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Tired of isolation?  Looking to communicate with other Targeted Individuals?
There are Millions of Victims out there.  The trick is to find them!  Register
here by sending a brief description of your situation and contact information.
Do not forget city and state, although city is optional.  There is no automated
program for registration so you will need to put your information in an email and or call  512-255-0993
NOTE:  Our answering machine does NOT work so KEEP TRYING!

Tired of unreported thefts?  Police often do not report thefts, or report them
as an incident, a "theft not in progress," etc.  Report it here!  You can find out
if others in your area are experiencing the same problem! Please keep graphics
files as small as possible and include them only when necessary.  Report to and or call  512-255-0993
AGAIN:  Our answering machine does NOT work so KEEP TRYING!

Finally, the first toll free number for victims:
sponsored by:
Freedom From Covert Harassment and Survillence
(FFCHS): 1-800-571-5618

There are also support groups meeting regularly.

Victim Postings below:

Australia   Brazil Canada    Pakistan

Poland    ScotlandUnited Kingdom

United States


Hornsby, (Sidney)
Political dissident reports gangstalking, black listing, street theater since
filing a lawsuit in the supreme court against the government for gangstalking.
Contact Mark Flowers Cell: 612-0401406957


Since year 2001 I have been a victim of Gang Stalking, Electronic Harassment,
Psycho Terror, Mind Control, Mind "Reading" and other crimes.
Contact:  Roberto Pereira, 55-12-8155-9551

Canadian patriots


Dean Ray reports defamation of character, gangstalking, harassment after
attempted recruitment.  Threats against family.  Mother had suspicious Auto
Collision case #1502991, Camrose, Alberta.  Father also in suspicious auto
collision.  Neither were at fault.   or

British Columbia

Gang stalking, terrorist break ins, vandalism, theft of wallet, no support
from family.  Street theater.  Sleep depravation, advanced technology in use.
Email filtering and deletion.  keep trying!

City Unknown
Since 1998 till present I have been the victim of gang stalking,
electronic harassment,dew,mind control,gassing,poisoning,controlled
dreams,mind manipulation of family members,friends(hypnotic triggers),
hidden cameras in home and auto,  communications sabotaged(phone,internet)
search engines modified,etc.I left vancouver july 06 now in morocco
00 33 646619051

Stalking, harassment, defamation of character & business, street theater,
near accidents (road rage), electronic harassment, terrorist break-ins, theft of
documents, money, vandalism of computer, children targeted as well.
Want to network with an effective group.
Contact:  Destiney


St. Johns
Byron Prior reports perp takeover of Newfoundland.  After many generations
of Irish and English immigration, 80% of the males on the island are
Free Masons, therefore, perp crime is rampant.
Byron Prior  709-834-9822

Corner Brook/St. Johns
Gang Stalking, electronic harassment.

Electronic harassment, street theater, V2s.  Contact Roach 416-454-0371  or


Street theater, vandalism of vehicles, e-harassment.
Call Christopher  819-348-1575

Saint Eustache
Stalking, e-harassment, street theater.
Call 514-735-3515


Defamation of character, psychological warfare, DEW.


Quezon City
Street theater, black listing, harassment, defamation of character.
Contact Ivan  941-5648 (Local)
+63-919-6025-803 international


I am a Mkultra victim.  A new phone no.0032488034047 l
ooking to contact deprogrammers or people experienced in the field.


Hi guys, my name is Joe Stirling and I am a veteran
victim of the Masonic Perps for thirty years. You can check me out by
typing "0141 560 4743" or "Stirling's Rules" into your search
engines. We have a victims support group called "Second Family (UK)"
We do a free regular snail-mail newsletter. I also have a petition to
Ban Freemasonry and Other Secret Societies at
Contact details:
Phone 0141 560 4743 (UK) or mobile/cellphone 07834 329
287 or email or snail mail to
S.F.  93 Ashburn Road, Glasgow G62 7PQ, Scotland.

United Kingdom

I am lucky in a way that I am targeted.  Now I know the threat
to all humankind.  Advice to all who are assualted: It is our job
now to save humanity by liberating people no matter how ignorant
they are.  Please contact me no matter where you live.
Sanwar  phone:  00447813163708

United States
 New Hampshire
 New Jersey
 New Mexico
 New York
 North Carolina
 North Dakota
 Rhode Island
 South Carolina
 South Dakota
 West Virginia


City unknown
Stalking, harassment, street theater, and terrorist break-ins.
Contact S at

Theft and vandalization of kitchen ware, accounting files, clothing, personal photo's,
back brace, food, jewelry, newspapers.

Victim of constant home invasions, destructive tampering of automobile,
character defamation at work (after 30 years on the job), loss of job,
loss of house, small pet dog tortured in my absence, ongoing mail tampering
and mail theft, non published telephone number tampered with and calls
constantly intercepted (in three different states), stalked and constantly
harassed, sleep deprivation.  Phoenix, Arizona


Street theater, V2K, KKK harassment, electronic harassment.
PO Box 1034, Azusa, 91702   626-324-1697

I have been subjected to vicious assaults with bio-electro-weapons  for many years now.
Forced to move out of my apartment that I lived in for more than 10 years. Apartment
entered when I was out, with the assistance of the landlord, neighbors and previous tenant.
Theft of personal items. Clothes damages. Vehicle tampering, water and food tampering.
Computer hacked and emails often disrutped. Music production equipment destroyed.
Crediablity damaged by vicious slander.  email contact:

Psychic attacks on myself and my mother.  Stalking, unlawful entry to home,
DEW.  510-548-3135

Theft of clothing, jewelry, photographs.  Constant terrorist break-ins and
vandalization of vehicles.  Strange characters continually attempting to
humiliate and intimidate while walking to the store.  Police accused
victim of paranoia.

Gangstalking, EH, street theater.  Contact:   I. Quinone

Catherine Jiminez reports terrorist break ins, stalking, harassment, street theater,
defamation of character.  408-370-9408

Gang stalking, EH.  I have no cell phone so can't call back long distance.
I can usually be reached in the evening around 10pm  by phone at 559-292-6608.

Stalking, noise campaign, isolation, terrorist break ins, harassment.
Contact: 310-525-7304

Cities Unknown:
Corporately gang stalked: Layed off, slandered, car breakins/vandlism, trash left on car,
prank calls, try to get me fired from new job, national health club joins in on harrassment...
and follows me out of state.

Hi tech surveillance, vandalism, terrorist break-ins, stalking.  619-295-1156

Street theater, false police reports made against both husband and wife,
terrorists break-ins, theft and vandalism.

V2k victim for 2 years; wants to network with other victims:

Electronic Harassment, Gang Stalking contact Cathy 707-575-9258

Defamation of Character, Business Destruction, Police Street Theater,
Workplace Mobbing, Stalkings & Harassments, Voice to Skull.
Email contact
Palm Springs
Victims of electronic harassment and the parents of the victims of electronic harassment:
My name is Kevin Bond and I have been a victim for 13 years.
I am a colleague of Dr. John Hall, "A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America"
whom calls me his right hand man in California.
My blogs are and

Breakins, rape, torture, poison, battery, street theater, smear campaign,
survilance, impersonation, vandalism.
I will provide a phone number to any one wants to talk.
Breakins, street theater, smear campaign, street theater, computer hacking,
impersonation, vandalism.  Contact

San Diego
Andrew Suda tells a story of sabotage of business, defamation of character,
and studied indifference to these crimes by authorities. His story and book
are available here.   His contact info:  619-818-8322

San Francisco
Victim of Gang Stalking for 15 years.

Santa Cruz
I have been the victim of both gangstalking and electronic violence for over three years.
The worst of the gangstalking took place in the Santa Cruz and Live Oak areas during
2003-2004.  I'm hoping someone local will have a change of conscience and contact me.
If you have any information, please email me.  Thank you.  -Ronald Jesse McLaren  and

Street theatre, brightlighting, non-random vehicular traffic.
Community involvement definateley!


Cities unknown
Corporate gang stalking viva todo: Slander, defamation of character, prank and
wrong number calls, home and vehicular breakins, vandalism, street theatre,
electro magnetic 'blast', phone/cell surveilance, 24/7 tracking, nation wide health
club and financial institutions follow suit.

Gang stalking, theft and vandalism

Remote electronic harassment community oriented police,  mobbing.  303-557-8710 to read about a TI co-operative

Gang stalking, street theater.  Contact Sam at   (backup server)


Ft. Lauterdale
Street theater, defamation of character, infiltration of business, noise

Gang Stalked for over 10 years, defamation of character
Hum in ears.  Wants to start an activist group.
contact Mara

Lake city
24/7 surveillance, stalking by plane, train and auto, harrassment, street
theater, break in, pet deaths, eharrassment, the works.
Stalked for around 18 years.

Pembroke Pines
Street theater, vandalism of car, slander campaign.

Pensacola, FL
Gang stalked (military), sleep deprivation, cross and more, loss of job,
inability to hold job, moved from apartment.  CW Wright

St. Petersburg
Gangstalking, electronic harassment  for 8 years.  Tampa, St. Petersburg and
Plant City, Florida area.

Stalking and harassment, defamation of character, destruction of business.
I am looking for any members in Florida.
Contact:  Andy  813-288-1756

West Palm Beach
Victim of electronic harrassment (EMF and microwave radiation),
sleep deprivation, fatigue, theft, voice to skull mind control techniques
used on myself and others around me, wiretapping, etc.

City Unknown
James B. McCallen, victim.

Electronic harassment by undergound cult.
Contact Kathy Braun 808-966-7549

Harassment, stalking,     email blockage.
Call Justice at 808-623-3109.

 Sabotage of income, Stalking, harassment,
defamation of character, vandalism.  Contact Karen Hayashi  808-394-7973


Stalking, street theater, isolation, sleep depravation, V2S.
Contact  773-732-4625 (cell)

Gang-stalking, vandalism, theft, harassment, police no help at all.
Contact:  James R. & Pamela V. McCandless
    360-296-2841               360-296-4372 and

City Unknown
Gang-stalking, breakins, multiple implants.
Contact Bethany 708-895-6530, or 708-238-6660


City Unknown
Stalking, DEW,


Vandalized computer, watches, stole the cordless phone.
Harassment, street theater, and more.
C. J. is starting a support group.
CAUTION:  This may be triggering for survivors as the topics
discussed frequently move far beyond mere street theater, thefts,
sabotage, and defamation of character.


Baton Rouge
Stalking, electronic arassment, defamation of character.
call Jimmy Dunnaway  225-665-7479.

City Unknown
Troy is being gangstalked and harassed electronically. 985-518-9489.

Denham Springs, La.
Workplace mobbing, home invasions, defamation of character, loss of job,
vandalism, intimate infiltration.

New Orleans
Harassment, break ins, thefts, vandalism to home ,property, clothing and car,
my computer is regularly hacked, my calls and mail are "diverted" so I don't get
them and also, noise campaigns, slander, and DEW.


Washington, DC
Vehicular harassment and sabotage, street theatre, faux long lines, break ins,
blacklisting, malicious lies and rumors spread, wiretapping, cell phone scanning,
attempts to frame me, possible attempts to scare or injure me with Drano, internet
gang mobbing, workplace mobbing, sexual harassment, and constant set-ups
with fake friends.  Contact sloan


Stalking, harassment, sabotage of income, defamation of character,
phone tapped, email inteference, blacklisting, and vandalism.
Contact d.ashman

Jamaica Plain
I have been a victim of stalking, Harassment, constant video
and wire surveillance, noise campaigns, electronic harassment,
defamation of character.  contact Aaron

City unknown
Gang Stalking, ringing in ears, telephone tap, space intrusion.
Nettie Wilson


City unknown
Stalking, terrorist break ins, theft, vandalism.
Deprived of the use of our Internet as well as our phone.

Stalking, Harassment at School and Work, Assault, Theft (documents,
money, jewelry, software),e-harassment, defamation of character, snail mail
missing.  Numerous vehicles have tried also to run me over.

Electronic harassment, wire tapping, stalking, tampering with vehicle.


Stolen wheel caps, hood ornament, and insignia.  Organized Vandalism,
on going Vigilante harassment.  Computer, phone, and mail tampering.
Would like to make contact with other victims.

Stolen batteries, glasses, clothing, CD's, vandalism of dwelling and
vehicle.  Theft of medications and other things.
Pray and read the Bible!  All things possible through Jesus Christ
our lord and savior.  Keep trying!

South Haven
Corrupt police push drugs, do terrorist breakins, threaten, tazer,
false arrest, etc.  320-236-2472

St. Paul
Stalking, harassment, eharassment.


Targeted since 1997, synthetic telepathy, 24 hour a day EM harassment,
including V2S, dream manipulation,  and much more if you would care to
hear about or share.  Contact David


V2S, electronic harassment, tampering with computer, phone, mail, automobile,
gang stalking.  Contact Donna 402-884-5176


Las Vegas
Whistleblower reports gang stalking, electronic harassment, terrorist break-ins.
Contact Terry Eliason

Gang stalked by scientologist.  Contact info  or (702)526 2469

New Hampshire

Gang stalking, terrorist breakins, street theater, phone threats.

New Jersey

Carneys Point
Stalking, Harassment, defamation of character

Gang stalking, mobbing, harassment.

New Mexico

EH, phone hacking, breakins.

Group-Stalking, Cell Phone hacking, Credit Card theft.
Property, Vehicle, and Weaponry Theft, Vandalism,
Defamation of character.Contact:

Truth or Consequences
Sleep depravation, Police harassment, theft, vandalism.
Contact Joe Robinson

New York

V2S, verbal harassment, terrorist break-ins, theft, computer vandalism.
Contact Stefano Marescotti  347-615-9865

Defamation of character, street theater.  On going gang stalking
and  harassment.  Loss of home, physical and mental disability.

I am a victim of rogue law enforcement, harassment, baiting,
street theater,  constant stalking, DEW, and other forms of psychological
torture.  I am suffering with PTss, aniety disorder, and other disabilities.
I have a blog spot:

New York City
Gangstalking, V2K, street theater, verbal harassment from strangers directed
conversations, audio surveillance, etc

Harassment, street theater, surveillance, etc  contact  Dianna
or email

Around the clock 24/7 Gangstalking, agressive air stalking, agressive cyberstalking, defamation of character/slander campaign, electronic harassment, directed energy weapons (DEW), big time PychOps, audio/video surveillance.

Perps targeted individual after filing lawsuit against large corporation.
Defamation of character, slander, internet cyber-harassment.

City unknown
Stalking, harassment, defamation of character.

North Carolina

"I realized the bag that was packed by the bus attendant was missing.
It had my Family Pictures and A academics Awards of excellence and
certificates. I reported this incident to the police who respondent by
saying that the only people who can help me will be the bus attendants.
Since then they have been looking for my bag. But i suspect any of the
covert operators would have conspired with the attendants to have my
belongings as souvenirs."


Massive Physical Non-Consensual Medical Intervention!
I am potentially already dead.  234-678-6773

Police refuse to prosecute criminal activities.  Call Don at


Break-ins to my home, vehicle, property damage, delayed email, phone calls,
voicemails and snail mail/packages (items missing from packages), unusual health
problems for my daughter and I, spreading false rumors.
Contact JL at

Continual stalking, harassment, and sleep depravation.
Contact Kevin

Street theater, terrorist breakins, vandalized vehicle, harassment.
Lost custody of child.  Group stalking is a hate crime!
contact: or pager 503-527-0634


Cities unknown
Overt stalking, e-harassment, terrorist break-ins.

Gang stalking.  Contact

State College
I am curently a victim of V2k, Gang Stalking.

Rhode Island

Cities unknown
Stalked by vehicles with bogus license plates. Harassment, mail tampering.
Interference with TV cable, charge accounts, and business since March 2000.
Nancy Carpino

Gangstalking, harassment, mail tampering and stalking by vehicle.
Contact Lynn-Marie


City unknown
Stalking, harassment, terrorist break-ins.


V2S harassment

Cities unknown  760-701-9058

Defamation of character, gang stalking, harassment.
Contact Jessica at 214-453-9923 or

Gang Stalking, terrorist breakins, communications tampering, MKultra.
Diana Williams 214-909-9587

Synthetic telepathy, impulse control, V2S.

Academic discrimination, email tampering, gangstalking, terrorist break-ins,
Street theater, gaslighting, vehicular surveillance eharassment.

Continued ongoing theft of clothing, jewelry, and household items over
the past 30 years.  Police are not interested in recording the crimes.
Continued phone tampering resulting in re-routed calls both incoming
and outgoing.  Ongoing mail theft and screening, theft of medications.
Call 512-255-0993 and leave number to call.

Street theater, mail tampering, identity theft, forced drugging, terrorist
breakins, wiretapping, vandalism, theft, defamation of character.
Contact Frankie

V2S, stalking.

Break in while absent, things thrown on floor as though someone was
looking for something.

Gang Stalking, mail and phone tampering, street theater.
contact 713-314-7114

Montgomery County (Houston Area)
This whistle blower has had sabotage of carreer, education, and reputation.

Round Rock
Date reported to police.......10-31-03
Items stolen..........................Sharp VL-AD260U Video Camera
                                              Black and White Photos, 50 Years old.
Police Report number.........# 03-75835  "Theft not in progress"
Even though we handed the officer a two page printed report of the items
taken, when they were taken, and who the possible witnesses were, when
we pulled the report from the police department, the page was blank,
stating only "theft not in progress".
512-255-0993....Keep trying!  No answering machine

San Antonio
Stalking, electronic harassment, terrorist break ins, theft, and vandalism.
Activist seeking to contact others.  Call Elizabeth 210-826-5332

Theft, vandalism, V2S, DEW, shot out the windows, kicked in the door.
contact:  Barry

Terrorist break-ins, street theater, alienation of family, loss of job.
All perps can go to hell!!!

gang stalking, street theatre, etc.

Wichita Falls
Stalking by vehicle, terrorist break ins, sound projection into home,
theft, extra things put in home, stalked in retail establishments.


Lynnwood - Woodland
Whistleblower reports identity theft, terrorist breakins, no co-operation from
local authorities.  Vandalized vehicle, defamation of character, theft of legal
paper work.  All of this for reporting Pedophilia, Polygamy, and Pornography.
Contact Debbie 425-478-1275

V2k, workplace mobbing, street theater,  contact


Green Bay
Stalking, street theater, surveilance, EH,  contact Joe  920-897-4379.

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