We are your elected officials!  We wouldn't give you 
voting machines specially designed for fraud!

Actually the answer is yes!  Thirty percent of the votes in the 2004 election were cast on
new electronic voting machines especially designed to prevent any meaningful recount!

That's right folks!  We now have a voting system that just invites ELECTION FRAUD!

How can that be?  Easy.  The source code is "secret" and the machines leave no paper
trail, so the "recount" consists of re-verifing the fraudulent numbers in the machine!

Is it any wonder public officials are arrogantly ignoring the wishes of the people?  Our
so called "elected" officials know they can no longer be held accountable!

Folks, unless we can 'throw the bums out', all we have is a dictatorship!
Officials who, in times past, understood that the taxpayer was boss and their job was to
serve the public, are now behaving as if they are the masters and the taxpayer is the slave.
These officials continue to initiate ever increasing idiotic, tyranical policies designed to levy
more fees and taxes on the people, all the while lining their pockets and rewarding their buddies with contracts, appointments and other special favors.

    You Can Help Stop Election Fraud!

   Computers threaten accountability of voting system

         In 2002, Congress passed the wrongly-named "Help America
         Vote Act" which requires every state to computerize, centralize
         and purge voter rolls before the 2004 election. This is the very
         system which the state of Florida used to remove tens of
         thousands of eligible African-American and Hispanic voters from
         voter registries before the Presidential election of 2000.

         The Act also lays a minefield of other impediments to voters:
         an effective rollback of the easy voter registration methods of
         the Motor Voter Act; new identification requirements at polling
         stations; and perilous incentives for fault-prone and
         fraud-susceptible touch-screen voting machines.

         This is a new and real threat to voters, this time commg
         from touchscreen voting machines with no paper trails
         and the computerized purges of voter rolls.

        A proceedure for checking on computerized voting

If computerized voting has already invaded your city or state, there may be
a way to keep the elite from stealing elections.  This involves a campaign to
educate the public as to how the fraud can occur.  Then when election time
comes around, trained volunteers would be on hand to do poll watching.
Voters would be asked to voluntarily put a paper ballot in a box when
exiting the polling place.  A count could be kept as to how many voters did
not use a paper ballot.  Then after the election, if the paper ballots indicate
a large difference in election outcome, the offended party would file a lawsuit,
alleging election fraud.  The use of electronic voting should be suspended
indifinitely until there can be checks and balances available to the public
to insure there is no further fraud.