collaboration. Whether or not Bush knew of the fascists' involvement
in his campaign, the Republican Party should have done a far better
screening job. One thing is certain: The intelligence agencies know
the scope and extent of Nazi involvement with the political right in
this country. It is a shame they keep it hidden from the majority of
the American people.



March 6, 2003
Sequel to USA Patriot Act
is every tyrant's dream, Libertarians say

WASHINGTON, DC -- Here's great news for everyone who supported the USA
Patriot Act, Libertarians say:  The Justice Department has secretly
drafted follow-up legislation that would allow the government to make
secret arrests, create a vast new DNA database of "suspected
terrorists" and even strip Americans of their citizenship and deport

"If you liked the Patriot Act, you're going to love the sequel," said
George Getz, Libertarian Party communications director. "Patriot II
offers awesome government power, rapidly disappearing freedom, and an
action-packed war on the Constitution. You'll be sitting on the edge of
your seat as your liberties are stripped away."

The Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003 (DSEA) dubbed "Patriot
II" because of its similarities to the USA Patriot Act was secretly
written by the Justice Department in January and has not yet been
introduced in Congress.  A draft of the legislation was leaked recently
to the Center for Public Integrity and posted on its web site.

"The original Patriot Act got rave reviews from authoritarians
everywhere," Getz noted. "Rogue FBI agents conducting 'sneak-and-peak
searches,' an e-mail spy scheme named Carnivore, secret deportations
this legislation was every petty tyrant's dream.

"It opened to a packed House and Senate in October 2001 and got a
nearly unanimous 'thumbs up.' Clearly there's a market out there for
less freedom, and Washington is rushing to cash in with a sequel."

The plot for Patriot II:  A group of unscrupulous politicians in a
large, Western democracy capitalize on a terrorist attack in order to
vastly expand their powers.  They embark on an effort to convince their
subjects that by surrendering their freedom they will be protected from
terrorists and other criminals.

Working along with a "Department of Justice," they subvert the
Constitution by secretly crafting legislation that allows the
government to:

* Make secret arrests, overturning a federal court decision requiring
the government to identify persons detained in the 9/11 investigation.

* Issue secret subpoenas, and jail people who reveal to anyone except
their attorney that they are the subject of a secret investigation.

* Strip citizens of their citizenship for associating with a group
designated by the attorney general as a "terrorist organization," even
if the individual's conduct is legal.

* Allow the attorney general to deport any foreigner, even a permanent
legal resident, whose presence he deems "inconsistent with national

* Create a database of DNA collected from "suspected terrorists" and
from non-citizens suspected of ordinary crimes.

* Conduct a wiretap for 15 days without a judge's approval, and monitor
an individual's Internet and chat room visits for 48 hours without a
court order.

* Overturn local court decrees that restrict police from illegal

* Weaken the Freedom of Information Act to prevent journalists from
learning who is being held in police custody.

Though Patriot II is expected to be a hit with politicians and much of
the public, not everyone will be buying a ticket, Getz predicted.

"Libertarians and other freedom-loving Americans have panned Patriot
II for obvious reasons," he said. "It's burdened by the same clichéd
cast of characters as the original a devious attorney general, an
opportunistic president, and pandering politicians who hoodwink people
into surrendering their freedom.

"Will anyone fall for this story line a second time?"
For additional information:
George Getz, Communications Director
Phone: (202) 333-0008
E-Mail: pressreleases@hq.LP.org


What's So Patriotic About Trampling on the Bill of Rights?

Patriots...Beware the Patriot act!
       Golly Gee!  If only the government didn't have all those innocent
                          Americans to harass and "investigate", there might actually be
                                       time and money to find the real terrorists.  ----Freida Flag

"The FBI doesn't need to read more e-mail, install roving wiretaps,
redefine terrorism, or get any of the new powers in the Patriot Act,"
he said. "The FBI simply needs to rediscover the power of old-fashioned
detective work -- and pay better attention when it gets warnings that
terrorists plan to launch a deadly strike against Americans."
--Steve Dasbach, director Libertarian Party

2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Suite 100
Washington DC 20037
World Wide Web: http://www.LP.org
For additional information:
George Getz, Press Secretary
Phone: (202) 333-0008 Ext. 222
E-Mail: pressreleases@hq.LP.org

New compromise "Patriot Act"
is still a threat to civil liberties

WASHINGTON, DC -- Congress should reject the proposed anti-terrorist
"Patriot Act" -- which would greatly expand the federal government's
surveillance, wiretapping, and detention authority -- because no new
police powers are needed to effectively fight terrorism, the
Libertarian Party said today.

"There's no evidence that these new police powers will actually stop
terrorists -- but there is a clear and present danger that they will
curtail the fundamental civil liberties of Americans," said Steve
Dasbach, the party's national director.

"That's why this bill should worry Americans more than it will worry
terrorists. And that's why Congress should reject it."

The Patriot Act -- which will be considered by the U.S. House Judiciary
Committee on Wednesday -- is the result of two weeks of closed-door
negotiations between Congress and the Bush administration.

While the bipartisan compromise made some concessions to civil
libertarian concerns, the bill:

* Gives any U.S. Attorney or state attorney general the power to
install the Carnivore e-mail snooping system in "emergency situations"
without obtaining a court order.

* Allows telephone voice mail messages to be obtained by law
enforcement with a mere search warrant, which is issued with less court
scrutiny than the previously required wiretap warrant.

* Expands the definition of "terrorist" so broadly that it could
include non-violent protesters at an anti-war rally.

* Makes it easier for the government to tap multiple phones as part of
a "roving wiretap" warrant.

* Allows the government to detain legal immigrants for seven days based
on a mere accusation of terrorist activity.

On Saturday, President Bush urged Congress to approve the provisions in
the Patriot Act, saying it gives law enforcement "every necessary tool"
to fight terrorists.

But politicians made that promise before, noted Dasbach.

For example, in 1978, Congress passed the Foreign Intelligence
Surveillance Act (FISA), which created secret federal courts to approve
clandestine wiretaps of suspected spies and terrorists. In 1995,
Congress expanded the FISA courts' authority to include searches of
homes and computers.

During its first 21 years in operation, FISA courts authorized 11,950
secret searches and wiretaps -- while rejecting only one search
warrant, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

In 1996, Congress passed the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty
Act in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, which created courts with
the power to deport foreigners based on secret evidence; gave the
Secretary of State the authority to arbitrarily designate groups as
"terrorist;" and allowed the government to freeze the assets of
suspected terrorist groups.

In 1998, after the bombings of American embassies in Africa, Congress
passed legislation that authorized "roving wiretaps" for the first time
and increased the maximum "Counterterrorism Rewards Program" from $2
million to $5 million.

That same year, President Clinton also issued two Presidential Decision
Directives: PDD-62, which established the office of the National
Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection and Counter-
Terrorism, and PDD-63, which created the National Infrastructure
Protection Center.

A senior FBI agent told Time magazine in 1998: "Any one of these
extremely valuable tools could be the keystone" to successful
operations against terrorists.

But none of those additional powers did a thing to stop terrorists from
killing 6,000 Americans on September 11, noted Dasbach.

"That's why, instead of demanding ever-expanding powers, the FBI and
other federal law enforcement agencies should simply do their jobs --
by acting on credible warnings of terrorist attacks," he said. "If they
had done so, 6,000 Americans might still be alive today."

According to a September 27 column by Robert D. Novak, Philippine
police arrested several Islamic terrorists in 1995 and discovered plans
to use commercial airliners to attack targets in America, including the
World Trade Center and the Pentagon. That information was passed on to
the U.S. government.

In August 2001, a flight school in Minnesota contacted the FBI and
warned agents about a "peculiar" Arab who wanted to take 747 flight
simulator training to learn how to steer -- but not take off or land.
The man was arrested for lack of a valid visa and detained for future

Wrote Novak: "No connection was made with the 1995 revelation. The FBI
had advance indications of plans to hijack U.S. airliners and use them
as weapons but neither acted on them nor distributed the intelligence
to local police."

Based on those revelations, asked Dasbach, how can the FBI claim it
needs expanded surveillance powers?

"The FBI doesn't need to read more e-mail, install roving wiretaps,
redefine terrorism, or get any of the new powers in the Patriot Act,"
he said. "The FBI simply needs to rediscover the power of old-fashioned
detective work -- and pay better attention when it gets warning
terrorists plan to launch a deadly strike against Americans."

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Finally, Justice Prevails!

Activists Win in Judi Bari vs FBI trial

Contact:  Karen Pickett, Steve Christianson 510/663-6330. www.judibari.org
Camera ready court art from the entire trial available at
Tuesday, June 11, 2002

OAKLAND,CA _ The jury in  the Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney federal civil
rights lawsuit against four FBI agents and three Oakland Police officers
awarded plaintiffs $4.4 million for violation of  the activists'
Constitutional rights and returned a verdict largely in favor of Earth
First! activists Cherney and the late Judi Bari. In a legal victory of
historic proportions against the FBI, the jury found that six of the seven
defendants violated the First and Fouth Amendments of the Constitution by
arresting the activists, conducting searches of their homes, and carrying
out a smear campaign in the press, calling Earth First! a terrorist
organization and calling the activists bombers, in the aftermath of the
explosion of a bomb that was planted in Judi Bari's car in 1990. This
verdict finds unlawful the actions of those in charge of the bombing
investigation, and vindicates Bari and Cherney.

FBI agents Frank Doyle, John Reikes, Philip Sena and OPD officer Mike Sims
were found to have violated Bari and Cherney's First Amendment rights. In
addition, OPD officer Sitterud was found to have violated Cherney's First
Amendment rights. Doyle was found to have violated Bari's Fourth Amendment
rights related to the search of her home, and Doyle and OPD officer
Chenault were found to have violated Cherney's Fourth Amendment rights.
FBI agent Doyle and OPD officer Sims were found to have violated Bari's
Fourth Amendment rights in relation to her arrest. The jury returned an
"undecided" verdict with respect to violations of Cherney's Fourth
Amendment rights for his arrest.

Frank Doyle was the agent in charge of the 1990 bomb scene, and taught an
FBI bomb school at a Louisiana Pacific clearcut  a month prior to the
bombing. Doyle was also the  Squad 13 relief supervisor. Squad 13 was the
joint terrorism squad made up of FBI and Oakland officers and collected
extensive files on political groups in the Bay Area.

Reikes was the head of the FBI's terrorist squad who came to OPD
headquarters the day of the bombing to give the inflammatory briefing on
Earth First!

Sena was already engaged in a secret investigation of Earth First! and
concocted a fake informant tip.

Sims was an OPD homicide lieutenant in charge of other officers
investigating the bombing and the decision-maker for the unjust arrests of
the activists.

Sitterud ignored evidence at the scene and  concocted information that
would implicate the activists. Chenault wrote the first fraudulent search
warrant affidavit.

This verdict is a referendum against the FBI's gross interference with
people's right to dissent at a time when  Attorney General Ashcroft, FBI
Director Mueller and the Bush administration are arrogating huge power to
themselves and the FBI to spy on legitimate groups and organizers and
infringe the Constitutional rights of the public.
The filled-out verdict form is available at
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Why do we appoint special prosecutors to investigate a President's extra marital affairs and then turn right around and decline to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Enron connection to the George Bush White House?  Guess the former was a matter of national security so urgent that the right to privacy had to be ignored and soundly trampled.  Such a grave matter of national security dictated that all the sordid details of the Clinton-Lewinski trysts be exposed to an uncaring public.

Looks like it is now a matter of grave national security to cover up the details of the ruination of thousands of employee retirement plans.  We can open up a special investigation to reveal the details of Presidential trysts but we are strangely uninterested in investigating campaign contributions from a company that deliberately cheated employees out of their retirement benefits.

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Whatever Happened to HR 2977?

Why, it's been rewritten and replaced with a new "improved" bill, HR 3616 of course!  Naturally this new bill has eliminated any reference to certain new technologies that were mentioned in the original bill.  References to practices, substances, and devices that should be far more stringently regulated than firearms.  We wonder why.  Perhaps if the ungutted version of the bill were to pass, the people, through the FOIA, might find out that millions of American citizens are summarily relegated to the status of a lab rat.

Monday, March 12, 2001

Remember last year when the Republicans wanted to push a tax cut through Congress?
Remember Alan Greenspan's comment--"Do the responsible thing and pay down the national
debt first, then think about the tax cut."   Remember how he lowered the interest rate twice to
try to head off a tax cut?  Well what happened?  Now Greenspan is saying a tax cut "may be necessary" and refuses to cut interest rates.

This is just the old problem-reaction-solution ploy in play here, and is well known and used by
governments and the powerful.  When the people don't want something, simply create a crisis or problem.  Then the people will react and demand that something be done.  Then those in power offer the "solution" which turns out to be what the people did not want to begin with.
It goes something like this:

The administration wants a tax cut, however, a tax cut is not responsible while the debt is so high, and the cut would not be very beneficial to working families.

The problem:   So a crisis must be created.  This is done by engineering a "controlled crash".  Things are slowing down, so talk about how bad the economy is, destroying consumer confidence.  Then as it slides, no not do the easy and obvious thing (cut interest rates), just keep letting it slide and talking about how bad it is until things get really bad.  As more layoffs occur people react by getting scared.

Reaction:  The people get so scared, they are ready to accept any kind of action to stop the decent.  Most people are only 3 months away from the street, so the possibility of loosing their job causes them to react with fear and panic.  Each day brings news of more layoffs.  In the back of their mind, they wonder how to meet the mortgage payment, pay the utility bills, or make the car payment.  They are ready for the solution now.

Solution:  The powerful offer the solution to the problem:  The tax cut.  Of course.  Now the people are ready to do anything to stop the downward spiral.  Even though the people know it is more prudent to pay off the debt first and then cut taxes later, they will finally give in to the pressure and fear created by the powerful.  It is only a matter of time.

The people will be held hostage in this manner until the tax cut gets passed!

Just remember...Freida Flag told you so!
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